1. The Lion

    General Gameplay Rework of Ranger Teams

    Greetings everyone. I hope to be putting forward a decent idea. My idea, the rework of ranger teams (the details of which follow later into this post) stems from the first Jurassic World movie. So let me get into this. What are my proposed changes and suggestions in a TL;DR fashion: Add...
  2. E

    Doctor Who DLC

    I think you should build and add a Doctor Who DLC. There are currently three DLCs based on movies, and I think it would be awesome if you added a Doctor Who DLC. Please consider this!
  3. D

    Let us set the duration of objects activate by triggers

    So when objects are activated by a trigger, you can not set the duration of the object. However, if you set them to activate every X seconds, you can set the duration. Why can't you set the duration of the object when it's triggered? I feel like this is a feature that's been requested before...
  4. B

    Suggestions for Tweaking Beyond - adding immersion

    Elite 3.x Beyond suggestions These are some of my thoughts regarding the state of Beyond and some simple improvements to make it flow better and deepen the immersion. I’ve been playing for a number of years now and I’m sure with the combined community suggestions we can achieve a truly great...
  5. S

    A long list of suggestions for future updates

    Greetings! Here is my list of suggestions for the future of Elite. I have been playing this game for years now, so the list will be long!! Why did I wait so long? Well, because I have been playing video games for 35 years now and I know that, there are things that will only bother novices, but...
  6. DominoPunkyHeart

    Some Ride Suggestions

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting a topic or thread, and I hope this is going to the right area. I'm a big fan of the game and I love everything about it. Especially all the recent updates and additions to the game. I have here some ride suggestions, and some of which are a bit...
  7. OtakuMage

    Blown Out Canopy idea

    Many of us have been there. For some reason or another, our canopy is destroyed and we are on life support. This raises a question for me: Why is there nothing but glass around one of the most critical sections of the ship? In many sci-fi franchises, from Alien to Star Trek, there are...
  8. Nemesis1

    Interesting thread on Reddit regarding Frontier's current attitude to the game and updates/DLC packs

    Not saying I necessarily agree with everything here, but it certainly does some up a lot of the feelings people have towards Frontier at the moment regarding communication, updates, and the adding of requested features. The game currently has no (just to name a few): -Gerstlauer Infinity...
  9. S

    Upgrade Federal Gunship

    FGS has enough weapons and a large distributor to match its name. But from a small power plant can not take advantage of it all. Maybe you can increase the class of his power plant to 7?
  10. W

    A couple of ideas for future updates

    Hey Fdev and community, I was thinking about what the near future will bring for Elite and noticed that there were very little details about what to come. I have thought of a couple of things, either new or improvements that perhaps might make the game feel even more alive than it already is...
  11. Cyclinguy

    New Mission Types for use in the new Thargoid incursion system states

    I've come up with some ideas for missions which would allow the less combative commanders to contribute to kicking the Thargoids out of a system suffering from incursion. I originally posted a version of this in the Thargoid incursion zone announcement thread, but decided since these were...
  12. S

    Drive Tyres, brakes, Lap events, and Smoothing

    A few of suggestions pertaining to this. A lot of little things that could make coaster building give more freedom and just other polishes to the game: First suggestion is make it so we can choose different particular laps for the brakes and/or drive tyres activate when you select that piece of...
  13. C

    New Coaster Ideas

    I have made a list of new coaster types for Planet Coaster. There are a lot so I do not expect them all to come out but if they do, it'll take a few years. I just wanted to make my point clear that I wanted these types of coasters. Link...
  14. C

    Transfer-Track Mine Train Coaster Like Expedition Everest or Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

    Hello, I have a request for a new coaster type. I think it is cool that we have the Mine Train Coaster in Planet Coaster, but I think it would also be cool to have one like Expedition Everest where it can go backwards and go to a different track section, also it would be nice to add a Linear...
  15. Merkir

    Ideas for new Discovery Scanner to complement FDev's new exploration reveal

    TLDR; Suggestions to increase player choice, strategy, mystery and anticipation/tension/excitement during use of the new Discovery Scanner, to work in with FDev's new mechanics. It revolves around a new "Honk" pre-analysis, the use of a signal analysis computer complementing the new "tune and...
  16. spoonetti

    My ideas for PlanCo - Part II : Rides

    Coasters: - More differently designed/themed cars for each type of coaster would be great - Pls. Give us the option to switch the lift hill catwalk from the right to the left side as well as to turn it off. - An option to set how many laps the coaster should take would be fine. - We finally...
  17. spoonetti

    My ideas for PlanCo - Part I : Management

    Hi there, after a long time, I'd like to post some ideas and suggestions again for one of the best games I have installed on my PC (ok, there're just two games: PlanCo and RCT3 ;) ). I'm really surprised that Frontier will finally give us the opportunity to import own created CSOs into the...
  18. O

    One Limpet Controller for All Limpets

    Limpets are an important tool for interacting with the environment in Elite, but having them split into eight different modules means artificial limitations on how we can interact with NPCs and the environment. After all, how frustrating is it to come across something interesting, like a...
  19. P


    I had an idea that’d be pretty cool, I think. What if when you enter the mail slot of stations like orbis stations instead of the regular scanner what if it was like a wave scanner and you can see your ship and other ships in detail and it highlighted your landing pad. Idk, that just sounds cool...
  20. A

    could we have sandbox options in scenario editor

    the title could we have the no vomit, no litter ect options in scenario editor please, also would it be possible to add the option for double traits with guests? family guests with thrill seeker all seem to have really bad nausea ratings would be nice to give guests thrill seeker and iron...
  21. M

    Stuff That Should Be In The Game By Now...

