1. A

    Is Planet Coaster abandoned?

    Since the last DLC almost one year old I am curious that the devs diceded to abandon this iteration of the game and focus elswhere? It seems very likely in my opinon, but I am dissapointed a bit - I hoped for a Soaked! type DLC very badly, and I am sure that so many others feel the same way. I'd...
  2. A

    Marine Mania and show elements? Just some suggestions, wishes according to the game engine itself.

    Dear Frontier! Planet Zoo has a reworked water body compared to Planet Coaster's simple water layer, it now has an actual underwater body, I didn't test yet that it also have fluid mechanics (for exampla: if I delete the barrier the water will gush out), but according to this feature my hope...
  3. M

    Visual improvements on water

    I really love how the game looks overall, but in my opinion, water is seriously lacking compared to everything else. I think the main reason is the lack of caustics. I've noticed there is something resembling caustics in the game if you watch closely but it's barely noticeable. It's one of...
  4. S

    Need help for placing water (e.g. Silvarret's Japanese Macaque Habitat)

    Hey guys! I need help with placing water because I cannot find a solution for the problem. I have had it with a few situations already, but the most recent I have with Silvarret's Japanese Macaque Habitat. I downloaded the park and took the habitat out of it to put it in my franchise zoo. So far...
  5. Kitherit

    (SOLVED) Keepers don't clean terraformed pools?

    I haven't done much (virtually nothing) with terraforming yet, but when the cheetah challenge came up I decided to make 5 identical habitats to mass breed cheetahs. Even though cheetahs don't require water, I decided to add a small pool in the middle of each of their habitats. It's fun for me to...
  6. J

    Let multiple Water Treatment Facilities treat one body of water!

    I had a great idea for a park (image attached), to have a large river with boats riding through, and many habitats with semiaquatic animals alongside it. Dealing with the large water volume can be a pain but it was worth the result, however after only 2 habitats I noticed occasional popups of...
  7. A

    Water area remains 0

    no matter how much terrain i push and fill with water when i put my hippos in an enclosure it states 0 water area ... confused
  8. L

    Dynamic water in landscape editing

    It seems Planet Zoo does not behave the same as Planet Coaster and JWE when it comes to water in the landscape. In Planet Zoo when you add water to the landscape this becomes a fixed feature, updating the landscape elevation around it does not make the existing water adapt to the new landscape...
  9. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Deep Water (provided with images to showcase how it could work)

    The general idea is to have Deep Water implemented as a new feature via Landscaping tools, with a rather complicated explanation as to how it could work in-game using images for further demonstration. I've noticed that some people would like to see deep water in the game, sometimes for swimming...
  10. Chris11

    Turntables at the waterways Example white at the water roller coaster that you can turn the car

    hi I would find turntables cool at the waterways Example white at the water roller coaster, that you can turn the car :) Sorry my Englisch is not good
  11. D

    New Explorable Content

    Before I begin I know this is a far fetched idea as of now, but keep your minds open to the concept and imagine what it would actually feel like in game. As you all may know, Elite: Dangerous Horizons was one of the major factors of Elite Dangerous's success besides the fact it was one of the...
  12. fishgotnosole

    MRV's - Good Idea?

    (Snivelling apologies if this is deemed the wrong place for this to be posted, Admins) I spotted this on my twitter feed, from this account: Alas I cannot take the credit for this brainwavium. I thought it was a rather cool idea. Then I wondered what CMDR's here might think? A marine roving...
  13. M

    ELW´s and Water Worlds now and what perhaps rather should be at athmospheric landing-expansion

    Seems odd that border line between breathable air for humans seems to be between Water Worlds (without terraforming ofc) and Earth-likes, would there really be no water or even icy/athmospheric (barren with water) rocky planets out there that have breathable air? Though I have found at least...
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