1. Griff Rogers

    EDDiscovery VoicePack Scan speech - limit to DSS only?

    I am running EDDiscovery with Elite Dangerous on Windows PC. I installed the VoicePack (version 12.3.3), and am trying to figure out if I can turn the scan speech off for FSS system scans, but still have it on for DSS probe scans. When it runs for FSS scans too, a quick system scan of a couple...
  2. Spaceman Si

    Newcomer / Intro HCS VoicePack Keybinds Setup

    No doubt there is an obvious answer to this which I have missed or over-thought, so bear with me.... I have gotten an HCS voice pack (well, two, actually). I have set up Voice Attack and trained it. I have a functioning jolly nice headset and microphone. I have installed the Voice Packs into...
  3. S

    Release Voice attack can not enter search field in galaxy map (HOTAS)

    I'm trying to build a script that reads a text file and line by line to automatically feed waypoints, for example to plan a neutron highway route. Now the scripting is not a problem (I use Python to copy the text and delete the line). However, pasting the text in the search box in the galaxy map...
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