1. C

    Occasional stuttering with Rift S

    I was wondering if anyone could help. In the last week I've started having problems with stutters while using my rift s. It happens approximately every 20 or 30 seconds and is quite a jarring experience. I've been monitoring GPU usage and frame time and every time there is a frame time spike...
  2. Old Duck

    Lasers are killing my framerate!

    I'm trying my first combat zones since switching to VR, and as soon as enough NPCs start shooting their lasers, my framerate just tanks. It's like a slideshow, which is not fun in VR. I've tried reducing all the "hungry" graphic settings to no avail. When the battle is over and it's just NPCs...
  3. Old Duck

    Best day and time for CQC

    Now that I have VR, I'm actually finding CQC to be enjoyable. Problem is that often there's nobody around to match with. What are the best times (use game time) and days to find other players in 2020? I prefer Team Deathmatch, though I'm not looking to join an official squadron. That's not to...
  4. N

    VR + Reshade ... Like Insomnia Profile

    Hello, I just see this Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkn6DcuafVc :Elite Dangerouswith Reshade Insomnia FX Profile... Is it possible to have this result now ? Thank you !
  5. D

    vr problem

    Yesterday I updated my graphics card and the oculus rift s, after that I opened Beat Saber and the frames were at 10- 50 and the avg 32, and for some reason I can't open the oculus menu before the update's I didn't have any issues GTX 1080 Version 441.66 i7-4790k 16 GB RAM Sorry if there is...
  6. K

    General / Off-Topic Auschwitz-Birkenau Historical VR Reconstruction

    We have started work on a project in which we use new VR technology in combination with history. We hope that thanks to the modern approach to history, we will encourage young people to learn about it. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Historical VR Reconstruction...
  7. Old Duck

    Some graphics settings questions for new VR guy

    I went ahead and ordered a Rift S on sale, so now I have some questions. I doubt I'll be able to keep my ultra settings for VR, so what settings can I scale back without greatly diminishing the visual quality? Worded another way, which settings are GPU intensive but don't really add that much to...
  8. Old Duck

    VR Space Legs

    I'm seriously considering the Rift S if a good sale can be found come Black Friday. One of the things swaying me in this direction is VR "space legs" in Elite Dangerous, as demonstrated by Obsidian Ant in the video below. I know it's a simple thing, but to be able to walk around my bridge to...
  9. Alec Turner

    Game Discussions Top 10 Best Oculus Rift Games (2019)

    https://www.roadtovr.com/top-5-best-oculus-rift-games-for-oculus-touch-and-gamepad/ Bloody hell, this is a first - I basically agree with the entire list (apart from Trover Saves The Universe which I hadn't heard of). OK, so Elite: Dangerous could have been in the Honorable mentions at least...
  10. StarLightPL

    Valve has spoken

    Source: https://twitter.com/valvesoftware/status/1196566870360387584
  11. Ashnak

    Doctor Who - The Edge Of Time

    I haven't even bought The Outer Worlds yet, and now this: https://www.doctorwho.tv/news/?article=a-fully-interactive-doctor-who-vr-game-the-edge-of-time-is-arriving-in-september#_ Out now on Steam (among others).
  12. N

    Simple VR Keyboard idea

    Hello guys, first post here I don't know if Devs often come read suggestion but I want to give it a try. I'm sure many of you had this idea pop in their head too maybe the dev themselves but it cannot be done ? Anyway here's my idea at an ingame keyboard for VR users : Have an...
  13. H

    Graphics settings keeps reseting

    I am experiencing some problems with VR, wanted to make sure this is not only me: My graphics settings for the screen mirror keeps reseting. In game I change it to be full screen, 1920 * 1080, which works fine. After I open the game again, while launching the game starts in full screen and then...
  14. Mad Mike

    Asguards wrath... The new VR benchmark?

    https://nordic.ign.com/asgards-wrath-pc/30056/review/asgards-wrath-review Not got it yet but looks and sounds fantastic
  15. D

    Text chat in VR.. how?

