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  1. Gamatic

    SLM <3

    Hello, first of thanks for the updates we appreciate it, cant wait for odyssey on console😁 seeing as you are adding more to the game i was wondering if a ship launched miner might be in the works ? Would love to set charges or break sub surfaces with one and go back into my anaconda while my...
  2. D

    General Few Ideas on how to expand on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

    These are a few short ideas on how to expand Odyssey or an entire new DLC. (Keep in mind I am not a game developer and have no Idea how hard these would be to implement. I assume that its very hard to.) 1. Make Interiors for ships, with a resting area/crew quarters and armory behind the...
  3. Mr.Stork

    The Non-Armored herbis need speed buffs.

    Look I love that now prey can actually escape predators and not be designed for death, but the issue is that literally the only animals that can outrun predators are hadrosaurids, ornithommimids, and Muttaburrasaurus. The rest are too slowly to actually escape predators. Therefore I’m suggesting...
  4. Pierrosaure

    Suggestion of realistic and dynamic hunting system (easy to do)

    Ok, let's start from an observation: Dinosaur AI since the launch of the first game hasn't changed much, it's still mediocre. the changes made in the second are, for the moment, almost insignificant, especially concerning hunting. Hunting is the biggest weak point of dinosaur AI: carnivores win...
  5. sour lemon 333

    Please make it so the Tylosaurus is able to use shark feeder.

    I was rather disappointed when I found out the Mosasaurus was the only aquatic to use the shark feeder. It seems a waste that only one animal can use it. Please make it so other animals such as the Tylosaurus and Elasmosaurus can use it.
  6. A

    Ship specialization

    Hello again. So, thinking about the ships and their specialization. I decided to make a proposal to add some kind of mechanics for these ships. For example, take such ships as [Ship name] explorer - for example, such ships may have mechanics that allow them to sell scan data at a distance...
  7. Devinsaur

    New Aquatic Animation Updates after Release

    New aquatic animations for marine reptiles Coming to the surface for air Breaching Socializing Sleeping (wondering myself how marine reptiles sleep underwater 🤔) Attack from below for Liopleurodon More accurate aquatic locomotion for plesiosaurians Plesiosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Attenborosaurus...
  8. A

    New API, performance improvement

    Good afternoon! Since recent updates, the developers have introduced AMD FX and FSR. I thought about it and decided to suggest starting work on directx12 and the Vulcan API as well. While performance work is ongoing, it would be nice to introduce these APIs. This is a rather short sentence...
  9. T

    A couple On Foot Combat suggestions...

    I've been enjoying doing some On Foot Conflict Zones every now and then, but I have a couple suggestions I'd love to see implemented sometime in the future. - Looting Ammo from dead enemies: Most of my conflict zones just end with me locating one or two ammo boxes and hovering over and over...
  10. S

    Something I've Noticed

    I want to start this post off by saying that I absolutely LOVE playing Planet Zoo, as it is objectively the best zoo simulation game out there. The fact that it evolves from Zoo Tycoon 2 with stuff like custom weather systems, gorgeous foliage, new methods of transportation from the base game...
  11. Tikanderoga

    Expand the station hub

    I'm probably just talking to myself on this one but why not post it. We have various systems and stations with various economies. So why not diversify the hubs? An agriculture economy would have a green house, or even more plants. A mining station would be a bit more dirty and dusty, rocks...
  12. GanYmeD

    General Screenshot tool in ED with Metadata for System, Settlement, Coordinates ... for easier handle in glitches in game

    I have an idea to feed issuetracker for ED with needed informations: It would be cool to have a tool for screenshots within Elite which saves starsystem, planet, settlement and coordinates in the metadata like EXIF-Metainformation does in photos. Would be much easier to report errors in the...
  13. Sgt.Glory

    Tritium in Colonia

    Problem: Colonia has no stations or outposts selling Tritium besides Colonia Dream (as of this writing, 8 supply as per ), despite these days being pretty heavily built up and 'civilized'. This means there are a lot of carriers (the two from an expedition I am a part of included)...
  14. T

    My Big Complaint About Odyssey's Mat Grind

    I am trying to find the beauty in Odyssey, warts and all. But there is one humungous factor about it that drives me crazy, and makes me want to stop playing entirely: The mat grind REQUIRES illegal activity. Okay okay, not the end of the world. But in a game that up until now has allowed me to...
  15. C

    Frontier Please Update Multiplayer

    While Elite Dangerous is a game that can clearly be enjoyed on your own, I personally think that the multiplayer aspect of ED is lacking and much potential is being missed. Take EVE Online for example. I currently play EVE and am in one of the largest player alliances in the game, coming in at...
  16. L

    Carrier Disembark

    Suggestion for a feature, to be able to disembark on a carrier, which at time of Odyssey is not available, and make this space customisable by the owning Commander. My idea was that carrier owners could purchase, a concourse, which would have the usual upkeep similar to other modules. Ark can...
  17. Abigaelle

    General Suggestion: "Favorite" Navigation Filter

    Add a "Favorite" Navigation Filter to make it easier to trade between two point in the same system
  18. T

    Next-Gen Version Will be Needed in the Future

    At this point in time, the game is designed to run on what is now considered to be rather old hardware with both the last generation of consoles and the minimum and recommended PC specifications for the game and assuming that FDev want the game to continue to grow and evolve, I believe that an...
  19. C

    This comment I found sums up the situation perfectly:

    I found this comment on YouTube. It reads: "I'm glad they're at least feigning an attempt to fix things, but there's a major problem I have. The problem is that there was ZERO implementation of ship interiors. This isn't good for players or FDEV. The thing is, we play for immersion more than...
  20. K

    Apex Long Haul Taxi to/from Colonia.

