1. Pixelated Sparkster

    I think the vehicles could do with a few more tweaks.

    I feel as though the vehicles in the games require a bit of tweaking, here are my thoughts but let me know what you guys think as well: 1. The ranger vehicles could generate 2 NPCs that share the same models as the ranger gunner and driver. I think it will be really amusing to see the T-rex and...
  2. S

    Buildings & Attractions Easy Cheap DLC Concept "Specialist Operations" Skin Pack

    Part of this is due to a cousin who has the console version of the game (He was messing around and it took me a moment to recognize the ranger jeep he was using and some things that I would love to have that should be relatively easy to do since most of it is already in versions of the game...
  3. JenB

    Helicopter and Jeep skins

    So I just learned that there are way more skins out there than just the orange Helicopter and Jeep, but they're not only exclusive to pre-order, they're also exclusive to console! Every platform has it's OWN exclusive skin for pre-ordering, and honestly I think that's too much exclusion. No new...
  4. Cosmo

    We need More SRV types already!

    Examples Hover SRV for low g worlds Tank SRV base raids Repair SRV instead of guns have it have a weld beam or something, that can be good for explorers Cargo SRV, have it even require a double SRV slot, that can hold maybe up to 20 cargo or so. Add more ideas, let's get creative and then...
  5. kenwshmt

    Movietone News, battle at the ring.

    having no interest in getting killed, I parked way far away and watched for a while. 2 anacondas, 2 cobras anaconda vs lycon9 .. guess who won I would have called this a coordinated draw out attack if that were easy to do in this game, anaconda vs cobra, then a second anaconda shows up...
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