    I play with a HTC Vive pro in VR ( and love it) but I have never found a good solution for text chatting in VR. I have some half- solutions using speech to text in Voiceattack but nothing is really satisfactory. This limits player interactions, as it's voice chat or nothing, many people...
  16. Packo Jacko

    VR request on PS4

    Hi CMDT's, this is a call for FD to make a final effort to make the Playstation 4 version compatible to its VR headsets. The reasons are simple and few, two: 1- NMS and other games have shown that it is possible to show complex graphics. 2- I play on PC with a GForce 760 card and a DK2, the...
  17. Karlos Ploryman

    Key bindings and cocpit menus (newly a VR player)

    Hello commanders! I came back to playing Elite after quite a long break (approx 2 years)... I play with Vive VR headset. I use a keyboard and joystick (old habits, I just cant get used to hotas) Ingame cocpit menus have changed significantly, but IMHO they are still lacking in a way...
  18. Woodles

    Elite: Dangerous will not let me change my frame rate limit to 120 Hz in VR for my Valve Index

    My problem is pretty mych entirely in the title. I recently got a Valve index which is capable of 80, 90, 120, and 144 Hz refresh rates. I put my Index into 120 Hz mode, but the setting "Frame Rate Limit" in Elite: Dangerous is locked at 90Hz while in VR. There are options which can be selected...
  19. A

    Odyssey Plus with ED has injured my eyes

    Hi All, An observation/cautionary advice. Hopefully, it's just affected me and no-one else. The plus side up front is that, now I've stopped with the O+ and ED, after about 3 weeks, my eyes have mostly recovered, although I'm back at the Opticians tomorrow to see if there maybe any lasting...
  20. Old Duck

    PSVR for PC

    Now that I'm joining the PC ranks, I'm entertaining the idea of someday playing around with VR. I once owned a PSVR headset, and I actually liked it, but I ended up returning it due to dead pixels. I didn't replace it because the PS4 just isn't powerful enough to do VR correctly IMO. However, a...
  21. H

    How do I start Elite Dangerous from SteamVR?

    I bought Elite Dangerous from Steam. When I first tried to start the game, I got a message to link my Steam account to my Frontier account, so I created the latter and got that done. Now, when I start Elite Dangerous (using "Play in VR" from Steam), I first get a popup about a CD key "that I...
  22. Toumal

    VR has become unplayable

    Hey, I used to play ED without issue for years in VR. Now that I checked back in after a few months, and recently got a Valve Index, I thought I'd fire up ED again. It's unplayable. I get hitches roughly every 2 seconds. Using the frame timing debugger, it looks like it's the game, not SteamVR...
  23. vinnieboJ

    Roomscale VR Walking Tours, a must see!

    So I recently started to follow this Person after one of his video's popped up on my recommended page. Basically he does quite in-depth roomscale 'Spacelegs' VR tours of the different ships, poking his head through doors and other things to give you a good look at the ship, both inside and...
  24. R

    Want to play via Steam, in VR, but not through SteamVR

    The TL;DR to this is that I got the game on Steam and would like it to remain there but launch it (in VR) though the Oculus API solely and NOT have to use SteamVR when playing. Nobody has yet found this to be possible but Frontier DO have an Oculus version so there has to be a way to run it like...
  25. M

    Basic VR support

    A few people already requested VR support for Planet Zoo and I am yet another one that is requesting it, imagine how cool it would be to watch above your virtual zoo in VR and all of it will look like a tiny and cool model of a mini zoo until you zoom in and watch your animals up close in VR as...
  26. Viajero

    Star Wars VR Series: Vader Immortal Episode I

    Holy fracking biowaste How has this gone below my radar until now? https://www.oculus.com/vader-immortal/?locale=en_US Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc3ej0tc3a8 It was released recently, and just decided to take the plunge. Absolutely amazing. A very real Star Wars experience in...
  27. Arioch

    Additional VR comfort option for SRV turret telepresence

    The only thing in VR that starts to gently press my chunder-button is when my Point Of View is rotationally moved without any corresponding head movement (or without a stable framing cockpit) - unfortunately in Elite Dangerous, this happens in the SRV turret view. Slewing the view around whilst...
  28. horizone

