voice attack

  1. Indiana Beeblebrox

    I am once again asking for your support

    Hello, fellow CMDRs! I just got an X52 Pro (the one from Logitech), I got voice atttack, A.S.T.R.A. voice pack, headphones and a decent mic plugged into an external sound card so that I can have a cleaner experience with my voice assistant. I'm good to go, you might say! Except that I found...
  2. CarlitoCool

    VA - K.I.C.S. Setup Help | Keybindings

    Hello Commanders, So I recently wanted to give VA (VoiceAttack) and try with the KICS voice pack. Installation was successful and I was able to import the voice profile. Now, I might be wrong, but it is my understanding that most of the commands should be set up already? Commands such as...
  3. M

    Discussion WIP - [Voice Attack] Elite Dangerous Database

    Hey everyone. I've started creating a database in Voice Attack. The aim is to be able to ask your ships computer about a specific event/item/faction etc, that you can encounter ingame. The source of all the information is the Elite Dangerous Wiki. Now, this is a work in progress, as such you'll...
  4. V

    Voice Attack command causes game screen to jump back to Steam main screen

    I have HCS Voicepacks and the EDDI add on which is opened at the same time as the HCS Singularity Voice pack inside of VA. It all gets recognized and passed with green dots alongside. In the game, all commands are recognized and EDDI provides data (I don't issue EDDI commands and there are only...
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