1. bluecrash

    First Contact, Or the Road To Perdition 1.a3

    Click here, for official document location: Ancients Connection What follows here is very detailed explanation for dying in the top of a structure, so a Thargoid can take your escape pod away for first contact, before dropping it on some random planet. 25 types of Unknown Structures , 3...
  2. V

    Thargoig sensor and fragment found on a yet undiscovered planet 21KLY from the bubble

    I found a planet disseminated with "Non Human signature" turning out to be thargoid's sensors and fragments. The system is located about 20Kly from the bubble and about 500 ly from the Teal nebula. Even if there is Guardian's ruins in the teal nebula i never heard of THargoid's studd found...
  3. Just Laz

    Together, WE will defeat THEM. (ED anti-Thargoid art I made for fun)

    I made a little anti-Thargoid thing just for fun. It's in the classic Elite style; well... at least the Thargoid is. Link in case the file attachment doesn't work again x3: (
  4. L

    Dear Fdev

    Could you pls make a thargoid related event soon, that would be very fun - thank you :D for example: having a massive breakout of thargoid in a lots of system
  5. Just Laz

    Fight Alone, Die Alone. || A PSA / anti-Thargoid poster I made for fun!

    Just a little poster in classic Elite style I made for fun. (Yes I know, most of you can absolutely solo a Thargoid but this was just a fun thing to make for myself)...
  6. denispage


    Nice job from Novelist Drew Wagar. Thanks. Source: My God... This game has so much potential. Wake up Frontier. Wake up...
  7. G

    Any Thargoids in the flesh in Odyssey?

    Now that Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is out and about, I’m wondering: Has anyone found any Thargoids? As in, living Thargoid creatures in the flesh, and not just their ships and technology? There have been talks about an alleged “leak” from 2 years ago saying they will be a thing for this...
  8. Alex Korr V

    Are Thargoids good guys here?

    I can't help myself but thinking that Thargoids are rather 'good guys' in the galactic events theater. Let's take a look at the facts: No hostility unless poked Thargoids do not attack vessels which pose no threat (non-hostiles carrying no thargoid or guardian tech), simply leaving them to be...
  9. DikbutDaGrate

    [THAR] Pro-Thargoid Defenders (PS4)

    The "Pro-Thargoid Defenders" squadron is now operational on PS4 and would like to welcome you aboard! Registered Code: [ THAR ] The purpose of our squadron is to help provide the much needed signals that FDEV requires from its community before they can reimplement any of their originally...
  10. Serbanstein

    Idea for adding pro-Thargoid/pro-peace features in Elite (long)

    The goal of this post is to draw attention to the side of Elite players that want to take a more peaceful, friendly and/or research-oriented approach to the Thargoids. EDIT: Poll link is in the Reddit Post I will try to suggest a very simple idea, the purpose of which is to: Be as easy to...
  11. SergMx

    Thargoids among us ?

    Reading the news, am I correct in assuming that the Thargoids have agents among humans?
  12. T

    A new take on the Dynasty Project

    Writing this post is almost seems like opening a police-style cold case. It has been years since the onset of this mystery which seemingly culminated with the finding of the megaship the Zurara out in the Formidine Rift. Despite the seemingly cold trail of evidence, there are some nagging...
  13. X8785

    Space archeology in Elite? Reasons why Raxxla cannot be found without doing it! Elevate o7

    Updates coming weekly! Please join me in apace archeology! Raxxla is... 1. Consciousness( to know it ACTUALLY exist and because of that realization you now view the elite universe from new eyes.) 2. A actual device that sits on the Queen Thargoids neck. 3. It is a place, a planet, and a door...
  14. X8785

    Updated research. Raxxla and the Thargoid Queen Found by cmdr x8785. o7

    This is my research as of today.
  15. X8785

    Found! Thargoid Queen and Raxxla by me Cmdr x8785 Hail the far god!

  16. X8785

    Thargoid Queen And Raxxla Gateway? Cmdr x8785

    Prudence is the 🔑
  17. Antony Dust

    Live Thargoid Close-Up

    Following a hyperdicition event I encountered a Thargoid Interceptor that followed my ship, matched my velocity, but did not scan me or react violently - this was fortunate, as I had a sensor, a probe, and a link in my cargo hold. I took the opportunity to log a visual inspection of the...
  18. I

    Basilisk close and then so far away

    TL/DR 100Cr fine cost my PUG wing a Basilisk kill and spawned me 650ly from the fight. Had a great time this evening at the Onoros Thargoid CG, first off put away some solo Cyclops kills and then picked up some randoms for some wing action, honestly more of a hindrance than anything else...
  19. Random Player

    Newcomer / Intro Game Overlap... with Needing Thargoid Tech

    Hello So, I need some advice. I am currently working on fully unlocking Professor Palin and I need a corrosive resistant cargo rack for collecting a number of Thargoid Sensor Fragments. I flew to HIP 17403 A 4 A and found the crashed Thargoid ship and, thankfully I could NOT collect Fragments...
  20. Kestrel_Feathers

    How much of guardian weapon BP's I need in total?

