1. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay New Elite Dangerous Powerplay wiki

    A wiki is being built for Powerplay that endeavours to explain how this game mode of Elite Dangerous is played by the organised Powerplay Groups. It is primarily intended to be an information and lore source for what has been established and created since the feature was launched. You can visit...
  2. M

    Discussion WIP - [Voice Attack] Elite Dangerous Database

    Hey everyone. I've started creating a database in Voice Attack. The aim is to be able to ask your ships computer about a specific event/item/faction etc, that you can encounter ingame. The source of all the information is the Elite Dangerous Wiki. Now, this is a work in progress, as such you'll...
  3. John Guevara

    more information in codex/pilots handbook

    i would like to see/read more information (Lore and real physic) about all the objects in game. i know, many information i can find in wikipedia (about real astrophysics), but i dont like to switch windows between game and browser, and some information stay already in system-map like stats about...
  4. spoonetti

    Planet Coaster Deutscher Blender/Toolkit-Wiki - Eure Unterstützung ist gefragt!

    Moin! Ich habe mich vor Weihnachten mal an einem Wiki versucht, welcher Tutorials zum Thema "Erstellen von Objekten für PlanCo in Blender" beinhaltet. Es richtet sich sowohl an Anfänger als auch an Fortgeschrittene, die hier und da noch etwas lernen wollen. Ich selbst arbeite gerade an einem...
  5. Olivia Vespera

    Oh my god I've created an Elite:Dangerous Wiki. (for player faction)

    I have created an Elite: Dangerous player faction Wiki and I may have jumped of the deep end. But in anycase, here it is: The purpose of this wiki is to provide an easy to read and access point for all player faction information. Going along the theme that a lot of things in Elite are...
  6. MrReynolds

    The "Uber apologies Thread"

    I've seen many a thread with "[Redacted]" commanders apologising for their actions. Maybe this could be the place where we can say “sorry” for all of our mistakes? I’ll start. Just been in a high threat war zone, larking about with a friendly Sidewinder in between waves. A backer, can’t...
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