1. K

    T16000M HOTAS hoja de cálculo

    !Saludos! Soy nuevo en ED (primer juego en el que llevo 60 hrs., y me sigo sintiendo nuevo). Hice esta hoja de cálculo para el T16000M HOTAS. Lo que les puede ser útil no son tanto los atajos de teclado, sino la hoja de cálculo en sí, para que anoten los suyos. Si no pueden crear una copia...
  2. S

    Hardware & Technical Issues with analouge stick on Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle

    Hey everyone, I've been playing Elite for a while though I took a somewhat long break before returning to it just recently. I am using a Thrustmaster T.16000m Hotas Setup with one stick and the throttle. It used to work fine but now after getting back in I noticed an issue with my control for...
  3. Spaceman Si

    Newcomer / Intro HCS VoicePack Keybinds Setup

    No doubt there is an obvious answer to this which I have missed or over-thought, so bear with me.... I have gotten an HCS voice pack (well, two, actually). I have set up Voice Attack and trained it. I have a functioning jolly nice headset and microphone. I have installed the Voice Packs into...
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