1. Cosmo

    How Many Assets need to be Updated for Space Legs?

    The ship interior textures and the polygon count looks nice when viewed from a distance in the cockpit chair. However, when we can walk around we'll see every nook and cranny. So Frontier must make high quality textures and high polygon objects to ensure that the game has current gen graphics...
  2. J

    Image texture not shown, please help!!

    Ok, so for my Disneyland Paris recreation I decided to build the Pirates of the Caribbean sign. To do this I used Blender 2.8. After a LOT of trouble I finally managed to get my own model into the game, but... ...only an empty white model. Now for this I used a texture image, which I also...
  3. S

    Thememakers Toolkit Accept Objekt But No Textures In-Game

    Hi Guys, i created a really simple object in Blender and added a texture (color). The upload worked without any problems, but the object does not contain any textures in-game and even if I try it with the Flexicolor it will not be added. The textures are saved as .png and have the same name...
  4. spoonetti

    How to create AO Textures?

    Hi there, Does anyone know how to create AO (Ambient Occlusion) textures in Photoshop? Thx in advance for your help! ;) - spoonetti -
  5. K

    Ship kits - why only two per ship and no cockpit kits?

    Hi, I would be more than happy to customise my ships with more cosmetic models and textures. Other multiplayer games let you choose from hundreds of options and are earning millions on them, but Elite microtransactions are more than disappointing. I would love to see more ship kits, there...
  6. Lukiepookie

    Moment for Thanks

    While I admit that I, as well as everyone else, has been giving FD a sandwich in terms of reception for a number of mechanics newly implemented in Beyond, I would like to take a moment to do the reverse. There is no other game that comes close to achieving the sense of scale that Elite...
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