1. T

    Waypoints, bookmark categories, locking routes

    A few very simple and easy-to-implement features that would make exploring and traveling long distances much easier: Waypoints. People have been suggesting this for years. There's no reason this can't be implemented this year. Bookmark categories. I'd like to be able to categorize (e.g. with...
  2. Rick Bravo

    Make the Galaxy Map VR friendly and one more suggestion

    The Galaxy map is great on desktop but it is complete rubbish in VR. You can't type the name of systems in VR (unless you are a master typist who can type blind) because there is no virtual keyboard. This tech exists already in many games and would be easy to implement in ED. It would make the...
  3. A

    Ability to turn off star lines in Galaxy Map without disabling jet cone boost - Quality of Life fix

    Please, we have the option to turn off the grid in the Galaxy Map, so can't you add one to turn off the green star lines? When you have a long range ship it becomes a real mess. I can't see the colours of the systems nearby due to all the green lines. I really don't see the purpose in having...
  4. T

    Release Possible to Get "HAST Elite Assistant" working, or an alternative?

    I've been trying to find another route planner that shows you WAYPOINTS for ED. (Still hoping for a Waypoint system in game in the Galaxy Map, as I know MANY are as well). I DO like https://ed.miggy.org/routes/ a lot, but wanted something more like HAST. I tried using it, not realizing it...
  5. StefanOS

    AKTUELLE Forum Regeln - LINK!

    Hallo! Bitte beachtet die NEUEN Forum Regeln die seit den 20. Februar 2015 gelten!! LINK ZUM THREAD MIT DEN NEUEN FORUM REGELN IN ENGLISCH Hier einpaar wichtige Punkte die oft falsch gemacht werden! es gibt eine genaue Begrenzungen zur maximalen Größe der Signatur! Das verwenden von...
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