1. Old Duck

    A True Explorer Regenerates As A Tourist?

    I made Explorer Elite by almost exclusively scanning undiscovered planets and systems, no R2R for me! And this was before the FSS, so I had to fly to all these planets to scan them. I've gotten my name on all sorts of cool and rare things, including catalog stars. I've seen things you people...
  2. Pixelated Sparkster

    Buildings & Attractions It would be amazing if the tour truck has safari music!

    I do not know if this is implemented yet, but I will place it in ideas and feature request incase it is not in the game. Could we have the tour truck have safari music that is similar to the theme of the lost world? It would be a lot of fun having the sensation of the lost world as you drive...
  3. Graabeerd

    Moonfyre Intergalatic Tours, now open for recruiting.

    Moonfyre Intergalatic Tours (MFIT) is now open! Specializing inpassenger relocation and sight seeing tours thruout the bubble and beyond. Based in the beautiful downtown of Hausdorff Terminal in HR 7925 system, Moonfyre Intergalatic Tours can be the squadron you can call home! Contact today...
  4. EWanderer

    More Gameplay to Tourism Activities

    So tourism, right now they are more or less glorified transport missions. Sure there can be random demands and every passanger got a general attitude towrds certain things(read secretive and whatnot), but all in all tourism is just glorified transport. So why not add some depth to the whole...
  5. G

    Space Tourism is back... "The Perfect Venue"

    Hey all! We been filming at these locations for about a month to bring you a sort of adventure. It's part of multi-CMDR series YuleTube with Turjan Starstone, Yamiks, Shabooka, Mach1ne, Ascorbius, Paroxsym, Plater, and more.
  6. CMDR Lucienn

    New Tourist Beacons

    Some of you might know me as that "crazy tourist beacon guy", for good reason, too. Anyway, I've noticed that since 2.4, we've gotten new tourist beacons in Elite, but unlike previous patches, they have not been mentioned at all in the patch notes (the last three times they were added they were...
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