1. Old Duck

    From True Explorer to Tourist

    I used to be a True Explorer, but since restarting on PC I've become a not-so-true Tourist. This means that I'm purposefully exploring the Bubble itself, without caring about my name on discovery or mapped tags or making zillions of credits through Stellar Cartography. In some ways, tourism is...
  2. Oximocron

    Long Range Tourist Mission scanning a bit too unforgiving?

    Well now I need my own little whine thread and probably a break. I did a long range tourist mission (~25k ly). as all long range tourist, my passenger demanded not to be scannend. I´ve done a lot of those missions in the past and it never was a problem to get scanned once or even twice. This...
  3. J

    Tourist Locations, how to submit?

    Hi, How can I submit tourist locations to be added to the game? I've found some interesting stuff. Kind regards.
  4. n13L5

    Is there a tourist location, that's not too much over 5000 LY outside of the bubble?

    If possible, I'd like to get paid for doing the 5000 LY unlocking of Professor Palin... ...without going too much farther than necessary for the unlock.
  5. A

    Needless system locations

    What in the world are capital ships and checkpoints even for? Capital ships I dropped out on a capital ship earlier today and saw what it was since ive never needed to go there. MY GOD THAT IS LEGIT. why cant we do anything with it except ooh and ahh at it? Surely a ship like that needs...
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