1. Cmdr Isson Kiporto

    Thargoid hunt

    Hello everyone, With a friend, we have been playing Elite on PC for two years. Lately, we decided to try Thargoids hunting to see if it was more profitable than bounty hunting. Unfortunately, every time we get to a 5 threat, and engage the Cyclop the way we've seen on several tutorials, it...
  2. SergMx

    Advanced Multi-cannons vs Thargoids and Multicrew

    Hi all ! Not my video, but I'd like to hear the experts' opinion on it. Source: 1. Advanced machine guns can put more restriction on 4 AX weapons, it helps ? 2. In general, how useful is the multicrew (not a link) in the fight against targoids, what...
  3. P

    Create gameplay mechanic/loop to remove Hyperdiction marker

    I get it, hyperdictions are cool. But after seeing it 40+ times its more annoying/time consuming than anything and it only happens because you picked up some thargoid stuff 2 years ago. It makes traveling through the Pleiades and Witch Head rather annyoing and I would like to perform some form...
  4. Ambushlizard30

    Thargoids & Alliance

    A question on Thargoids & the Alliance.. if the Alliance helped the thargoids in the past with a cure to the virus that almost wiped them out? Thus making them allied then why would the thargoids attack the Alliance star ports? What am I missing in this chapter of history??
  5. GN_Abbude

    could give us a Multicannon AX size 4 for use on our larger ships.

    lately I've been trying to get a lot closer to Anti-thargoid activities, i killed my first thargoid interceptor this year, and I really enjoyed using the multicannons. What I find strange and even ugly sometimes is the fact that a lot of the ships I would like to use in this activity have much...
  6. Daish

    Thargoids in the Deciat system

    The invasion continues...
  7. M

    The Thargoid at Hudson Observatory

    Im the Leader of the Bratwurst, the[AWE] I have bad and funny news. Me and some friends was able to bring a Thargoid ship to Hudson Observatory. Thanks to GladiusDias, Seven145, Nexus160. at...
  8. Boyo Kendall

    Patch 2.4 is awesome!

    So we are a couple of days into Patch 2.4 and so far it's been really good. I wanted to make a post that actually celebrated the awesomeness that is the Thargoid return and move away from the (now frequent) "what's in 2.4" threads which are cropping up all over the place and like a true prog...
  9. STABB666

    Astronomy / Space Gaia, The Mother of All Telescopes...

    Artifacts, or Gaia, The Mother of All Telescopes... So a new 1bn pixel camera is going into space: Looks like it will be pretty good at mapping the galaxy, so to avoid repeating the previous discussion in regards to why civilization in the...
  10. B

    The GLFrontier Thread

    Glfe2 The Site seems to have long gone for the downloads of this, is anywhere hosting a copy? Cheers
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