1. Loophole

    I like what has been done to surface missions

    Before 3.3, skimmer-kill and data-point-scanning were my go-to missions when I wanted to get some easy Inf+++++ for my favourite faction, and give the finger to the opposing faction of the season. With a purpose-fitted ground-attack ship, I found them quite straight forward but sufficiently...

    Still only 10.000cr for new thargoid scouts, seriously???

    I initially thought this was a bug and i asked the frontier help account on twitter once i realized that the entirely new, more dangerous thargoid scouts... do not provide any bigger combat bonds at all... and this is intended behavior. Seriously?? The arguably easy thargoid scouts of before...
  3. VoodooSonny

    Appreciation of what we have

    Greetings Commanders. I just watched the latest D2EA youtube video, and The Yamiks latest, as well as ObsidianAnts. (All are great for different reasons, I recommend checking them out! 18+ for language and chatter content) I am part of a group of three, we call ourselves Deltamob, and fly in the...
  4. Lukiepookie

    Moment for Thanks

    While I admit that I, as well as everyone else, has been giving FD a sandwich in terms of reception for a number of mechanics newly implemented in Beyond, I would like to take a moment to do the reverse. There is no other game that comes close to achieving the sense of scale that Elite...
  5. S

    My Take on Elite Dangerous

    so ive had elite dangerous now for the better part of two years. ive logged 810 total hours on the xbox one and for the few months i have gone from just creeping on the reddit and forums to starting to take part in this massive and beautiful galaxy that i find myself in. ive noticed that you...
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