1. Harkin Ryder

    Dark/unexplored regions GalMap marker

    Hello, Can we have the visited regions/systems be highlighted using the galaxy Power Play "controlled", bubble-like markers? I think this would give deep-space explorers better visibility, and could help us increase that small percentage of (0.036%) visited systems, faster. This would be...
  2. Old Duck

    Clearing My Save - What Do I KEEP?

    I'm strongly considering clearing my save data on my main CMDR account. IIRC, this is like starting the game over from scratch, but I'm assuming I do keep the following: * Purchased cosmetics * First discovery and first mapped tags What I'm not sure about are these: * Bookmarks * Codex...
  3. H

    Galaxy map, visited

    Hi. Instead of having the 'visited systems' as a tab on its own, could we get it just as a button to toggle on/off when using the other filters such as star class? On that note, it would be nice to be able to sort systems by weight in the same way you can sort by population.
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