1. C

    Release EDHM Unwanted Galaxy Map Changes

    First of all, I just want to say that I love the EDHM UI mod for Odyssey. Everything works great, except for one thing. This wasn't an issue just last week, but for some reason, EDHM is now allowing the XML color values to affect the galaxy map filtering colors, as shown... The only way I've...
  2. D

    Core Mining UI Bug

    After discovering the issue I was having with connecting to ED servers for several months (the game tried to connect through Hamachi instead of my hardline lol) I came back to finish my quest to Elite status through core mining. Looked up a Odyssey tutorial on core mining in case anything had...
  3. R

    Odyssey UI - "Toggle old UI" option

    Can we just have a "Toggle old UI" option for Odyssey? It will bring back Horizons UI for the parts of the game that aren't affected by Odyssey? That shouldn't break the immersion too much because, for example, we already have Odyssey FC UI in Horizons
  4. S

    General It's time to change that HUD and UI options.

    First and foremost, the auto dock and super cruise assist messages should be taken out of the middle of the screen and put to the info panel at the top right. This would change a lot, and for the better. Secondly, location cursors should be a removable thing- which would add to immersion...
  5. Heinz Volmer

    Galaxy Map Needs Big-Time Improvement!

    Hello CMDRs, the devs fixed many things and I am grateful for that. I am mostly enjoying the game! One thing is driving me nuts though and it is the galaxy map. I want to share my thoughts, am curious about your opinions and am inviting you to upvote the issue which I posted on the issue...
  6. Conch

    The UI

    ive been a longtime player of Elite and its somewhat of a love hate relation at moment for me. even tho oddessey runs ok'ish.. what has been done with the UI is absolutely horrible. the carrier UI wasnt good. but changing the station UI into that was not needed and is a straight up downgrade...
  7. Ventus

    What are the 5 icons on the compass on foot.

    From top to bottom, the icons right of the compass are: 1- Bounty 2- Restricted access 3- Temp 4-??? (man impaled through gut by spear) 5- ??? Your car battery is dead, or check engine? Thanks in advance for what 4 and 5 are.
  8. BlackMaze

    Feedback on Keybinding UI

    I've got some feedback for the new keybindings and its acompanying UI and I don't specifically expect FDEV to open a post for that part of the UI so I figured I'd make my own. I would love to know what you think of them and what other feedback you might have. Perhaps we can turn this into a bit...
  9. A

    Mission Destinations as a Navigation Filter

    The game; the UI already knows where a mission takes place at. It highlights such mission destinations with a cyan colour. All I'm asking is, also implementing it as a navigation filter. It'd be a huge time saver, and the base legwork has already been done. Clarification: Lets say I've Stations...
  10. A

    Odyssey UI destroys the fun

    I'll start this out with I enjoy the Odyssey update, instability aside, however there are UI issues across the board that make the game so much less than it can be. The issues exist in: Outfitting Shipyard Ship-Missions Maps Ranks in the Internal (right) panel See below for broken out pieces.
  11. norlin

    Odyssey UI issues

    Here I'm going to collect UI bugs & issues, not touching the overall UI redesign. Galaxy & System Map object selection is misplaced System map: when holding LMB on an object the map starting to move to focus on this object and thus the cursor can move to another object and LMB hold will be...
  12. Ulon Yuanshi

    [Summary Thread] Removed and Missing Information in Elite: Odyssey

    !!YET TO UPDATE TO ACCOUNT FOR UPDATE 3 CHANGES!! Some entries were supposedly fixed in update 2, but not mentioned in the patch notes. Investigation is necessary before the list is fully up to date. As many players noticed, certain bits of information were made unavailable in the Odyssey...
  13. Leaf Productions

    Search Bar for Animal Trading

    Hi all, I know it's come up many times before, most recently in the update thread, but I felt we should address this head-on! It's about time we get a search bar for the Animal Trading Market. Now hear me out, naysayers, because I believe we all can benefit from this one. Take for example...
  14. D

    Console UI Color ChangeIn?!

