1. C

    hosas adapter

    thinking of switching to hosas. Would like to use twist axis on L stick as throttle and saw in a thread somewhere an adapter to angle the stick over at about a 45deg angle so that the twist is nearer to a motorcycle throttle than straight vertical. Can't find it anywhere now that I'm looking...
  2. Dragoniel

    32 buttons limit per piece of hardware

    Currently there is an issue that the game supports only 32 keybinds per device. Most high end throttles and joysticks provide WAY more buttons, switches, rotaries and toggles than that and this problem is getting worse and worse - for instance current generation of VIRPIL hardware is unusable in...
  3. Souvarine

    Hardware & Technical Virpil HOTAS - getting it working

    I managed to order the Virpil throttle, Mongoos T50 base and Constellation Delta stick on a rare occasion they had stock [big grin] Getting it sorted is no mean feat, so it was suggested that I share the experience here. I would add screenshots but for some reason I can't. This forum is so...
  4. M

    Request for more than 32 buttons (Virpil throttle)

    Is there any chance that an update would get rid of the DX6 limit of 32 buttons per controller? Having just received a Virpil throttle, this needs 48. More people are likely to hit this problem.
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