1. Cosmo

    What Features do you want for Space Legs in The Next Era?

    The upcoming expansion The Next Era probably has space legs according to the leaks (December 2020). So what kind of features would you like to see? Here's a wish list: Hunt wild alien creatures (gives materials, can be sold for credits) First person style shooter and melee combat Battle human...
  2. dogsolitude_uk

    Space Legs: what exactly would we use them for?

    When I first saw the initial pitches for Elite: Dangerous, and saw the idea of being able to walk around in your ship bandies about, my initial reaction was "cool"! It sounded brilliant, as I've always fancied pacing up and down the corridors of my own vast starship. But the more I thought...
  3. Cosmo

    Zac Antonaci Hints that Space Legs is Coming in 2019

    Zac Antonaci hinted that space legs DLC is coming in 2019: "this does mark some exciting next steps and a continued commitment to the long term vision for the game and our community. " When Wolvie asked about what comes next Zac responded: "I hope you enjoy the next leg of the journey."...
  4. Confidenze

    Release Inside of Frontier Ships

    Dear Frontier. I have some spare time on my hands, and would like to make a simulation of what the spaceships from your game would look like inside. Since I don't have access to design in the Cobra engine, I consider doing a design in the Unreal4 engine. :cool: Would you mind terribly if someone...
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