tracked ride

  1. Icedude

    Adjustable speed track pieces for Track Rides

    I could have sworn there was already a thread about this but I can't find it in search for the life of me. It's been a little bit of a problem before, but the Macchina Classica made it a very obvious problem that's only been further highlighted again by the Ghostbusters pack that we have no...
  2. Cosmic Cow

    Tracker Dark-Ride (Temple of Doom)

    Small and compact dark ride. Workshop [/URL]
  3. kasukana3000

    Track Rides Excelsior! (A Stan Lee Memorial)

    So I wanted to commemorate Stan Lee, since his creations influenced my life and the life of those around me - A LOT. Two months after his passing, I feel I can present this now, even though it isn't done. I have it in a 4K blueprint in the workshop, and I plan on adding another 4K to put in...
  4. A

    Parks Disney California Adventure - Grizzly River Run

    "A thrilling whitewater raft adventure that takes you roaring down a California river in the Sierra Nevada mountains."
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