1. C

    My Beta Feedback

    I agree with a lot of the feedback already said, but I'll reiterate what I feel like was important. General: The lighting! The overall detail! The sounds! The animations! Scenario: LOVE LOVE LOVE the story guided scenario. Just went back to Planet Coaster and the scenarios felt dull after...
  2. Jenakin_Skywalker

    Trading price lock

    I strongly believe the game needs a price lock for trading animals. Here is what I mean by that: I'm adopting an ostrich for 20 leaves. I should be unable to immediatly sell the ostrich for anything higher than 20 leaves. Reason: People are lurking at the trade center looking for a cheap animal...
  3. Old Duck

    Newcomer / Intro How Does Market Determine "High Demand" ?

    I just started doing some serious trading with the new tools, and I'm confused. I'm seeing things in the market where the demand over is 300, but these items are not flagged as "high demand". However, other items with a demand of 60 is considered high demand. Is this bugged? I've been using the...
  4. A

    Suggestion: add cargo which could damage pirates when they picked it up.

    My step-dad just had this idea. It’s basically the interstellar-piracy version of dye packs in money/stores. Pirate interdicts you, you’re in a slow and weak ship. But you planned for this, and you’ve got [x] tons of live explosives disguised as valuable goods. You drop those, pirate scoops...
  5. W

    Nanomeds Galnet implications

    Recently there was a Galnet article about nanomedicine- “The IHO rendered its decision on January 17, siding with Vitadyne Labs and approving their nanomeds a legal medical product with the caveat that Vitadyne had to distribute their nanomeds through an established pharmaceutical company to...
  6. number2301

    RED DICE SYSTEMS - Casual, Friendly, EU/PC Based PVE Squadron

    Our Offer We are a casual, open PVE focussed wing concentrating on fun cooperative gameplay, alongside providing a purpose for mission running, bounty hunting, and everything else by supporting our in game faction. In addition to regular daily priorities, we run varied events where we get...
  7. A

    Trade data acquired but unavailable

    Hello, Maybe some of you Elite traders out there can explain this to me: - I am in an Extraction system and I went to the galmap and bought trade data for e Refinery system (100 Cr) hoping to see what prices they have - However on the galmap, it says "Data for this system is unavailable" and at...
  8. T

    Discovery Scanner Changes (simple idea that won't happen.)

    Is's obvious ED is going to do this change regardless of we like it or not, so, I am not going to address that as it's pointless. But, I have an idea, like it or hate it-I don't care, but I figured I'll put this out here to discuss. Change the Intermediate Discovery scanner to do what the...
  9. U


    The Rangers The Rangers If you are looking for a player group to help or support we are an active group that joined ELITE DANGEROUS before the game was launched. The main voice server is...
  10. T

    Repairing Stations

    I'm certain this won't affect many commanders. Most would rather post up with Adele's Armada and ruin those helpful few at the CGs or blast away at pirates in a Rez but, to digress, a few suggestions on repairing stations: Wheres the waste? Repairing stations don't produce ANYTHING. This is, an...
  11. A

    Understanding Trade data in Galmap

    I watched Obsidian And's video on the new trade data and commodities, and I think it could be great tool, but I just don't understand how it works or how to use it. Yesterday: Traveled to SAN TU, scanned the Nav Beacon -> No updates to the galmap Traveled to Chomsky Terminal, bought...
  12. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group Discord

    Official Zemina Torval Group Discord The official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group is on discord and this is where we coordinate supporters' actions & socialise. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the Empire's Trading & Mining Power than...
  13. DGBaley

    Feature Request: Colonization missions

    I think the current mechanism of human expansion (mostly through community goals and FDEV generated bases) is a bit restrictive and not terribly interesting from the players' perspective. Despite attempts to involve the player base in the construction of new bases, I've never really felt any...
  14. Rariano Majoy

    Suggestion: Improve the trade experience on the Galaxy Map.

    Good morning: I am an experienced player who plays the game with Oculus and who likes to play, especially in the role of merchant. I have a lot of fun when I fly my beautiful Imperial Cutter and, I make trade routes of "single hop trade" and without looking for profitability beyond the one I...
  15. Rick Bravo

    Newcomer / Intro Data deliver missions- credit toward trade rank?

    So I haven't been able to find answer to this question so I thought I would try here. Do data delivery missions/courier(data delivery) missions give credit toward trade rank? If so, do bonuses received on those data delivery missions also count toward trade rank or is only the original amount...
  16. K

    Dangerous Optional Trade Missions And Non Greifing Piracy Via Private Group Mission MatchMaking

    Offer players playing in Open play the opportunity to accept Dangerous trade missions where there is a high chance a player pirate will be sent to stop you from delivering your cargo but the reward for completing the mission is double the usual payout Pirate players accept the High Value...
  17. Shadowdancer

    Galaxy map trade feature lacks context and short-term memory

    So in the "I wish I had had more time for beta" section, it feels like the new "commodity finder" feature on the galaxy map is pretty howyadoin'. Trying to find personal weapons, it turns out that the map has very little idea about legality. It will happily show a station where stuff is banned...
  18. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    State of Elite. One idiot CMDRS take on what he sees

    So lets start off by saying I love this game. All what I am about to say is my opinion and mine alone I don't represent anyone or anything but MYSELF Formality's out of the way lets talk Elite First off lets start off by saying. Nerfing honey holes is a sign there is a issue with acquiring...
  19. Justinian Octavius

    Passenger Mission Arrival Point Algorithm needs to apply to Commodities Market upon return

    One of the side effects of the algorithm for rewarding passenger missions based upon the arrival point distance was that it killed off the commodities trade for many commanders. Thus, imho, when the algorithm returns it needs to apply to prices on the Commodities Market as well. CMDR Justinian...
  20. M

    incorect map designation of Famines

    I’m finding that when I use the galactic map to find Famines that when I go there they are outbreaks or civil war but are also not found under the correct tag on the Xbox. e.g. Belanit
  21. U

    Newcomer / Intro small, casual wing looking for new and old players alike!

    Hi, i’m Commander Dar We’re a fun-loving, casual and dedicated group of highly active veteran commanders that didn’t like the direction our previous wing was going in. So we decided to respectfully part ways and branch off into our own wing. We are 100% independent and we welcome all commanders...
  22. R

    Trade routes

    Guys can you help me, i need some good Conda trade route i have 468 gargo!
  23. Z

    Player driven economy

    I feel after a few years of this game being around its time to bring back up the discussion around player driven economy. Firstly, ive seem a lot of arguments for it from the community and a negative feeling from the developers but let me use an example of a game that, im sure many have...
  24. E

    [SUGGESTION] Expand trade and mining away from first-person play

    tl;dr Automation of the main gameplay grind and allow experienced players to build trade fleets/mining conglomerates forthose who prefer strategy to twitch combat. I am one of many who play Elite a bit and get a bit, well, bored - I know there is such a lot going on in the wider galaxy, but...
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