supercruise assist

  1. Dusk118

    Supercruise Assist "Activate/Deactivate" Keybind

    As it stands right now, the Supercruise Assist module is a gift from the gods, but more often than not, I've been finding myself needing a keybind for instant activation and deactivation rather than using the Nav Panel to switch it on/off. If this could be implemented either as its own keybind...
  2. C

    Automatic activation or keybind for supercruise assist

    The new Supercruise Assist module is quite comfy, but it requires a bit of a roundabout method for activation - having to open the nav panel and look for the right destination on that long list can get a bit tedious when you have to do it every time. It also feels a bit redundant, when you've...
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