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  1. VinCedric

    Additional Animals in Habitats or released (around the park)

    I was discussing this with other users in my last thread and made a thread about it (here) suggested by @Urufu1997 so this is what we discussed about Pigeons / Birds : @Kolikokoli gave me this idea since not all animals in zoos are captive, it would be a great idea to have birds flying around...
  2. S

    Let players enlist into Navies

    Let players enlist, rise in ranks and engage in naval activities in Elite Dangerous, or if they have odyssey, even join faction armies. I know this could be a difficult thing to implement, but it would pay off with amazing game experience. It could work like this: A player would have to go to a...
  3. M

    Add option to lean around cover

    Don't know if this is planned/in development but I think it would be a great addition to ground combat.
  4. Marigold Ipswitch

    General Popped Collar: Commander Wardrobe Expansions for Oddyssey

    After watching the Starport Tour, I was taken aback at just how much animation went into the various npcs. This has lead me to one singular conclusion: Popped collar apparel baby! For a long time I have felt that the current outfits available to commanders has under utilized it's potential for...
  5. U

    How about a dark UI?

    I usually play Planet Zoo in the evening or at night when I'm done with homework. The white user interface hurts my eyes every time I play at those times. My eyes are very sensitive to light, to which I'm really hoping for an option to be able to select dark mode in the future. What do you guys...
  6. I

    General Cities, economy and politics

    Hello good! Here is my suggestion, it is something that I think many people would like them to add to elite dangerous, and it would make this game much deeper, it would be great if large cities are developing on some planets, planets with real life with animal forests. ..etc, that in the cities...
  7. Asano

    Planet Zoo Mod support?

    Im unsure if somebody mentioned it before, but looking at all the discussions about new animals, I think majority of players want more than the devs will ever be able to deliver. I've read thru many wish lists and saw people want, lets say a tiger species which look at 90% the same as the ones...
  8. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    CQC Reloaded: Features and Improvements. Tod McQuinn Approved!

    It's probable that my original post on Reddit hasn't gone anywhere because the ideas are bad and misguided. Or it might simply be that the general Elite population has written off CQC as a dead feature that should be left alone to die in peace. I am hopeful that once Odyssey launches some TLC...
  9. T

    An in-game stock market for commanders to invest in.

    Just an idea that occurred to me while making a "stonks" joke in system chat the other day. A ton of the in-game factions are corporate factions and there plenty of mega-corps and regular corporations that exist within the games lore that we could invest in to make a few credits on the side. It...
  10. A

    Solution to ganking without sacrificing open play :P

    Hello devs, Very humbly, I would like to give a suggestion. I am one of those players who don't do much of combat but enjoy randomly bumping into people in game but sometimes.... they turn out to be gankers... :'( but other times it's a fun interaction and you end up making friends this way...
  11. A

    Solution to ganking without sacrificing open play :P

    Hello devs, Very humbly, I would like to give a suggestion. I am one of those players who don't do much of combat but enjoy randomly bumping into people in game but sometimes.... they turn out to be gankers... :'( but other times it's a fun interaction and you end up making friends this way...
  12. P

    Telepresence - Lore Friendly Alternative Method? (I wish FDevs would consider this or similar)

    Eliminate the anti-LORE "Telepresence Method": Proposal for a safe Lore-Friendly alternative method for "Hired Fighter Crew": '------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' I thought that "Telepresence" was not a part of ED LORE, but I...
  13. K

    Transport Rides

    It would be wonderful if the gondola from Planet Coaster would be moved over to Planet Zoo. There are a lot of zoos that have some sort of skylift ride to get people from one end of the zoo to the other. Additionally, can we get the option to make a train of monorail cars? Most zoos that have...
  14. D

    Please add breaks or descending chain lift to the Ghost train.

    You've added a ghost train with a chain lift and the ability to descend, but the train carries momentum quite well down hill and will fly through the remainder of the track, which completely limits your creative choice. Most classic ghost trains have an outside section where the track will drop...
  15. T

    An Idea for Battlecruisers

    Hello Elite community! We all know and love the battlecruiser slugfest that tend to happen in high intensity combat zones. The raw power of one of these massive capital ships is unparalleled anywhere else in the game. But what if we made them a player controlled asset, like Fleet Carriers...
  16. W

    Commander name and call sign

    The ships have both an ID and a name, but we only have a "name" for our commander. The prefix "CMDR" suggests it should be the actual commander's name, but it seems most everyone uses a call sign. It would be nice to have both!
  17. X

    Yearly Time Cycle

    Can you sync the game time with the slowed down animal aging? So for 5X slower animal aging can you make the normal time for a full year be 90 minutes instead of it being 18 minutes?
  18. L

    Add your own music to planet zoo and have themed workers for being able to build different areas

    i really like the feature in planet coaster where you can add your own music to the game and would like to see this in planet zoo also would there be a possibility in having workers in your zoo's being able to wear different clothing? e.g vendors wearing african themed clothing for a african...
  19. AbsinthSvK

