1. V

    Franchise, 30 Limit

    Hey there I have a big problem with the storage limit of 30 animals. It´s for a big zoo to less storage. I want to breed with my good animals, but it isn´t possible. At the moment I can´t buy more animals, because my storage is full. Is there any way to set the limit higher like 100 or more...
  2. Khoraak

    A Home From Home.

    Greetings, Commanders. I'd like to propose something that could be very useful for us and an improvement upon the current transportation of a Commander's assets than the current system. It's very much an idea stemmed from No Man's Sky; Where in that game, you have a Freighter which can carry...
  3. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    More Module Storage

    I never thought I'd end up asking for this, but alas, now I'm getting in to PvP, I'm running out of spaces to store different configurations. This means it's actually easier to just have a separate ship for each configuration, which is means engineering core modules several times over. My...
  4. Rebel Yell

    Yearly re-post: please rise module storage cap and improve ships/builds/modules interface

    Dear FDEVs, it has been already asked, but it's the time for a re-re-re[...]re-post (sorry for bad wording, I'm not from UK): - the cap of 120 modules with so many ships, so many engineers and [perhaps] availability of credits for veteran players [I'm in since GPP] is a hard restriction as we...
  5. Crimson Echo

    Prorated Material Salvage from sale of Engineered Modules and/or changes to Modules Storage

    Currently selling engineered modules to make room for more modules in the current 120 unit allotment is painful. This really only becomes an issue with a large fleet of vessels with different internals, the ton of modules that have been added like the new mining equipment etc, and need for...
  6. ebbrell

    Filters or category selection for stored modules

    I don't have 120 stored items, I have about 89 ish. It's a nightmare looking for stuff, and annoying you have to scroll down to the bottom to see what is in transit. Can the in transit be moved to the top And can you add a filter or click on the type of item you are looking for. Many cmdrs...
  7. MAD-7

    Stored Modules Sorting and Bookmarks

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type. Also, why is there a limit on bookmarks in the galaxy map?
  8. MAD-7

    Stored Modules Sorting

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type.
  9. dmulligan

    Powerplay Buying modules

    I've been power play only for the modules. I'm a few modules in so far and I'm looking for advice about how many spare modules I should have in storage so I don't have to wait another 3+ weeks later on. I made sure to have one prismatic of every size plus a couple on ships and an extra spare...
  10. PowerfulSlicer


    It would be nice to have a special storage area for those little bits of niceness we sometimes pick up, saving it for a rainy day. Maybe on a station of your choice? Just an idea
  11. ebbrell

    Commodity Storage

    can we introduce a small amount of commodity storage please. Even if we have to pay per tonne per day or week. I suggest this is set to a maximum of 100 units, and can be stored as an station you dock at, just like we store modules. Can we also have the ability to transfer the stored...
  12. n13L5

    Engineers Storage is bugged at Hera Tani...!

    In the Outfitting at Hera Tani, I'm unable to store or swap my power plant. Buying a 3A power plant from her, does not give the option of storing my existing power plant - even though I have 20 free storage slots (only 40 of 60 used) I can also not transfer / store the existing power supply...
  13. D

    Ship’s own armory

    The idea is to use cargo modules or special ship armory modules to store extra ammunition for your weapon on your ship. Because if I can reload my weapon on station, then why I cannot buy some extra to carry it with me to the battle. Synthesis menu allows us to create and reload our guns...
  14. n13L5

    How is everybody managing their fleets and storage of multiple engineered versions of modules?

    60 slots for module storage might have been enough before Engineering... with ~25 different ways to engineer each gun in the game, 60 storage slots have obviously turned into a cruel joke... I ended up buying ship hulls to store modules with alternate engineering. In the case of corvette...
  15. Audaxxx

    Module Storage

    Please, please, please can we have more module storage? It's beginning to get really tedious having to switch ships every 5 minutes to access modules and weapons that i've had to store in storage ships. Having to transport an entire ship (and wait the required amount of transfer time) or fly...
  16. T

    Gameplay Suggestions +

    My suggestions: Player Factions. Player Factions owned Star bases. Cargo Items Storage in bases. Faction ships and modules to all Superpowers. Exploration missions. Best Regards.
  17. B

    Organise module storage better and increase size

    I’d like to see an increase in module storage to hold more engineered items. Also a filter system to help organise the display of modules, eg Hard points Utilities Core modules Optional modules By location By engineer modification grade This would help utilise module storage more...
  18. Coccolino

    WHAT THE... modules LOST?!

    I just bought a new FSD (for another ship) to get engineered by Farseer and the only way to do it is mounting it on my current ship. I did that, and the old GOLD engineered grade 5 FSD module, which I spent days on, got LOST because my module storage is full at 60/60. NOT A SINGLE WARNING...
  19. Punished Mobius

    Between the Imp Hammer I unlocked today and the new AX Multicannons, I have no room whatsoever for module storage. Fdev.

    Between the Imp Hammer I unlocked today and the new AX Multicannons, I have no room whatsoever for module storage. Fdev. We have been saying this for quite some time. All you need to do is change that 60 to 100. It should not be hard to do. All you need to do is to decide to actually do it. It...
  20. Tigir

    swap modules with stored ships at same station directly in outfitting

    It would definitely be a quality of life improvement to be able to swap modules between ships in the same station directly within outfitting. It really doesn't make sense that we have to slip seat between ships to store/retrieve modules from/to ships located at the same facility.
  21. canand

    Theme Park games

    Theme Park Tycoon Frontier why dont you make Theme Park game called Theme Park Tycoon and you can get Gold Tickets and so many gold tickets you get a gold key to open new parks and you can get new rides with the gold tickets aswell.
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