1. Tyranno86

    T. Rex new skins

    Hello everyone ! I noticed that using all the T. Rex skins genes present, at the moment, in the game, nobody satisfies the expectations of realizing and seeing, the original skins of Jurassic Park and the lost world . In fact I believe that many players would like to see in the game, the T. Rex...
  2. SkyB

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Anaconda, The Melter

    The Melter: A beam turret PA build that uses thermal conduit. You want to stay close to 100% heat for increased dmg output while being amazingly tanky. The credos of this build are efficiency and self controle. Using your PAs increases dmg of all of your weapons at...
  3. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP When You Kill An Explorer in Distant Worlds 2 (DW2)...

    When you kill someone in Distant Worlds 2, and wipe their exploration data, I just hope you know that:
  4. thatguytimfromearth

    Questions about " tod the blaster mcquinn"

    First off , sorry guys im posting from my phone at work. So if things are off im sry im going off the top of my head from where i logged out last night. Ill most likely get some small details wrong. I just had a few questions about the engineer "tod the blaster mcquinn". So i logged out at...
  5. LanceLord

    Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

    Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition: 1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on...
  6. JohnRoberts

    Squadrons feature for outlaws and pirates

    Now, I know that Squadrons is not even in beta yet, but I watched the live stream, and I got to thinking these Squadrons seem a little clinically clean for those of us who live more on the fringes. Too structured for Anachists, too civilized for Pirates, if you will. So I'd like to suggest that...
  7. xelono

    JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC

    Your Feature Request / Idea Ford Explorer Tour, Visitor Center, Fences, Gates, Hatchery. Laboratory from Site-B, Visitor Center from Site-B, Aviary.
  8. Gosht

    Pre-Jump Interview with Gluttony Fang of AXI aboard The Gnosis

    There's been a skip in the days because I've spent too much time out near the fence than taking coms that make me want to fly right back to The Gnosis as soon as I've received them. One such message was a response from a message I'd sent to Gluttony Fang, famed leader of AXI, the Anti-Xeno...
  9. E

    Enchance the xbox one version of elite dangerous

    So i play it a lot and i can tell you from the differences from pc and xbox one versions. The System/Galaxy map opening needs way to long 8-10 seconds everytime and on the Pc 2 seconds...So you know what to do fd team... Make the game a bit faster for the xbox thx. New content 3.2 maybe good but...
  10. S


    Generic greeting! We, „The Art of Warfare“, are currently looking for new members to help us form our brand new Elite Dangerous Division! if you are looking for a structured and fun community you have come to the right place. Who are we?: TAW is a large established community of 2000+ people...

    bad missions and the beluga damn / malas misiones y la beluga

    ok, regards ... I want to complain about the problems I see in making misons and in the beluga ship, first, the missions of recovery of black boxes etc, when you come a squadron of 5 ships for you do not let you finish the mion because or you break or you have to go out and find the signal of...
  12. T


    Right so here im gonna outline why asking for sace legs is ultimatley a pointless excersize. Space legs would require some technical hurdles that I can't see realistically solved anytime soon,inluding a new game engine bolted into the pre existing one, a whole new physics model and new control...
  13. G

    On the Winking of Cats

    "Some stars wink." The balding commander smiles as he pours himself another lemonade. He seems tired. Like he has just come back from a long trip. "They're called variable stars, or they used to be, when we looked at everything from Earth". "Stars, like those which are the eye in Leo Minoris...
  14. CMDR Hagglebeard

    Finishing the Basics.

    This game's most foundational systems are absolutely astounding. The flight models feel more real than anything else I've ever flown with a joystick, and the immersive factor is incredible. The scale is amazing, and flying to and fro really puts space travel into perspective. Watching the video...
  15. Trilyden

    Military Enlistment

    Alright I’m going to say here that This would be a large feature to implement. So people are wanting an actual personal narrative but feel that the thargoid threat isn’t doing it for them. Also that the grind for Technology broker modules isn’t that personal or exciting. Well here the all...
  16. W

    How to complete "Decrypting the Guardian Logs" with missing log entries?

    Hi, In the last days I did the second Ram Tah mission with the wonderful help of the cannon site. First I followed this spreadsheet: Already at my second or third scan, I noticed that I did...
  17. Yamiks

    [video] Horizons "review"
  18. Kari

    PvP Masters of escapes!

    I hate combat logging. In all games. I always fight until the end :) Combat logging = no skills, no spine, no reason .. always lose. Death is honorable ending of pvp, retreat is tactic and winning is satisfying reward.. i've never had a draw :) So .. enough of combat logging - that's why i...
  19. VoodooSonny

    Appreciation of what we have

    Greetings Commanders. I just watched the latest D2EA youtube video, and The Yamiks latest, as well as ObsidianAnts. (All are great for different reasons, I recommend checking them out! 18+ for language and chatter content) I am part of a group of three, we call ourselves Deltamob, and fly in the...
  20. A


  21. A

    Ships Chieftain performance

    So I bought the chieftain and absolutely love it. Such a beautiful ship in my opinion and I bought plenty of decals for it. But after a while of fitting and flying I have come to... Somewhat regret my decision... As much as I love the combat the shields are just to weak to be of any use and u...
  22. GURU-951

    Crashed Beacons and Wrecked SRV's. Signs of a lost Colony?

    Today I went into an unknown system and decided to check the surface of the first 2 planets. I found two crashed Nav beacons and one wrecked SRV with its cargo all over the place from my search of both of them. This was about 3000Ly from the bubble. Someone had suggested that this might be home...
  23. J

    [VIDEO] THE DOOR (short movie)

    I made short movie about Thargoids ... I hope, you will like it. :)
  24. Garud

    Knights of Karma INRA Expedition - SITREP

    Knights of Karma INRA Expedition SITREP Expedition Start: Diaguandri, 1700 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303 Expedition Completed: Qa’wakana, 2300 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303 Expedition Distance:1712.35 LY Expedition Sign Ups Confirmed: 23 Expedition Turnout: 18 Protection Strength:30...
  25. ilmostro

    Imagine if Airlines operated like ED Passanger mission...

    The Captain of the 747-400 lands in New York JFK, having flown from Heathrow, London, his disgruntled passengers get off. Some of them are upset because 10 mins before they landed, they decided they wanted to go to Gatwick London and not New York. Then, once the plane is cleaned, restocked...
  26. O


    Looking for other CMDR's to play VR CQC!! None VR CMDR's welcomed! Seem's to me that either no one plays CQC or the servers are too busy to find any matches!?! Message me and let's set up a time and place for some fun VR battles!! I'm in CA, USA-Pacific time zone. I available mostly on...
  27. V

    Galactic Grand Tour Expedition

    The purpose of this expedition is to see the wonders of the galaxy and to run in tandem with the Dead End Circumnavigation expedition; to depart from beagle point in the largest mass jump in history. (About the middle of April, 2018) (That’s the main goal) The idea it to bring new cmdrs as well...
  28. Boyo Kendall

    Patch 2.4 is awesome!

    So we are a couple of days into Patch 2.4 and so far it's been really good. I wanted to make a post that actually celebrated the awesomeness that is the Thargoid return and move away from the (now frequent) "what's in 2.4" threads which are cropping up all over the place and like a true prog...
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