1. J

    Turret hardpoint builds?

    Hi all! I'm a new player, about 20 hours in. And I’m enjoying everything about elite except the combat. Competent foes are utterly wiping the floor with me. Im thinking I’d like to pursue a turret based build so the computer can shoot for me in single player, and a friend can use them in...
  2. A

    Turret and Gimbals weapons not working anymore

    Hi, Is it just me or are turret and gimballed weapons broken? I can't get them to fire no matter what mode they're in; target only, forward fire, fire at will. Also doesn't seem to matter what type of weapon on what ship I tried but only fixed aspect weapons are working. I did a search on...
  3. Nihila Vex

    No Turrets

    My apologies as always if this has been asked before. I did search but haven't found an answer. I've been given a job to disable the turret on a megaship. On arrival I find a Gordon-class bulk carrier that's very clearly been roundly aliened, and is no longer any threat to anyone - but a job's...
  4. G

    Multicrew and turrets: badly needs fixing

    My associate whom I recruited one year ago still does not know how to operate a turret. Fdev, balancing by introducing inexcusable aberrations will only result in player frustration. I suggest making elite NPC crew able to operate turrets. ALL OF THEM. FLECHETTES and GUARDIAN WEAPONS included...
  5. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Tracking Speed for Weapons?

    Is there anything like small weapons have better tracking speed so can easily track and hit small ships than bigger guns and let's say 4A multi-cannon can not hit SLFs (at least most of time)? (Like tracking speed of turrets in EVE)
  6. Kiithnaras

    Sensors and Turret/Gimbal Precision [Beating the Dead Horse]

    This concept would enable better quality sensors to affect the precision of gimballed and turreted (articulated) weapons. Before you start throwing up your hands, flipping tables, and kindly pointing out that Frontier have previously visited and subsequently tabled this, hear me out; I'm not...
  7. S

    Some wishes (SRV and Turrets)

    Hello everybody, First of all, that is a Google translation! So the last update has already brought many improvements that really enrich the game. But I also have some wishes, small and big. Let's start with the little ones: - A traction control for the SRV - A command for the turrets "attack...
  8. C

    How the turrets in space/jousting gameplay may be fixed (and possibly fix permaboosting)

    It seems that in spite of the Devs' best efforts to the contrary, PvE in the game often descents into a very "turrets in space" style of gameplay, where 2 ships just slug fire at each other while trying to shield tank the damage taken. I believe that this has a deterimental impact on the overall...
  9. W

    FPS Co-Op, Turrets, Fences & Camps

    For 'Space Legs' should it ever happen...This is how I'd like it to be... Scenario: Ship discovers alien base or accepts mission... You and Co-Op wing mates land on outskirts of underground/overground base. Get out of your ship seat. Walk to Internal cockpit door into Medium sized or Large...
  10. P

    Class 3 (large) Multi-cannon Turrets?

    Hey, I was just wondering, why are there no class 3 multicannon turrets? All other turreted weapons have turrets across the board, so why not the multicannons? I really hope this can be implemented in the future.
  11. n13L5

    Can an A rated Cutter sail with two size 3 long range beams without heat/cap problems?

    Its A rated and mostly G5 engineered. Was purchased for mining 500 tons of ore, 50 painite and some Bromelite once. Otherwise brand new. It took me 16 hours. (I don't plan to ever go mining again - it was the pinnacle of tedious and profits, well, I didn't try for profits, just the 500/50/25...
  12. B

    Friendly Fire, Automated Combat, and Police

    So I just lost 5mil to replace my Beluga today because the cops decided to turn on me over a 200CR assault bounty that I randomly gained (Don't ask why I was bounty hunting in a Beluga). I've had the exact same thing happen before in Keelback. Granted, of the hundreds of bounty vouchers I've...
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