    Old player whining

    Every single time when i come back to read what is new in this game i got disappointed (except "Horizons"). Every single time i expect new content to play and there in no content only some broken functions and fixes that should have been fixed long time ago. How other games can deliver new...
  20. T

    An Overly Elaborate Animal Suggestion List

    Each suggestion features: the animal name, its latin name, and a picture. The animal's name is a link to its wikipedia page. its continent and biome its conservation rating some species details, usually just paraphrased from Wikipedia. comments on integration and justification for pick I have...
  21. Kitherit

    Feature Suggestions for Animal Storage (Help Make Selling Easier)

    I know the devs are working hard on ironing out ongoing issues with the game, which definitely takes precedence, but I wanted to throw out a couple suggestions to consider adding in the future to the Animal Storage tab, specifically in relation to selling animals on the Market. 1) Quick Compare...
  22. JukioM


  23. JukioM

    Jaguar, leopard

    Clouded leopard Jaguar
  24. JukioM

    More shops, more restaurants, more things to sell, more things for visitors

    More shops, more restaurants, more things to sell, more things for visitors
  25. F

    Vekoma Coaster with LSM-launch system!

    Hi there! I want to build Hyperspace Mountain (Disneyland Paris' Version) very detailed but I am struggling with the current launch coasters in the game. It would be very nice if Frontier would add Vekoma coasters with an LSM-launch (or other launch) system! I have a few examples of real-life...
  26. JukioM

    Glass path

    Can you add something like glass path so visitors can see what is under them and of course above them? This would be awesome
  27. JukioM

    Biome grasses and unique terrain

    I just want to ask that in future updates you can add something like biome grasses or biome terrain becouse when you have zoo in for example in Europe every you exhibit looks very similar becouse we can add something like savana grass or savana terrain for zebras or more mud type of terrain for...
  28. JukioM

    Entrace - modifying

    Can you add that we can modify or build own entrance in Challenge mod please?
  29. JukioM

    Entrance - modifying

    Can you add that we can modify or build own entrance in Challenge mod please?
  30. T

    Animal Head Themed Dono Boxes.

    So I had this cute idea that maybe for the Donation Boxes to have some variety even if we have to research them in Franchise mode. Was thinking that maybe the Donation Boxes should have various animal heads that serve as the opening of the Donation Boxes and the animals should be wide spread...
  31. Wolfundfox

    American Desert Themed DLC

    Hello, first off I would like to say congrats on the launch! This game has been so much of a hit in our household that I had to buy an extra HDMI cable to hook my computer up to the TV so we could all play on the big screen! Now I did not know if this post belonged in animal wishlist or...
  32. C

    Some suggestions for Planet Zoo :)

    I absolutely love the game. And I love the devs for listening to feedback! Here are some suggestions for things I would love to see in the game. Design elements / things that improve general atmosphere: Add a pathway design for Asian design type More pathway designs in general would be cool...
  33. D

    Animal management quality of life.

    I am greatly enjoying the game but there are a few repetitive aspects that I feel could be automated to improve quality of life. For example certain short-lived, fast breeding animals, especially exhibit animals like giant snails, become a real chore to keep there population under control...
  34. C

    Big wishlist of animals that need to be in Planet Zoo + DLC/Update Ideas

    Just a little collection of animals I would absolutely LOVE to see in the game and some features that are missing right now. Animals that need to be added to the game Leopard (since the game is mostly African themed it NEEDS a leopard) Cougar (could also be in Arctic DLC) Moose (could also be...
  35. Commander Yumasai

    Dyson City custom advertisement icon

    In light for the rise of Nova Imperium and the failure of the purge, I thought that perhaps it could be fun to consider that such a grouping would display recruiting efforts as it needs pilots to fill the ranks after the Battle of Paresa. To that extend, I have drafted this simple image. I have...
  36. J

    Object scaling

    Hello Frontier/Community Something I always missed in planet zoo was scaling items. In my opinion, to unleash ultimate creativity the user has to be able to rescale (certain) items. For example, I think that the option would help in creating scenery where things do not look as repetitive...
  37. T

    Some suggestions for improvements

    As a new player (1 week) I really enjoy bounty hunting, it feels pretty exciting to "tag" along the police and chasing criminals, especially with the song bad boys from the old TV series in the background. The immersion however is ruined when the police start shooting each other while bad guys...
  38. CMDR Kadax

    Spec Ops Wing (Suggestion)

    I don't mind the challenge, but can we please not have them drop in literally ON my head? It's happened multiple times and they somehow manage to know right where to drop out of supercruise so I end up in either a 4v1 or 5v1. Since they're also engineered and fire a ton of corrosive rounds, it's...
  39. V

    New Ship Idea

    I've been working on a project in my spare time. This is still very much a rough draft but its for a ship that I would absolutely love to see in game some day. I feel we need a new medium multirole ship which is a comfortable python->conda in between. Something fun to fly with manuverability and...
  40. K

    Horror Heights ride limitations

    Hi, I am normally not active on forums so this is the first thread that i write. I had an idea that i hope many people will agree on, it's about the limitations in the horror heights ride. You see i was trying to replicate the tower of terror at Disneyland Paris (Because it's my favorite ride at...
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