1. Random Player

    Ships Which is Better? Confused a Bit.

    Hello I am having a hard time deciding on this build and wondering what would be better, even Resistances for my shields or basically ignoring the Resistances and tanking it for as many Mj in the shields as I can get? If you look at the pictures below... in one pic, I have pretty even...
  2. Random Player

    Newcomer / Intro Which is Better?

    Hello I am having a hard time deciding on this build and wondering what would be better, even Resistances for my shields or basically ignoring the Resistances and tanking it for as many Mj in the shields as I can get? If you look at the pictures below... in one pic, I have pretty even...
  3. Random Player

    Which is Better?

    Hello I am having a hard time deciding on this build and wondering what would be better, even Resistances for my shields or basically ignoring the Resistances and tanking it for as many Mj in the shields as I can get? If you look at the pictures below... in one pic, I have pretty even...
  4. Random Player

    Ships DPS on Multi-Cannon

    Hello Can someone tell me, is the DPS on a multi-cannon per round or per group of rounds per second? So, is each bullet hitting the target doing 22.1 DPS, or each second, the mass of bullets has done 22.1 DPS? Make sense. I can't find an answer to this. Maybe it's obvious but not to me :unsure...
  5. SergMx

    Engineers Imp Hammer and Feedback Cascade

    How does this combination work ? (will damage the shield cell bank and reduce shield cell restoration) 1. Only the first hit out of 3 is taken into account ? 2. Every hit is taken into account ? 3. For the effect to manifest itself, it is necessary to hit with all three cartridges ?
  6. val57rus

    Гаусс-пушка (доп.мод. Plasma-slug)

    Здравствуйте. Вопросы к опытным пилотам: Гаусс-пушка (plasma-slug) расход топлива на выстрел, где посмотреть? Исходя из вышеуказанного, влияет ли основные модификации (увеличенная дальность, увеличенный бк и т.д.) на расход топлива на выстрел? Теперь пояснения: Провел эксперимент на...
  7. Old Duck

    Invisible Lasers

    I would love a special effect that makes lasers invisible. Technically lasers should be invisible in the vacuum of space anyway, but these could be infrared or ultraviolet. It might not do much with PvE, but for my PvP stealth build, I would enjoy having this SE. Just a thought! While we're on...
  8. Acen ONYX

    Game Discussions How about a vehicular-based "driving sim"..? Autoduel/Car Wars vs Mad Max, futuristic post-modern / post-nuke(?) etc, but set in UK?

    Presuming the engine behind Elite:Dangerous (incl missions) could potentially be used, with obvious modification (from 3DoF to land-based, driving 2DoF) -- ie not just taking the SRV surface roving mechanic -- I could imagine the POTENTIAL to have a "driving+guns" sim, along the lines of the...
  9. Klemyr

    Weapon Re-balance for "New Era" update... may be?

    Hello dear FD's! It is not a Suggestions, but more like a request I think... It is seams like we gona have something something HUGE and EXCITING in the second part of next year. I am really looking forward for this update and have some hopes about it... And one of them is changes to the...
  10. N

    Shock cannons?

    Could we get these things improved? Apparently they were originally supposed to be plasma weapons, so they'd be worth the mats if they were. As it stands, shock cannons are useless on their own, and no one uses them. A possible fix could be making these a plasma weapon, with absolute damage...
  11. Maligno

    Weapon Damage Splits Unraveled

    The partition of the different types of damage (i.e. thermal, kinetic, absolute) has been determined for Railguns, Incendiary Multi-Cannons, and Plasma Accelerators. The community has long suspected that Railguns have a damage partition of roughly 60% thermal and 40% kinetic, with different...
  12. B

    Corvette load out for a player that canoot decide....

    o7 Cmdr's I have a Corvette for last months and I keep changing hardpoints and cannot really decide to keep a set, my problem is I keep trying to get hardpoints for NPC and pvp but when in combat zones I dont want to be reloading all the time and when practice with friends pvp I have to run...
  13. 4