    Hey all! Just want to say I LOVE this game. I had high hopes for RCTW but as we know it's a disaster and this game has fulfilled a lot of what I was hoping for in the next generation Roller Coastery Sim game. Below I have suggestions however, for stuff I feel this game really needs, and stuff...
  22. D

    Discord rich presence

    I've been thinking about discord's rich presence, then realized elite doesn't have integration with that. This is a missed opportunity since there are many large thriving elite discord servers and the potential usefulness of rich presence would be awesome. Think about it, being able to see if...
  23. C

    [SUGGESTION] Have the option of not carrying exploration data over to another ship

    It is incredibly annoying, and makes no sense. What kind of commander takes their flight computer with them when changing ships? Besides, if I went exploring for cartological data for BGS, I am inhibited of doing PvP, since there's too much risk of death. What? Why can't my flight computer's...
  24. S

    Several small quality-of-life improvements to improve the experience

    After playing Elite for 450 hours I have some suggestions on several small ‘quality of life’ improvements that I think would make the game much better and the ‘grind’ aspect a great deal more bearable. I am sorry if some of these have already been suggested but hopefully most commanders will...
  25. Reneta Scian

    More Wing Mission Nerfs - AKA We work hard for our money

    The fact is, FDev has a history of failing to properly balance and incentivize both solo and especially multiplayer activities, and we have all seen this happen time and time again. Something pays too high to the wrong rank of player, and instead of redesign the mechanics of credit payouts to...
  26. raptorflight

    Report Observation & Suggestion

    Masrani Global Corporation Report v 1.0 06/14/2018 First name: Raptor Last name: flight Fonction: Observator Investment Here are my conclusions after finishing Jurassic World Evolution, for future player and especially dinosaur enthusiast, an update of the game is indispensable in order to...
  27. C

    A few simple ways to make the Thargoid invasion actually feel like one

    A big complaint with the current Thargoid invasion is that it doesn't even feel like and invasion; everything just goes on as normal and factions don't seem the least bit interested that Thargoids have appeared in their space and are targeting their stations and ships. Here are a few ways in...
  28. L

    The strange store

    Frontier doesn't license the IP from anyone. All micro-transaction items ever available on the store should be permanently made available, or made available at a minimum yearly.
  29. C

    More Huge Hardpoints

    Variety is the spice of life, and elite dangerous. That said, wheres our huge frag cannon? Large and huge missles/mines? Large and huge rails? It would really blow open loadout options for a lot of ships. And i would really enjoy the variety
  30. T

    New Mission Type: Dust Off

    Another suggestion for a new mission type: Dust Off. The term "Dust Off" is normally used to refer to helicopter landings where the craft lands without shutting off it's engine so they can quickly pickup/drop off personnel and cargo. In this case the term refers to missions involving emergency...
  31. D

    Multi Objective Missons / Ground strike / Attack Runs

    | FDev this would bring so much more to the game with little to no resources | FDev, Id really like to see some more meaningful mission types. My thought is that it would be like an attack run on a ground settlement, Outpost or megaship. You'd pick up a mission to "Help reduce defenses on...
  32. N

    Some QoL suggestions, and yes, a bit of a moan about Co-Op play

    This was going to be several posts, but I've sat on them to group up as no-one needs any more forum drama. Yes, these aren't new, but I just wanted to get them off my chest. :x So; 1) Co-Op play Seriously. Urgh. This is so badly implemented it should just be scrapped and rebuilt. Let's...
  33. Alphacenturion


    I've seen many posts hoping for what was known in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (JPOG) as Site-B. For those who don't know what this is its meant to be JPOG's version of the Site-B in the Jurassic park films. In other words you can create an island and watch your dinosaurs roam free and...
  34. D

    We need Music in space

    It would be cool if there were different radio stations offering everything from reggae to heavy metal or something like an "MP3 player" where you can upload your own music. And it would also be cool if there were really big ships where 10 people could work on it.
  35. Cephee

    Possibility to shut down power plant

    Hello, As fas as I know, we only have the ability to reboot the power plant. Can we have the possibility to shut down the power plant ? It could be an element of gameplay. A shutted down ship becomes cool, cool enough to be seen as a space debrit. A risky way to hide and flee from thargoid...
  36. F

    Crew/Multicrew Suggestions/Improvements

    Greetings Commanders! (and hopefully at least one developer - fingers crossed) I'm going to be posting a few threads today of suggestions I have made on Reddit and Twitter, as I've been advised that this is where they're most likely to be seen. I'm going to try to be as concise as possible as I...
  37. F

    Concise list of simple, useful Quality of Life/HUD Suggestions

    Greetings Commanders! (and hopefully at least one developer - fingers crossed) I'm going to be posting a few threads today of suggestions I have made on Reddit and Twitter, as I've been advised that this is where they're most likely to be seen. I'm going to try to be as concise as possible as I...
  38. C

    How the turrets in space/jousting gameplay may be fixed (and possibly fix permaboosting)

    It seems that in spite of the Devs' best efforts to the contrary, PvE in the game often descents into a very "turrets in space" style of gameplay, where 2 ships just slug fire at each other while trying to shield tank the damage taken. I believe that this has a deterimental impact on the overall...
  39. C

    The Problem with Notoriety (and how to make it work)

    The idea behind notoriety, to allow for player killing to have tangible consequences, is good. Unfortunately, the actual effect of this system is more often than not, less than desirable. The problem with notoriety comes from the fact that the actual system for detecting bounties in the game is...
  40. ShiMan

    Einstein–Rosen bridge (or just Wormholes)

    In short: It would be a rare usable anomaly, where it would generate anywhere in the galaxy. It would lead anywhere: from one end of the galaxy to another, to just to the system next to you. I got suggestions, that it should be a one way shortcut, but I don't think it would be a good idea. To...
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