    Seamless sitting and standing

    Many of us VR players use some form of HOTAS and obviously sit down to play Elite but many first-person VR games uses standing in the centre of the VR playarea as the main way to play and in this standing scenario you usually walk forward with the stick and the world moves around you and you...
  29. B

    Frustrating Rift S tracking issues

    I'm having a ridiculously frustrating issue in Elite Dangerous with the Rift S (using a GTX 1080) to the point where I'm considering returning it. The view keeps going grey and then resetting so my head is in my lap and I have to keep using the xbox controller to reset the view back to normal...
  30. Relvor

    Help me choose my first HMD, Info inside

    Hi, I am considering to buy my first HMD for ED since I've heard a lot of good things about the experience. I cannot decide on a model, so maybe you guys can help me out. In terms of performance vs quality vs price I am looking for a well rounded compromise. Please consider the following for my...
  31. Morgan Grimes

    LOW-FI (VR cyberpunk game from Technolust devs)

    Kickstarter and demo coming soon apparently, have to say it certainly looks pretty good to me.
  32. S

    VIDEO PROOF - the poor performance / frame skipping / lag spike / hitching / stuttering issue - NOT JUST RELATED TO POST FX SETTING!!!

    Finally, I have video proof of these horrible frame-skips / lag spikes. Many people, including myself, have tolerated these for a long time, and I certainly noticed them as soon as I started playing the game several months ago. But they were never quite as bad or frequent before the new April...
  33. Patrice_From_CA

    April 2019 update has broken VR experience.

    Same station, same ship, same config for months now. I play elite in VR with my CV1 between 2 at 3 hours a day and now since the new update the VR experience has become totally unplayable. I tried to reset everything but even with the VR low config is a total garbage and unplayable. It seems a...
  34. S

    What the hell has just happened to the performance??? Halved framerate from April Update?

    Logged on today, like literally every other day, to face unprecedented performance issues. Barely scraping 55fps in VR. Absolutely, undeniably unplayable. So the April update has broken something. Any playtime within 'normal space' is jittery as hell. Supercruise, less so, but all gameplay now...
  35. rhiz

    The future of VR in Elite:Dangerous

    Hi all – I’ve had a nagging concern for the future of VR support in ED for a while. It started with David’s rather discouraging but not entirely inaccurate comments regarding VR generally, and was only exacerbated by some of the recent updates in which VR felt like something of an afterthought...
  36. SenseiMatty

    Issue Tracker: FSS bug in VR not showing planets and moons orbit lines

    I've created an entry in the new Issue Tracker Form for the missing orbit lines in VR in the FSS interface. Please go and vote if you have the same issue: Issue Tracker Report I've already made a post and bug report in the last few weeks so if you missed it, this is all about: FSS no VR (orbit...
  37. BinakAlgo

    How to listen to radio stations from the rift?

    The question is as simple as that. I've finally got tired of the music (or lack of) so I wanted to listen to Radio Sidewinder and found out that while I was able to hear it in the "oculus room", it was shut off once I started Elite. Can anyone help me with the solution?
  38. Kushiel's Dart

    VR - is there a difference?

    I'm wondering how much difference I'd notice by upgrading my gear. I'm using an i-7-7700 280Ghz with 4 cores, 16GB's of RAM and a 1050 (yes a 1050, not a 1050ti) graphics card. The game's installed on an SSD drive. I'm using a Windows Mixed Reality Headset (Dell). This on a laptop which will not...
  39. khelek_ac

    VR en PS4

    Saludos comandantes o7 He estado buscando información pero no me ha quedado nada claro. Juego a Elite en PS4 y quería saber si alguien juega con las gafas VR para que me dé su opinión. Estoy pensando en comprar unas, pero no sé si merecen la pena. ¿Está la versión de PS4 de Elite optimizada...
  40. Ozram

    Spacelegs is a pipe dream.

    You’re not really planning on it, are you, FD? You’ve built no assets for it. There is no consistency in ship builds to suggest they were built with that in mind. Behind the doorways, there’s just an empty hull with the exception of things we can all see, like the SRV and SLF bays, and...
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