the dark wheel

  1. CMDR Temunjin Boras

    Dark Wheel Hunting

    Purely tinfoil but I think there are multiple dark wheel bases and the codex entry drops multiple hints pointing to multiple bases. I was going after the Lyta Crane avenue this week and running into some trouble getting anywhere. My best guess so far is Crane maps to the Grus constellation of a...
  2. CMDR Kai Zen

    Community Event / Creation Turning the Wheel

    (IN UNIVERSE) My fellow commanders. It is with a heavy heart that I must come before you today to put an end to the lies and corruption within the Pilots’ Federation. This once-venerable institution has been infiltrated and subjugated by a nefarious group of elites known only as ‘The Club’. For...
  3. ScolioTheMost

    Tionisla Historical Society - Move to Tionisla

    If you have watched the video above, I would like to provide you with a few more details. During deep research on the old worlds we discovered that there was an organization that maintains the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard. The same organization that laid Rebecca’s Cobra to rest in the graveyard...
  4. JT442

    The Elite Dangerous Storyline

    The Children of Raxxla would like to share with you an analysis of the very complicated storyline. We have uncovered the extent of the corruption brought about by the corporations, and expanded on a popular Thargoid theory. We touch upon Raxxla, The Dark Wheel, The Club... everything is linked...
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