    I'm at the Guardian ruins right now and by looking at Inara and ED Engineer I only need a few, but I remember Exigeous was mentioning that you need buttloads of those to unlock EVERYTHING. I only need Guardian medium Gauss Cannon and large Plasma Charger, but I don't know if Frontier changed...
  21. Kestrel_Feathers

    Strange sounds coming from my Anaconda

    Source: I don't know if it's encoded message or just a bug, but either way I've decided I should record it before "solving" it by restarting my game. I can hear this occasionally when I drop out of SC or retract my hardpoints, but on the station it seem to happen...
  22. Katie Byrne

    3rd ever Thargoid "Octagoid" Kill - 8 thargoid interceptors at once

    Ladies and gentlemen, after many weeks of trying, I have managed to get four extra thargoid interceptors to join a four goid instance to create an 8 goid "octagoid" instance. :) So so many jumps... as Hyperdiction in only around a 20 percent chance so many wrong instances... as getting one of...
  23. D

    Request: Make Thargoids an actual threat in the systems they occopy

    I am currently in HIP 17403 which is crawling with Thargoids. Sounds exciting? well not really.. It all feels somewhat generic to be cruising along in this system without fear of being interdicted or approched by them. I thought the Thargoids were supposed to be extremly territorial!? Also find...
  24. Mgram

    Community Event / Creation The Art of War - Anti-Xeno Initiative Community Goal

    A notable excerpt from the Solar Times: The Anti-Xeno Initiative has announced its intention to provide its flagship fleet carrier - The Astras, with an experimental paint designed to hide it from the Thargoids. The carrier is to be a spearhead for anti-xeno operations and will act as a safe...
  25. Katie Byrne

    [INDEPENDENT] The Anti-Xeno Defence Force needs YOU!

    The Anti-Xeno Defence Force are the Fighting and Logistics crew of the [AXDF] Icarus, [AXDF] Pegasus and [AXDF] Hercules . We carry out Counter-Xeno Operations in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas. We are seeking new enlistees across several roles to serve aboard the Icarus (Anti-Xeno...
  26. A

    Heatsink ammo reserves: the ultimate cause of mankind’s defeat by the Thargoids(?)

    I tried to make the title not-completely-boring. Anyway, could y’all sneak a quick bump to heatsink ammo reserves into your next patch? Or...the one after next, if the next one is already planned out? For one thing, it’s irritating how (after engineering) heatsinks come in packages of 4, but...
  27. D

    Thargoid glicht/bug

    Okay, i call this the "Infinite heart bug" or "wrong heart illuminated bug", this only happens when you are in Wing, the heart can be damaged only by one of the wing-mans but the other ones can't damage it because it is either lagging or the wrong heart is being showed by the game, this makes...
  28. Mrgoodygumdrops4u

    Found this on a planet in Hip 17694 looks creepy

    😳😳Found this on a planet in Hip 17694 looks creepy It’s b 7 f if you want to see it
  29. Cyanidex

    Thargoid Probe

    I look for NHSS 5-6-7-8 contains 'salvage' also check for amon. worlds (degraded emis. grade 2) and Science Vessels but no probe. Anybody find any probes at this time ??
  30. AvasaSiuu

    New Thargoid Can be Halted

    speedyboi can be halted.
  31. Ghostnote

    The AX leaderboards are broken

    All thanks to instagibbing. Basically you get enough firepower and you can instantly kill any goid up to a medusa. With 4x medium gauss, Cyclops takes 3 people, basilisk takes 5 people, and medusa takes about 9 people. These removes any skill requirements for killing thargoids and ruins the...
  32. C

    Jerry Rigging Thargoid Technology In Human Ship

    Hello Commanders. We must advance our ship technology, thargoids are planning something. I propose we take blown up pieces from thargoid ships, slowly construct a wormhole tear device similar to what thargoids use, reinforce ship hull with thargoid petal materials with anti-corrosion layer for...
  33. Reshanna

    [RP] Hijacked Thargoid Signal Needs Decoding

    So I've gone and stumped our RP group with a double layering of hidden information in our own little Thargoid signal easter egg hunt. Instead of giving away the secret, I thought it would be a great thing to push out to all you amazing people, especially those who decoded the original signals...
  34. B

    Thargoids, Raxxla, Dark Wheel, and how they are connected...maybe.

    (The following suggestion is a fictitious use of fictitious places and characters to create a fictitious story that could fictitiously connect fictitious events in a fictitiously believable way. Although fictitious places and people are mentioned in this fictitious suggestion, they are used in a...
  35. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Not Enough NHSSs

    Just a quick bit of feedback, I'm trying to defend systems near my home from Thargoid attacks. Currently in Aganippe, and there's only 1 or 2 NHSS for me to check out. One of them was a T7, which is waaaayy to hard for me to solo (to be honest, I can barely cope with a T5!). And the other is a...
  36. C

    Thargoid Cyclops solo in 4:34 min

    So I finally decided to try my hand at Thargoid combat. I've built the biggest tank I could, watched every tutorial video and went for it. After a while I realized I was killing Cyclops quickier than most videos. I was pretty proud of myself, so I tried to find which is the speedrun record for...
  37. Leadfoot

    Regarding Thargoid Attacks

    From this thread: Thought maybe this should be posted here instead: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- It just occurred to me that FD is going...
  38. M

    Thargoids should appear with a notice in local mission board, like CG´s now galaxy wide, for defence

    Thargoid attacks against stations and other installations sould be predicted beforehand "through new top secret technological advances", and be spotted say 7-14 days before they start/finish allowing to organize defending better against them. Could be just locally on top of a mission board like...
  39. EWanderer

    My Future Thargoid Fantasy

    So this is kinda not like me. I usally try to make suggestions, that kinda fit with the current Game Design, but I got carried away yesterday thinking about current Events ingame around Thargoids and a few Ideas and now I have to share them, just for funsies. I don't expect FDev to pick up even...
  40. M

    Thargoids attack even at opposite end of the human "bubble" now!

    Brave unarmed explorer CMDR Pirjo Suoyrjö encountered agricultural Megaship distress signal that had just been attacked by the Thargoids, reported no enemy activity in scanners and set out to investigate damage done. She reported that besides heavy structural damage there were some kind of...
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