1. F

    Elite Dangerous coming to the Amiga!

    I'll just leave this here. Source:
  2. E

    Agency Earth Press

    Bonjour à tous, Je suis un joueur d'Elite depuis le plus jeune age et j'ai pour projet de créer des programmes vidéos interesssant en Role Play dans l'univers d'Elite et encore plus particulierement avec la nouvelle extension Odyssey. J'ai déja fait un mini documentaire sans prétention pour...
  3. C

    The Things I've Seen (v2)

  4. V

    Open & Honest Feedback

    Hello fellow Elite Dangerous players! I recently made a quick video on YT where i'm playing Elite Dangerous and I was simply wondering if I could get some completely honest feedback. I'm not asking for subs, I would just love to get some eyes on the video and to find out where I can improve...
  5. nickweb

    Guardian Groove - An Elite Dangerous music video

    Hello everyone! I'd like to share something I created called 'Guardian Groove' - It's a music piece I created using sounds captured from Guardian tech in-game, for which I also made a music video. I hope you enjoy it!
  6. Darkhands

    Ever wanted to listen to a good old fashioned radio show set in the Elite Dangerous universe? Now you can! This is MechanicMan - The Radio Show!

    The Lady in Red - Episode 8 - Back from Scrap Let's try something different this time! BossLadyB is the author of a fantastic audio narrative story set in the Elite universe titled The Lady in Red. Episode 8 features a certain mechanic we all know, so I thought I would dub my lines and do a...
  7. StuartGT

    Breaking News - Halloween Broadcast (Frontier video)

    Source: (starts at 5m12s) upload has been clipped to remove the "livestream starting soon" intro
  8. OnTheEdge

    General / Off-Topic leaked video: spanish Frontier developer talks about mining / PWS issue

    now we know whats going on! Source:
  9. Gofioman

    Primer Contacto con la Portanaves (Beta v2 PS4)

    Y primera sorpresa, hay una varada en Las Ruinas Guardián pero totalmente desactivada. Había que ir a fisgonear y se hizo. Típico de exploradores 😅 Source: Extraña concentración de Portanaves junto a una Estrella de Neutrones, lamentablemente no era...
  10. C

    Summer In The Darkness 3305 - Exploration Film

    Hello cmdrs! Check out my exploration film I made on a trip across the galaxy: O7 cmdr akerstache
  11. Morbad

    "The issue could not be loaded."

    Where do I go to report bugs with the bug tracker? Anyway, since I cannot report bugs where they are supposed to be reported, I am now going to start dumping them in this thread. Two to start off with... Multicrew gunner saving over helm weapon groups: Source...
  12. perafilozof

    Need critique on a tutorial video

    Hi all, while we wait for launch I made a tutorial about starting a new Zoo in the franchise mode and making it profitable at the start. Would you mind telling me how good it is so I can change it before games launch? From the description of the video: Source...
  13. Ascorbius

    El Scorbius the Pirate gets an insane fast Viper

    El Scorbius is a pirate, He's been working his piratey fingers to the bone in a Sidewinder to afford to get something better. By chance he catches the Hal Price show with a familiar guest. Before too long he's set himself a mission which will take him to the most unlikely of places with the...
  14. star57

    PvP Ganker gets Ganked

  15. StuartGT

    New video from Isinona: "Elite:Dangerous v3.3 - Hostile Environments (Flight Assist Off)"

  16. dreampage

    [Video] Distant Worlds 2 In Pictures

    Commanders, I present to you the video I wanted to create for a long time. It's a photo collection from my Distant Worlds 2 journey (Xbox One) but everyone can enjoy it outside of the expedition as well. I hope you like it. Fly safe. o7
  17. T

    PvP Don't tell me the odds - Elite Dangerous PvP

    Ravenwing Marauders vs The Galaxy Part One Enjoy bois! Source:
  18. Linceo

    Vuelta de los clásicos: Isinona

    No juego hace meses pero no quiere decir que no siga la evolución del ED. Un clásico de vuelta.
  19. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Distant Ganks 2 Promo Vid

    Produced by Dingo Six.
  20. imaner76

    Distant Worlds II Event 4 hours and 42 mins of Fleetcomm Comm and video from imaner76

    Yesterday was such fun, to all of you that made fleetcomm comms funny and entertaining many thanks! Can I get a Mike check?
  21. P

