thermal shock

  1. Old Duck

    Ship Builds & Load Outs A question about Thermal Shock

    Is Thermal Shock a set number, or does it scale with damage? In other words, will a size 4 weapon generate significantly more heat than a size 1 weapon, or is heat generated the same? If the former, is there any point to using TS on size 1 weapons? I don't expect to explode a ship via heat...
  2. Old Duck

    Engineers Thermal Shock as an alternative to Emissive Rounds

    I run a Vulture with twin gimbaled beams, both using Thermal Vent. I'm planning on changing one of those over to Thermal Shock, as running ice cold all the time is actually a bit of hindrance (it's hard to see through the ice). I've experimented with TS in the past, and while disappointed in...
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