1. J

    Add possibility to land on a system directly to a specific star, nearest to destination station

    Some trading is a waste of time. Sometime happens that I reach a system, and the target station orbits around another star far, far away from the one next to me. Since I don't see any reason for the interstellar jump to arrive always at the same star in the same system, I'd like to have...
  2. Spidaman1991

    Wormhole Travel

    I just had an interesting idea! Imagine, someone discovers a wormhole that can be flown through, and come out on the other side of the galaxy! I think that would be the coolest thing. Maybe have it come out at a random destination or maybe certain ones have fixed exit points. Curious what...
  3. Soifua

    Engineers ED Engineers Travel Distance Chart

    It's always been a little frustrating trying to plot a route between engineers, especially right after picking up a new ship and outfitting it when everything needs to be engineered. So I made a little chart to see the distances between all engineers. Presented for your consideration: The ED...
  4. F

    Einstein Rosen bridge or "wormhole" travel ?

    Not sure if this has already been discussed but something ive been thinking about as i spend alot of time out in the black is how much more intriguing and exciting it would be just by adding a hand full of traversible wormholes ! This would be within the ethics of the game as its based mostly on...
  5. n13L5

    Please 2 separate target locks for destinations vs targets like ships, USS

    There's nothing more annoying than always loosing your destination lock - any time you'd like to scan a ship or determine the type of a USS that popped up along the way. If we had two separate target locks: - one for items you can dock with or stars or planets, - one for all other types of...
  6. A

    Very limited quick travel (or if you will a galactic highway to Colonia)

    Hi First of all I feel like traditional quick travel, as seen in most RPGs, in Elite would certainly break things horribly. As such what I'm about to suggest is in no way unlimited or entirely free form quick travel. If you want that make another thread. First some backstory to explain why I...
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