1. Gohax

    Blender 2.83 animation rotations always relative to origin

    Hello, during the past couple of days i created some static items with Blender 2.83 for Planet Coaster to warm up with the workflow, which worked very well. Now that i tried creating an animated object, i'm having a problem with the way rotations are applied in Planet Coaster: Somehow, all...
  2. J

    Why don't all sets have the same pieces available? Why are some missing?

    Why don't all sets have the same pieces available? Why are some missing their mirrored counter-part? For example, Classic Brick Wall Top Half Round Arch Left doesn't have a Right version, and you can't just flip it to have it align properly? Why is that a thing? Are there any Thememaker Toolkit...
  3. spoonetti

    How to create AO Textures?

    Hi there, Does anyone know how to create AO (Ambient Occlusion) textures in Photoshop? Thx in advance for your help! ;) - spoonetti -
  4. KickAir8p

    More Examples Please!

    Now that we can see what's in the Toolkit Example Scenes (except for the material examples, still upcoming) is there any other scenery from the game that you'd like to see how Frontier did it? I'd very much like one of their trees -- Beach Tree 3 would be good, it's very generic-tree-like IMHO...
  5. spoonetti

    Planet Coaster Deutscher Blender/Toolkit-Wiki - Eure Unterstützung ist gefragt!

    Moin! Ich habe mich vor Weihnachten mal an einem Wiki versucht, welcher Tutorials zum Thema "Erstellen von Objekten für PlanCo in Blender" beinhaltet. Es richtet sich sowohl an Anfänger als auch an Fortgeschrittene, die hier und da noch etwas lernen wollen. Ich selbst arbeite gerade an einem...
  6. A

    Extention of theme choices in TMT

    Right now we have the choice to place our TMT items in a limited list of themes. I would like to see an expansion of different themes to place our items in! Now we can select; - Fairytale - Pirate - Western - Sci-Fi - Festive - Planet Coaster I think it would be better to have a greater (more...
  7. Thememakers Toolkit Authoring Guide

    Hi all, please see the PDF below for our authoring guide. It will be updated regularly.
  8. spoonetti

    Thememaker's Toolkit: Placeholder for usable objects!

    Together with the toolkit, it would be nice if we would get some placeholders for usable objects, e.g. benches, bins, ATMs etc. As we already know is, that we're unfortunatly not able to create objects which park guests uses. So, those small placeholders would give us the possibilty to create...
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