    Reverse inductor/Additional Capacitor

    I am stealing these concepts from a really cool and in my view, unique 4X game called Star Ruler. A Reverse Inductor in the game was an energy weapon that sapped energy instead of dealing damage. When it struck shields or a ship it would sap it's energy and with some additional capacitors could...
  14. D

    Faction based weapons

    I just recently found out about faction specific weapons. I am allied to Felicia Winters for over 6 months now and am a post Commander rank. Where do I find the pulse disruptor for Felicia Winters group? I've read posts and they all say that as long as you qualify, they can be found anywhere but...
  15. ebbrell

    Make t10 special

    I'm hoping they make t10 have something special. All those hard points and it is limited to 4 AX weapons Since this was build as anti zeno allow it to have 6 AX weapons Make it have that speciality, give a good reason to have one
  16. Rexoplex

    Shock Cannons: A beautifully designed weapon overlooked for an easily solvable reason

    I finally got around to unlocking and using shock cannons earlier, and found that they're actually probably the single most fun and mechanically interesting and satisfying weapon in this entire game in my opinion. Their model, sound design, and firing mechanics are absolutely beautiful. To add...
  17. IcemanAJL

    Allow for Reloading of weapons when hardpoints are retracted

    Self explanatory: let us reload our weapons magazine when the hardpoints of the ship are retracted. Balance by having said reload occur 5 seconds after the weapons are fully retracted. It would be convenient for keeping ammo counts balanced between fights without just firing off ammo, and it is...
  18. Echo Wake

    Speaking of reworking...

    There are a few things I think need to be looked at. First thing are mines. I love using mines when they are engineered properly. Was at the last community goal and took several PvP players by surprise when I disabled them with mines and got away in a non combat Python. But why can we not have...
  19. C

    Make AX Weapons Great Again (4 Quick and Easy Changes)

    One issue that has come up with the advent of Guardian weapons is that they easily outclass all human AX weapons, making these quite redundant. With this in mind, I would like to suggest the following 4 easy changes to make human AX weapons more viable as an alternative to Guardian weapons:-...
  20. Alwayslate

    Colors of the Gun Sights

    When we aim with weapons with different speeds, we have multiple gun sights. When we define fire group, we have yellow-orange for group 1 and blue for 2 displayed on the panel by default. Here comes the question. Why can't those secondary fire group gun sights have the same colors as on the...
  21. P

    New Hard Point - Search Light

    An idea for a non-weapon type hardpoint of a search light. Could operate as a turret (be set to forward, target, or any etc... and would just point the light at your target...). It would be a more powerful light than the ships external lights. I'm thinking those that do rescues or exploration...
  22. Sunleader

    Frigates and Destroyer with Class 4 and Class 5 Weapons as well as Tier 9 and Tier 10 Modules :)

    Its been a while. So lets bring this Topic up again. 1. What is this Suggestion about? Well in short this Suggestion is about adding some Ships that work Different from the Ships we got so far. Adding Ships that instead of being Fighter Movement Sets with Frontal Weapons and thus Limiting...
  23. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Tracking Speed for Weapons?

    Is there anything like small weapons have better tracking speed so can easily track and hit small ships than bigger guns and let's say 4A multi-cannon can not hit SLFs (at least most of time)? (Like tracking speed of turrets in EVE)
  24. Cheese Helmet

    All weapons should be available in all sizes

    Variety is the spice of life, as well as how you create variation in the meta and ship loadouts. Every weapon should have a small - huge variant. C1 plasma. We already have these in the game. Plasma repeater on fighters. Make it available for all Torps Just keep to the ammo capacity trend...
  25. Yamiks

    [video] Guardian vs normal & engineered WEAPONS

  26. C

    Making guardian weapons relevant in normal combat and make them more interesting/unique in AX combat

    The biggest problem with the guardian weapons is that outside of the gauss cannon, they are all pretty meh in both normal and AX combat. In AX combat, these weapons really fail to perform because, due to the other weapons' lack of uniqueness and issues with them, the gauss cannon is just plain...
  27. T


    Weapons and ships still not good enough for me to help fight the Thargoids. Sorry😎