    Newcomer / Intro Introducing the Homage to the Robigo Run Music Video Enjoy everyone

    check my latest creation out a fun Music video with Lucas inspired enhancement :-) hehehhe enjoy and share would love to get feedback and I may make some more
  22. NW3

    ED has a cameo

    This is an interesting documentery on "The Strangest Star In The Universe" and ED has a cameo role*. There are a couple of ED shots in the film, at 1:02 and 6:07. *
  23. B

    Media for PlanCo (Audio, Video, Pictures)

    Hello everyone i make this post to Share found Media for Planco Sounds Music and co. For Fairytale i have this Soundtrack found Audiomchine - Tree of Life
  24. B

    What Graphics card do you recommend?

    Title says it all. I have 16gb ram and a intel i5 processor. Do you recommend the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 2GB Windforce Graphic Card (GV-N1050WF2OC-2GD)?
  25. Justinian Octavius

    Community Event / Creation TSS News Service

    If the Powerplay Maintenance Update happens alongside Beyond Chapter 4 we are toying with the idea of doing a Powerplay news service/cycle update video for our group and the wider Elite Dangerous community. To practice, and to test feasibility, we are currently attempting a largely development...
  26. Daish

    Audio & Video Warnings

    When accepting missions with a risk of pirate attack it would be nice to (instead of) getting a message in the top left of the screen warning of impending doom, that the supplier of the mission appears with a audio video warning of the same impending doom. The top left corner of the cockpit has...
  27. spatula

    Community Event / Creation Elite Dangus: Lost in Colonia

    Captain Spatula returns, and he's spent months in Colonia, lollygagging about on a well earned vacation, but in the process, he's lost something very important, and will have to track it down before he can continue his mystery hunting...
  28. Cocalarix

    [Video] Elite Atmospherics 2 by CMDR Bungle Bear

    Original post by CMDR Bungle Bear (Mat Recardo) here.
  29. J

    Newcomer / Intro Just a fun watch. Turn flight assist off?

    This is just for the sake of a quiet nod and a chuckle. Also - Someone took notes in class I guess? - Because Science :)
  30. M

    Community Event / Creation Short film: The Game Has Changed Hi there, I have long had the idea of this meditative film, and, finally, after a while I'm happy to introduce it. I hope you will enjoy. Get ready: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
  31. Punished Mobius

    Persecution Of The Masses. (Video) The Music used is "Black Mass" A remix of "Persecution Of The Masses" from the movie 'Shin Godzilla' by the channel SuperTohoRemix Lyrics (yes it is actually in English) "Persecution of the Masses" "Sacred blessings count for nothing" "Oh god give us your...
  32. M

    360 Video

    Maybe someone here has an idea. I was in a discussion on an E:D facebook page and the idea of videos and VR came up. It got me wondering if it's possible to do a 3D 360 video of the game for others to watch, at the very least as a demo, before they decide if they want to pull the trigger on an...
  33. Yamiks

    [video] Top 5 best looking ships Feel free to share your own list down below!
  34. PSR250874

    Community Event / Creation Tribute for Two Brits: Starshine (Elite/Sunshine)

    Hello everyone! Commander Taygeta here. I didn't know where to put this, so here you go.. As a movie buff and a space geek, a little time ago I had an idea to join beautiful visuals of Elite: Dangerous (star visuals, to be more exact) and music from one of my favourite movie soundtracks...
  35. J

    [VIDEO] THE DOOR (short movie)

    I made short movie about Thargoids ... I hope, you will like it. :)
  36. Greytest

    Community Event / Creation Elite YuleTube Christmas Project

    Dear Commanders, i am super excited to finally announce Elite YuleTube! Update: The Project is underway! Here is the link to the YouTube Playlist containing all videos:
  37. AdriánGuth

    Día tranquilo
  38. Ascorbius

    Community Event / Creation What do you feed guardians? Triple Thargoids that's what :)

    I posted this video last week, but I'd forgotten (don't hate me) to post in here. So I hope you enjoy it and let's petition FDev to give us real drive through burger vendors.
  39. M. Volgrand

    Todo parecía pacífico...

    Hudson Observatory estaba tranquilo aquel día. Muchos comandantes reparando sus naves y dando los últimos ajustes antes de partir a investigar los Targoides, rescatar cápsulas de escape.... o lo que sea que hicieran. Hudson era un pequeño remanso de paz en la gran zona de batalla que era HIP...
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