    Possibly something we could help them setup through a CG i think Apex would be smart to invest in a long haul service that goes from the core of the bubble to colonia and back. Perhaps on a megaship that moves back and forth on a regular schedule.They could also offer more expensive longer range...
  21. G

    Habitat Enhancements and Others

    Habitat Barriers Transfer Doors/Gates Real-life facilities housing animals have doors or gates that keep animals in a specific area. I have seen attempts and even attempted something like this myself before, but the game doesn't allow them to work. They either say that the animal escaped, or...
  22. Seedric

    Additional Animals in Habitats or released (around the park)

    I was discussing this with other users in my last thread and made a thread about it (here) suggested by @Urufu1997 so this is what we discussed about Pigeons / Birds : @Kolikokoli gave me this idea since not all animals in zoos are captive, it would be a great idea to have birds flying around...
  23. S

    Let players enlist into Navies

    Let players enlist, rise in ranks and engage in naval activities in Elite Dangerous, or if they have odyssey, even join faction armies. I know this could be a difficult thing to implement, but it would pay off with amazing game experience. It could work like this: A player would have to go to a...
  24. M

    Add option to lean around cover

    Don't know if this is planned/in development but I think it would be a great addition to ground combat.
  25. Marigold Ipswitch

    General Popped Collar: Commander Wardrobe Expansions for Oddyssey

    After watching the Starport Tour, I was taken aback at just how much animation went into the various npcs. This has lead me to one singular conclusion: Popped collar apparel baby! For a long time I have felt that the current outfits available to commanders has under utilized it's potential for...
  26. U

    How about a dark UI?

    I usually play Planet Zoo in the evening or at night when I'm done with homework. The white user interface hurts my eyes every time I play at those times. My eyes are very sensitive to light, to which I'm really hoping for an option to be able to select dark mode in the future. What do you guys...
  27. I

    General Cities, economy and politics

    Hello good! Here is my suggestion, it is something that I think many people would like them to add to elite dangerous, and it would make this game much deeper, it would be great if large cities are developing on some planets, planets with real life with animal forests. ..etc, that in the cities...
  28. Asano

    Planet Zoo Mod support?

    Im unsure if somebody mentioned it before, but looking at all the discussions about new animals, I think majority of players want more than the devs will ever be able to deliver. I've read thru many wish lists and saw people want, lets say a tiger species which look at 90% the same as the ones...
  29. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    CQC Reloaded: Features and Improvements. Tod McQuinn Approved!

    It's probable that my original post on Reddit hasn't gone anywhere because the ideas are bad and misguided. Or it might simply be that the general Elite population has written off CQC as a dead feature that should be left alone to die in peace. I am hopeful that once Odyssey launches some TLC...
  30. T

    An in-game stock market for commanders to invest in.

    Just an idea that occurred to me while making a "stonks" joke in system chat the other day. A ton of the in-game factions are corporate factions and there plenty of mega-corps and regular corporations that exist within the games lore that we could invest in to make a few credits on the side. It...
  31. A

    Solution to ganking without sacrificing open play :P

    Hello devs, Very humbly, I would like to give a suggestion. I am one of those players who don't do much of combat but enjoy randomly bumping into people in game but sometimes.... they turn out to be gankers... :'( but other times it's a fun interaction and you end up making friends this way...
  32. A

    Solution to ganking without sacrificing open play :P

    Hello devs, Very humbly, I would like to give a suggestion. I am one of those players who don't do much of combat but enjoy randomly bumping into people in game but sometimes.... they turn out to be gankers... :'( but other times it's a fun interaction and you end up making friends this way...
  33. P

    Telepresence - Lore Friendly Alternative Method? (I wish FDevs would consider this or similar)

    Eliminate the anti-LORE "Telepresence Method": Proposal for a safe Lore-Friendly alternative method for "Hired Fighter Crew": '------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' I thought that "Telepresence" was not a part of ED LORE, but I...
  34. K

    Transport Rides

    It would be wonderful if the gondola from Planet Coaster would be moved over to Planet Zoo. There are a lot of zoos that have some sort of skylift ride to get people from one end of the zoo to the other. Additionally, can we get the option to make a train of monorail cars? Most zoos that have...
  35. D

    Please add breaks or descending chain lift to the Ghost train.

    You've added a ghost train with a chain lift and the ability to descend, but the train carries momentum quite well down hill and will fly through the remainder of the track, which completely limits your creative choice. Most classic ghost trains have an outside section where the track will drop...
  36. T

    An Idea for Battlecruisers

    Hello Elite community! We all know and love the battlecruiser slugfest that tend to happen in high intensity combat zones. The raw power of one of these massive capital ships is unparalleled anywhere else in the game. But what if we made them a player controlled asset, like Fleet Carriers...
  37. W

    Commander name and call sign

    The ships have both an ID and a name, but we only have a "name" for our commander. The prefix "CMDR" suggests it should be the actual commander's name, but it seems most everyone uses a call sign. It would be nice to have both!
  38. X

    Yearly Time Cycle

    Can you sync the game time with the slowed down animal aging? So for 5X slower animal aging can you make the normal time for a full year be 90 minutes instead of it being 18 minutes?
  39. L

    Add your own music to planet zoo and have themed workers for being able to build different areas

    i really like the feature in planet coaster where you can add your own music to the game and would like to see this in planet zoo also would there be a possibility in having workers in your zoo's being able to wear different clothing? e.g vendors wearing african themed clothing for a african...
  40. AbsinthSvK

    Old player whining

    Every single time when i come back to read what is new in this game i got disappointed (except "Horizons"). Every single time i expect new content to play and there in no content only some broken functions and fixes that should have been fixed long time ago. How other games can deliver new...
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