1. A

    Thememaker's PROBLEM

    Hello, Is there a problem with thememaker's toolkit, it's been 45 minutes since my creation is in the queue. Google Translate
  2. LilyValley807

    Completed Dragons for Planet Coaster

    I have made a dragon for Planet Coaster! It's animated and has flexi color, and I have a version with and without normal map. 1A 1B Note - the second version has an identical icon (and name) as the first.
  3. Castaway1

    Completed Castaway's creations

    Hey ! So this thread is where I'll post all my creations and packs. Jurassic Pack Ancient Egypt Pack Adventure Pack I'll try to make a Entertainers/mascots pack [happy]
  4. ArtiX

    Is quality being appreciated?

    Hey, something currently really bugs me and i have to say i keep questioning the point of making custom items for this game. In the past few years i wasn't really able to pursue my own things because both my parents were terminally ill and i helped taking care of them. Nonetheless, after many...
  5. spoonetti

    Sketchup > Blender > TMT

    Hi there everyone! Does anyone knows if it is possible to import a simple 3d Sketchup models (without textures) in Blender where I can add the correct measurements, the necessary LODs, Hitchecks, Materials and UV maps/Textures etc. to be able to use that object in TMT? First, I tried to...
  6. Ztitus


    Hello, I'm currently working on my new project and I'm blocking on a particular item. The question has already been asked several times but I can't find any really clear answers. My question is simple, how to make window panes? my question is about materials. What would really help me is a...
  7. MsRedNebula

    Completed Waving Cosmic Cow Sign (Animated)

    People seemed to like the Gulpee sign, so I figured I'd do more characters. Here's Cosmic Cow! Large size (4m) - Small size (2m) -...
  8. A

    Extention of theme choices in TMT

    Right now we have the choice to place our TMT items in a limited list of themes. I would like to see an expansion of different themes to place our items in! Now we can select; - Fairytale - Pirate - Western - Sci-Fi - Festive - Planet Coaster I think it would be better to have a greater (more...
  9. Thememakers Toolkit Authoring Guide

    Hi all, please see the PDF below for our authoring guide. It will be updated regularly.
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