    Longtime console player here on console now Xbox Series X & just wanted to ask even though it probably has been but a million times, please allow us to change UI color in Odyssey on Xbox Series X|S, X1 & PlayStation 5, PS4 I'd pay for the colors if I have to or allow us to choose any we want...
  15. Tividar

    [Suggestion] Add a filter for Booksmarks on the Navigation interface

    Title says it all. Being able to filter on bookmarks would make it much easier to find destinations in system. Feature Request: Bookmarks Filter in Navigation List - Jul 16, 2021
  16. Old Duck

    Fix the System map!

    For the love of all that's holy, fix this system map, Frontier! Yes, I know this has been brought up a thousand times, but obviously FDev has ignored the communuty, so it's my turn. Here is just one example of what's wrong with the system map and why: Notice that Meredith City is only 361 LS...
  17. Jeminyne

    Please let us make sections for items and blueprints in the UI!

    I've edited this image here to show what I mean! See where I added the plus-signs: I think it would be incredibly helpful if we could create our own folders, by clicking plus-signs like this. At the very least in the Blueprints tab, but all tabs would be great. Shown here is the facilities...
  18. J

    UI and Gameplay thoughts

    First Id like to say this is my favorite game. It got me through some tough times in my life. With that said I'd like to post some thoughts I've had and seen others have as well. In the future here's hoping these get addressed at some point. I believe a lot of immersion can be enhanced by...
  19. P

    Little tweak to UI

    Currently our UI for Missions or Passengers looks like this > its good but i find that right part with destinations could be easier for faster reading. i mean exactly this part marked with arrows ( idea is to remove words "DESTINATION" from that column, and place it as a single name of that...
  20. M

    Saving Selected Filters

    As is usual, I don't know if this has already been brought up or suggested, but I wanted to propose the small change of the menus saving the filters you selected after exiting. Primarily referring to the zoo animals screen (the ones already in your zoo). I often find that while managing my...
  21. S

    Breeding UI

    As of now, managing habitat animal population is a pain. TLDR version: keep filter settings in animal overview after closing when entering genealogy from animal overview, give the option to go back (to the exact spot you where) toggle whether to show animals not currently in the zoo in...
  22. A

    Heatmaps: Room for Growth

    Idea 1) I can't see my paths when I am looking at facilities (power, specifically), so it's hard for me to pre-plan. That would be useful. Idea 2) Show animal stress areas (as I mentioned on another post, because I am way too vested in this game). Idea 3) When it's nighttime in my park and I...
  23. deathmetalmike

    animal trading ui not working properly

    i have this weird stuff going on in my franchise mode. everytime i go into my animal trading menu, if i try to filter animals, price, age, or sex and try to buy them the ui is not responding a lot of times. if i see an animal i would like to buy i need to click at least 5 times for it to work...
  24. SKleer

    Some blurred UI in franchise mode and some overlap texts

    Hi devs! I really enjoy of your game! I waited it a long time :D But I'll enjoy it more if you fix some UI problems D: In franchise mode I have blurred UI for Animal Store and Animal Storage. Also blurred UI for challenge description in franchise mode. Also I attached "Crisp and Clean" for...
  25. A

    Only User Interface visible, black screen behind

    When I load up the game, the screen is black after the frontier logo, but the UI is visible and functioning. I can even get into a zoo, but everything behind the ui is black. I'm using a 2019 MacBook Pro with windows 10 installed via bootcamp. i9 processor, 32gb ram, Vega 20.
  26. S

    PC/VR Version - Didi Vatermann Workshop UI locking up

    I just unlocked Didi Vatermann's workshop and when I go into the workshop UI, I'm able to select my shield generator or one of my shield boosters. But once I do that, the UI locks up. I'm unable to select anything, not even the Back button. I have to exit to Desktop to get out of it. Does...

