travel log

  1. Qildail

    Tilting At Windmills: A Circumnavigation Travelogue

    On 2 March of this year I arrived in Kojeara for the completion of Lost Worlds 2. Soon after, I decided my next adventure was to (finally) complete a circumnavigation. And so, after fixing some blueprints and shedding some weight, the Beluga Liner Quixote of La Mancha set out from Colonia on 5...
  2. Envisitor

    CMDR Envisitor's logbook

    14-11-3305 | SHRUERY TR-L C24-0 CMDR Envisitor's logbook, stardate 982870.7721334349. This is my hundredth day out in deep space since I left Magellan. Even if I didn't travel every day it's for me now one of the longest time out in deep space. Since I've started this tour I've found 17 ammonia...
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