1. Arch3rAc3

    [Plead] Devs, can you please enable the voice comms effects again?

    Something - which perhaps many of the newer Xbox players are not aware of - is that ED has a very immersive voice comms effects for player-to-player communication, being very close to how ISS-Ground or typical Apollo-Houston communications in real life sound(ed) like - which is also a bit like...
  2. S

    Release Automatic waypoint planner python/voice attack script

    I made a python script that reads lines from a text file where I put all the waypoints in that I want to navigate. This is handy for those that ride the Neutron Highway espescially while in VR! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6naJ8Lr3aLU&feature=youtu.be Pastebin of the python script I...
  3. S

    Release Voice attack can not enter search field in galaxy map (HOTAS)

    I'm trying to build a script that reads a text file and line by line to automatically feed waypoints, for example to plan a neutron highway route. Now the scripting is not a problem (I use Python to copy the text and delete the line). However, pasting the text in the search box in the galaxy map...
  4. Henoch

    FD - Please give us a female German voice!

    Dear developers and programmers at FD, the majority of the German speaking community is very unhappy with "Gerhard", the German COVAS voice. Most of us have tried it and very soon switched back to the voices we were used to. "Gerhard" is a very old-fashioned name and the voice itself reminds...
  5. BinakAlgo

    James Faulkner as COVAS voice

    A little more than a year ago I played this game called "The Turing Test" where the voice of the character T.O.M., an Artificial Intelligence, is played by James Faulkner. I just totally loved that voice for a computer, can FD hire him to record some lines and become a COVAS voice? I'll the...
  6. ScolioTheMost

    Independent Raxxla Hunters!

    Hey all, I created a simple discord just for all the Independent Raxxla Hunters out there. We can at very least keep ourselves from going insane in the void. No membership required we are not an organization We are not affiliated with any organization or faction All are welcome If...
  7. C

    Galnet voice volume? Quiet and inaudible? Bug?

    I’m docked in some little engineering station. When I listen to the galnet reader in the cockpit the voice is very quiet, very echoey and basically inaudible. When I listen to it from the actual galnet page iI can’t hear it at all. I wiped the audio settings, tried boost, overdrive the sliders...
  8. robbyp

    EDDiscovery - Exploration Tool for PC Users. Journal, 3dMap, Voice

    This thread is about using EDD for exploration. See the player tools thread for support. ED Discovery is a Windows Application which assists you in piloting in the Elite Dangerous universe. Started by Commander Finwen, it has been greatly expanded in the last few years by a team of programmers...
  9. EWanderer

    "Bootleg" Corvas Versions

    So Corvas. There are a bunch of voices for them and although I didn't feel like picking up one for money yet. This might change if we get a nice addition to the pack: An Alternative Version, that emphasises "Friendshipdrive" for FSD. It should be come free with any bougth Voice pack and you get...
  10. B

    Setting up advanced Voice Commands (Execute Another Command not working)

    I actually want to re-edit the title to "Setting up custom Voice Attack commands alongside KICS". I got a bunch of commands in another profile. However, some of these aren't overriding KICS' default command profile (such as saying "weapons", I want it to set all pips to weapons, not pull out my...
  11. Commander Eclair Farron

    The Legend of the lost Language

    I noticed that the Game is completly in german which is no problem for me but hearing Dr. Ian Malcom in German just fells wrong. So, I kindly ask, if you guys could add the possibility to choose the preferred language for Voice-Over and the Text. Thank you.
  12. Arch3rAc3

    Voice Comms Filters - can we have it back? Devs, please answer :3

    Not sure if newer console players remember, but for a while after ED has been launched for Xbox we used to have a pretty realistic audio effect/filter for in-game voice comms. After a certain update, this has been removed (without any concrete explanation), therefore if you try talking to...
  13. B

    Discussion Free Voice Attack Profile for BlueKnight_VR

    I am releasing my voice attack profile that has been designed for VR and will be expanding further as time goes by, hopefully with everyone's input. This is a custom voice attack profile that was designed for Virtual Reality (based on some ideas from Malic_VR). The voice attack profile is...
  14. T

    Chris Hadfield COVAS

    Not much else to explain here. I think a COVAS voiced by Chris Hadfield would be awesome.
  15. dreampage

    Will COVAS be paid content?

    One of the most awaited things in the 3.0 update (for me at least) is the new male ship voice (COVAS) that we can equip on the livery screen. Now, the only thing I've missed so far is this: will we have to buy the new voice pack from the store, or will it be in the game automatically? I know...
  16. Ramsey Sparrow

    Quality of Life improvements List (cockpit)

    Hud Toggle There's a 'hack' shortcut to toggle ship's hud on and off. It would be great to see this available in options as a dedicated, mappable key, as well as giving the toggle a little sound akin to ship's lights. Elite's hud is quite chunky even when dimmed down, so it's a function I find...
  17. O

    While Working On C&P: Please Add Radio Chatter For Fines & Bounties! (see desc plz)

    (as posted posted on reddit, suggested I post here) SO, I’ve managed to talk a couple friends from other games into playing ED and we are all having a blast! One thing we noted was in the event you harm a ship and generate either a fine or bounty, it’s not always readily apparent you’ve made a...
  18. ZakNaZul

    Universal limpets

    I know there is already exists post like this, but still... ATM we have: Prospector limpet Collector limpet Hatchbreaker limpet Recon limpet Fuel transfer limpet Decontamination limpet Repair limpet Research limpet And for some of those limpets even have engineering blueprints. So i have a...
  19. Snowy Fox

    Unique Default COVAS for Different Ship Manufacturers

    In the stream this evening, a rather nice surprise addition was revealed in the form of customisable "COVAS," as it was referred to, or the voice of a ship's computer. In addition to the familiar "Verity," a new voice, "Victor," was introduced. Judging by what was said by Ed Lewis and Sandro...
  20. Olivia Vespera

    Flight Traffic Controller play at attacked stations. Come join!

    I've kinda had a dream of playing as flight control for a station. If I could make a separate game in the ED franchise that connected it would be one that allowed people to play as flight controllers and manage folks at the busiest stations in the game.That's not going to happen anytime soon and...
  21. C

    Menu Movement and positions

    I, like so many others, use VoiceAttack with Elite Dangerous. I have loved, LOVED how Frontier has their station menu loops. For example. If your in your ship, and you hold your "UI UP" button, what happends? It moves to the top--then STAYS there. If you release the button, and press up...
  22. LuxAeterna

    Release Voice Attack Panels - Beta

    Summary: Users can create interactive panels to use via web browser or HTTP compatible software in most tablets, phones and touch enabled devices through Voice Attack. PROJECT IS BETA The original post is almost a year old and I didn't find a thread in the ED forums for it. I think it's a...
  23. cnschulz

    Obsidian Orbital voice *female*

    Gday, I was under the impression Obsidian Ant voiced the dock at Obsidian Orbital. On my console there is a female voice. Have I misconfigured something or have I been trolled?
  24. A

    General / Off-Topic Eurogamer 2013

    Dear all, are Frontier going to be at Eurogamer 2013? I just ask as I would make the effort if they were
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