1. A

    Planet Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide

    So you didn't do the tutorial-- or maybe you did and you just missed something. Regardless, here is everything you need to make and manage a zoo that can keep animals and guests happy while creating a conservation effort. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1910776223
  2. perafilozof

    Need critique on a tutorial video

    Hi all, while we wait for launch I made a tutorial about starting a new Zoo in the franchise mode and making it profitable at the start. Would you mind telling me how good it is so I can change it before games launch? From the description of the video: Source...

    Guide / Tutorial Material & Data Guide Tutorials for 2019 Summary

    Doing a Post with all Info to efficient Material / Data Collection for 2019 There is a lot of seperate Info, but no whole one where people can easy find stuff, so non of the linked guides and videos sheets are from me credits belongs to the creators ...
  4. P

    Landing/SRV tutorial should take place on high gravity planet

    Hey y'all. Gravity is crazy lethal in ED Horizons, but I feel like the way most people are going to find out about that is when they splat their ship against a planet for the first time. Worse, the current landing tutorial takes place on a low-gravity planet, which gives the mistaken impression...
  5. John Guevara

    add more training simulations/challanges for beginners

    I am no longer a beginner, but I can remember the painful learning time. At that time, I wanted scenarios that I could practice before. here some ideas what Fdev can include. fly 5 jumps or X ly with small ship to learn: fuel scooping route planning (for fuel scooping, if multiple systems...
  6. Commander JC

    Newcomer / Intro Surface prospecting and mining for Elements

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ToO_iEpz0w&t=36s How-to video.
  7. Distantsic

    Infinity custom vertical lift Tutorial

    Like many, I was bothered by the absence of a customisation vertical lift when the Infinite previews were released. But upon release of the DLC pack, and therefore the Infinite, I immediately found a way to make a reliable, high as you want, albeit a tiny bit too fast custom vertical lift. So...
  8. Hazzmango

    Mango's Manual to the Railgun

    So if you ever wanted to start using railguns, here's something I made which will help you getting started with them https://youtu.be/QDdVVYqIbw0
  9. MAD-7

    Danger Zone - Elite Dangerous Discord Reference Library

    New CMDR's and Veterans alike. For all things Elite and Dangerous in the galaxy, refer to the one stop consolidation library for Elite Dangerous. Danger Zone A-Z categorized library of reference material. Material gathering sites, Thargoids, Guardians, News & Updates, expeditions, engineering...
  10. spoonetti

    Planet Coaster Deutscher Blender/Toolkit-Wiki - Eure Unterstützung ist gefragt!

    Moin! Ich habe mich vor Weihnachten mal an einem Wiki versucht, welcher Tutorials zum Thema "Erstellen von Objekten für PlanCo in Blender" beinhaltet. Es richtet sich sowohl an Anfänger als auch an Fortgeschrittene, die hier und da noch etwas lernen wollen. Ich selbst arbeite gerade an einem...
  11. CMDRGURU951

    My Tutorial On Advanced Navigation and a trick I've never seen mentioned in other tutorials. o7

    The tutorial covers understanding star types, the galaxy map, mass codes, and how to read a system name. How to extract information from the name to assist in finding all you could hope for. This tutorial should cover One Key Component that other tutorials have not taught when it comes to a...
  12. Aydenex

    Encuentra Painita, Platino u Oro 100% seguro.

    Buenos días, tardes o noches CMDR'S o7 Hoy les traigo una guía de como encontrar la PAINITA que tanto tardé en encontrar. Les comento mi caso: Despues de minar las 500T de mineral que me pedía Selene Jean (Ingeniero) me di cuenta que me pedía 10 de PAINITA (un material no comerciable y MUY...
  13. Zeklandia

    Add a career planning system: Pilots Federation Advisers

    Recently, I heard someone (probably ObsidianAnt, who are we kidding) mention how the Pilots Federation could be a much larger part of the game than it currently is. That got me thinking. I quickly remembered the career chart put together by CMDR Qohen Leth, and how I had thought it would be...
  14. M

    Thargoid Basalisk hunting tutorial

    Making thargoid hunting tutorial https://youtu.be/yE3-jOOLfi8 Ship loadout https://inara.cz/cmdr-fleet/116705/505488/
  15. J

    [TUTORIAL] Utilizando a ferramenta EDDB

    EDDB - Elite: Dangerous Database é uma página na internet (https://eddb.io/) que auxilia muito os jogadores de Elite Dangerous na procura de naves, equipamentos, sistemas, Micro Facções, Mercadorias etc. Para facilitar o entendimento vamos dividir em tópicos, a saber: I - Procurando Naves...
  16. Ranek Eisenkralle

    Guide / Tutorial Elite's built-in optical landing system explained

    I frequently noticed that people seem to be having significant problems with fitting the big ships through the mailslot and into a station. Hence I am going to share a neat feature I have been using for a long time to safely get several different big ships into a station. I tested this with the...
  17. aeshec

    Guide / Tutorial [Guides] I Finished my Flight Assist Off Beginner Series!

    I'm so excited to be able to post this. Back in May, I posted the first video of some training that I use when training apprentices in Newton's Gambit. This Beginner Series, meant to be divided into five sections, has matured into an archive of training material which will be continued and...
  18. WallacEngineering


    Welcome all newcomers to the world of Elite: Dangerous! BOUNTY HUNTING GUIDE If you are new to Elite: Dangerous (ED), you may be wondering "How Do I get Started?" As after the tutorials, you are pretty much on your own and the game does not explain how to get started or where to go. In ED...
  19. ElectricZ

    Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Fllight Academy

    Your textbook and Professor for today... Greetings CDMRs! Bucky, in close cooperation with the Buckyball Racing Club, is putting together a volume of the collected wisdom of the pilots who consistently push the limits of their ships and themselves to just a tad faster every time they get in the...
  20. J

    Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Holiday DLC?

    Hello, Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the game so far, however I was wondering if there is any plans to release Holiday versions of the game as DLC? I know I would love to play the game during Halloween or Christmas! Its a little old, but I'm sure fans would still purchase it!
  21. J

    Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Glitch with Stitch

    Hello, I have a small glitch and I was wondering if there is anyway to solve it. My current quest is to "dance with Stitch." As soon as I talk to him, my character automatically dances, I will also bow and cause them to dance again. Despite this, the quest remains unfinished. I have already...
  22. D

    Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Need help with Fantasyland Secrets

    I'm going crazy trying to find the final Secrets in Fantasyland. I already have 35 out of 36 (which is 97% of the Fantasyland Secrets) and need help locating the 36th secret. Please help me. I really want to get to 100% and complete the game.
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