    Add ability to change game font without changing localization

    From a post in this forum, i found out, that the Russian version of Elite also comes with a very nice font for Latin text! https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/116450-Information-The-Galactic-Mapping-Project-amp-Expedition-Hub?p=7416634&viewfull=1#post7416634 I think it would be...
  28. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] New galaxy map overlay categories: Traffic volume & Risk level

    In a game where players are distributed fairly thinly across a gigantic play area, we need a way of determining where most players are (for lawful and outlaw purposes). This would result in more organic PvP scenarios which can currently be very hard to find unless you go to a CG, which can get...
  29. BinakAlgo

    Is there Hotkey to disable UI panels?

    Looking to my left to see the locations, contracts, contacts, and targets are great, same when looking at my right to see my modules, materials, etc. But when landing, looking for targets or just admiring the view of the galaxy it becomes annoying because I want to see through the window, not...
  30. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  31. Be4st

    Landing Camera UI

    Quite simple really, when you deploy landing gear, a UI interface for camera views around your ship appears. This allows you to land with precision, navigate rough terrain a little better and also allows you to see all hazards around your ship that may hinder your landing/takeoff. I know ships...
  32. Renesi

    For FDevs -- Elite:Localisation (Rus localisation fixes, Part II)

    Dear Frontier Developers, greetings from Russian E:D community! This is a second part of our Elite:Translation fix project. Since Part One we did a lot of work, so now we are ready and happy to present you a pretty huge amount of fixes. Some fixes are coming from onging beta (look Part one)...
  33. ElvisDumbledore

    Please add minor faction information to mission reward selection screen.

    The minor faction contact's picture and quote are shown but the minor faction itself is not. It would be very valuable to see my current reputation with the minor faction for whom I have just completed a mission. It would make it much easier to chose which reward to take. For example it is a...
  34. Dread Quixadhal

    More useful galaxy map.

    So, I sat down to play Elite today, on my xbox for a change, and quickly discovered that it was frustratingly difficult to tease any useful information out of the in-game map interface. When playing on the PC, we have quick and easy access to multiple third-party web sites to perform routine...
  35. T

    Sort or filter synthesis based on what we can actually use.

    It drives me mad having to scroll so far down for more limpets. Putting the useable synthesis options at the top would make things easier.
  36. Godsailsaqueen

    our ships finally feel high-tech !

    There's been an awakening... Have you felt it ? Not so long ago, in our galaxy, the 2nd most advanced tool of our time for general discovery and navigation was, after the scanner... A headlight. A very powerful headlight. Yeah. This is what the tech of our ships felt like, if we forget the...
  37. ElvisDumbledore

    [Feature Request] Full 360 panoramic view for flying. No Ship only UI.

    This is somethin that has seemed really obvious to me since the invention of VR. Why not completely remove all obstructions from the field of view? It is entirely practical and is done everyday by google maps cars. I'd love the feeling of flying with a completely unobstructed view.
  38. Thebadmf

    Please fix how information is presented in the transactions tab.

    I've finally spent some time running VIP missions and I have to say the presentation on information needs some work. Time left is not shown for VIP missions in the main transactions view; is this a bug? When we click through to the mission details, we have information in the wrong order...
  39. Lateralus

    [Multiple Suggestions] A selection of UI/HUD improvements

    Here's a few ideas on how to make the player-experience a little less frustrating. Usability 1. Secondary targeting reticle colour Make the targeting reticle for the secondary fire group the same colour as the secondary fire circle (blue by default). It's easy to mix up the reticles currently...
  40. D

    Plotting shortcuts and simple immersion idea.

    Hello FDevs! I wanted to make plotting suggestions regarding certain missions and emergency response RNG tool. As an FYI I currently play this game on PS4. Currently once we accept a mission there is a convenient button in the Transaction Tab in the mission description that takes us to the...
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