1. M

    General Buyable planets (System Management)

    Would like to see purchasable planets in the upcoming years with base building and automated mining extractors. Purchased planets would be owned and nobody else could build on it except if owner put a player on the whitelist or put it for public access. Trespassing would result in planetary...
  2. O

    CI Tau star system.

    Is there any plan to implement this incredible and unique system whith is CI Tau?
  3. T

    Problems with super cruise and systems

    First off, the game has done a good job with making you feel like you fly a spaceship. This is great and in VR is awesome. I feel like SC needs to be improved to make the game way better though. The player is in SC the majority of the time if you think about it and it is pretty boring unless you...
  4. M

    PC/XBox cross play!

    Both the XBox and Windows 10 PCs use the same operating system, so can ANYONE enlighten me as to why we cannot play together online? Microsoft sold us the XBox One by pushing the abilities of both platforms playing nicely together. Some games already allow this, so WHY NOT Elite Dangerous...
  5. H

    Galaxy map, visited

    Hi. Instead of having the 'visited systems' as a tab on its own, could we get it just as a button to toggle on/off when using the other filters such as star class? On that note, it would be nice to be able to sort systems by weight in the same way you can sort by population.
  6. Zoran Voloshin

    Colonia Systems

    Is there an official list of populated systems inside the Colonia bubble?
  7. Sleep Runner

    Discussion Strong ID for new and old systems

    I have a question about Journal and system identification. I'm currently working on collecting data from few CMDRs journals into database (to do some research), but some systems has the same name. Well... okay, it happens. So I can't count on system name anymore. In 3.0 update we got...
  8. B

    The contract UI is slowly killing me - Anyone else feel the same?

    I have developed a real hatred for how the Elite Dangerous UI handles claiming the rewards for completed contracts. For the most part, the UI for Elite Dangerous is really well designed and intuitive. And because of this, I don't understand how frontier can miss this crucial design flaw. When...
  9. Reneta Scian

    Limpets are Awful - Loot Collection Woes

    After doing lots of material scouring about the cosmos for every bit of goodness I can use for synthesis, as well as engineering it occurred to me. LIMPETS ARE AWFUL! It often takes longer to collect loot with limpets than it takes to liberate them from either the bum of an Anaconda, or a...
  10. FurryFailure

    Material Traders are dictated by the System Economy - TIL

    Okay, so I know this information is already out there, but I'm only finding bits and pieces of it, so my intentions with this thread is to further help those looking for solid answers regarding Material Trader locations and how to better find them, so, well, here goes; Tonight I was out with my...
  11. O

    Newcomer / Intro Home System - All You Wanted To Know or Say About Them

    Being new to the game I am still confused by the concept of a Home System. If everyone could write anything they can about home systems to help me understand this concept I would appreciate it. For example.. I flew all the way out to the latest CG to help deliver booze to the Dionysus...
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