    Low total ammo counts strongly affecting weapon diversity in PVE

    Multicannons are by far the most popular kinetic weapon in Elite, and they're used for the most popular combat activity, which is RES site hunting. They work fine at any range, don't really overheat your ship, and are in general very safe, forgiving and boring. A part of its popularity is also...
  29. Old Duck

    Emphasize Fixed Weapon Target Dot

    Hey Frontier, please consider making the target dot(s) of fixed weapons "stand out" compared to gimbals and turrets, perhaps by making fixed dots the brightest, with gimbals being slightly darker, and turrets darker still. Why? Because it's very easy to "lose" the fixed target dot when there are...
  30. Don.Zwiebel

    Corrosion in 3.0

    Hello community, does anyone know if the Corrosive effect still adds 20 to the APV of all weapons striking the affected hull and, also, adds +25% to damage taken by the hull from all sources (as described here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?p=3888564&viewfull=1#post3888564), or...
  31. Kiithnaras

    Ammunition Synthesis Balance

    This is just a simple suggestion to balance the materials cost of ammunition synthesis. A few key principles: 1) Direct-fire weapons (e.g. Multicannons, PAs, Cannons) should all have the same volume of synthesis material costs; exception for Railguns. 2) Explosive weapons (e.g. Missiles, Mines)...
  32. Kiithnaras

    Cannon Balance/Tweak Suggestions; Make Cannons Great (Again?)!

    Have you wondered why cannons are seldom used in PvP? It's pretty much all PACs, MCs, Lasers, and the odd duck using railguns. Fragments are few and far between, and cannons are niche at best. The fact that larger cannons have such a drastic drop in velocity is one major factor - bigger ships...
  33. C

    Tech Broker modules and weapons are borderline useless (and how they should be fixed)

    Tech Broker modules and weapons are borderline useless, often even compared to their stock normal equivalents. Let's look at some examples:- 1. Plasma Charger: only come in one size (medium), do less damage than a similarly sized plasma accelerator and needs to be charged up 2. Gauss cannons...
  34. 3


    Can you implemented convergence for fixed weapons? We are in 34th century and let me remind you, Spitfires in 20th century had posibility to adjust convergency for their machineguns. I know it, because I´m reincarned pilot of 313th RAF Czechoslovak squadron ;-)
  35. M

    Evasion (Flight Assist Off)

    A few weeks ago, Commander Yamato2012 posted his combat footage from the PvP Hub finals. It was an incredible piece of flying that reminded me that I still have a long way to go in order to get the most out of my ship. Hence, I did what every good pilot does: I try to blatantly rip off his...
  36. C

    Expanding the scope of the Thargoids

    Right now the Thargoids feel too detached from the normal flow of the game and hardly feel like an alien invasion that has all of humanity concerned. I think that the effects of the Thargoid invasion should be felt throughout the human bubble and not just be confined to optional fights in some...
  37. T

    Kinetic Weapon recoil and physics

    There's something unsatisfying about firing cannons vs multi-cannons. What I realise is missing is the recoil shudder we should feel through the ship. The ship should shake upon firing to give the feel of the power. I did look into the momentum physics, and found maybe a FDL would slow about...
  38. T

    Newcomer / Intro Two Combat-Related Questions: 1) Gimbal/Turret Locks , 2) Scans

    Been playing for a while, and mostly have avoided combat other than self-defense and the occasional easy bounty. But I've always wondered a couple of things that I can't quite seem to find answers on ... 1) Is there any way to tell if an enemy ship is using gimballed or turreted weapons on...
  39. Yamiks

    [video] 10 Quality of life improvements (part4)

    https://youtu.be/NikBbzKiki4 ....for those with little attention span : TL;DW : #1 Ship integrity has to be moved to main page and/or recombined with repair all #2 Missiles/torps/mines come WITH ammo (why do we need to rearm these weapons?) #3 Colored bookmarks #4 In shipyard : maneuverability...
  40. L

    Guardian Modules

    Guardian Power distributor screenshots or stats? Also really wish *all* experimental weapons had gimballed versions. Especially hard bringing out a big ship like the Anaconda to get fixed mounts to hit the target. Particularly with the scout. The earlier Thargaroid ships were easier to hit.
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