thargoid hunts

  1. Katie Byrne

    [INDEPENDENT] The Anti-Xeno Defence Force needs YOU!

    The Anti-Xeno Defence Force are the Fighting and Logistics crew of the [AXDF] Icarus, [AXDF] Pegasus and [AXDF] Hercules . We carry out Counter-Xeno Operations in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas. We are seeking new enlistees across several roles to serve aboard the Icarus (Anti-Xeno...
  2. D

    Thargoid glicht/bug

    Okay, i call this the "Infinite heart bug" or "wrong heart illuminated bug", this only happens when you are in Wing, the heart can be damaged only by one of the wing-mans but the other ones can't damage it because it is either lagging or the wrong heart is being showed by the game, this makes...
  3. J

    Standing up to thargoids

    An idea for a new community goal is attacking the thargoid bases(the big organic ones with a middle part that requires a sensor to access) in planets to sort of reclaim the planet and maybe even the whole system. The thargoids would also fight back and there would be a sort of a scale to...
  4. Gosht

    [INDEPENDENT] [EVENT] Hive Radio - AX Induction Trial - Beginners welcome!

    (Warning: Rebuy possible) All Hail The Hive! Tonight Hive Radio will begin a series of missions calculated to increase the self confidence of less experienced commanders in AX zones by offering them heavy support from seasoned Hive pilots to cover their butts when their shields go down, or to...
  5. E

    [INDEPENDENT] [AOD] Angels of Death | Multi-Game Clan with Over 3000 Members | PvE, BGS (In-Game Faction), PvP (No Murder / Griefing)

    ANGELS OF DEATH -- GAME WITH HONOR AND PURPOSE -- The Angels of Death, based out of 40 Ceti at Pailes Enterprises, acts as an independent organization focused on the mutual prosperity of its members through many types of game play. Our clan has withstood the test of time, existing proudly...
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