1. C

    Game headlines - ancient modules

    Does anybody knows how the game naturally leads to any specific mission, for example, the guardian modules and etc? I mean, currently it's just a matter of googling it and you will find a fast path for everything to not waste time doing this or that, but playing for many hours on PC and now on...
  2. C

    Closest You Have Came To Disaster with an Expensive Ship

    This post is where you can show how close you came to really mucking up your expensive ships with all your expensive cargo and modules. You can add a short story, maybe a screenie (in spoilers please, to keep the comments from filling space). Remember, this has to be a really scary moment, not...
  3. Deelkar

    Suggestions for how to increase player global story exposure

    What the game needs is more exposition of the story in the entire galaxy. Have the Wedding barges refer to the royal wedding, let the bounty hunters chat about thargoids, have some person there at the Commodity Market/Contacts/Station Services chat to you about the latest story elements...
  4. spatula

    Community Event / Creation Elite Dangus: Lost in Colonia

    Captain Spatula returns, and he's spent months in Colonia, lollygagging about on a well earned vacation, but in the process, he's lost something very important, and will have to track it down before he can continue his mystery hunting...
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