Exploration in a wing when bodies have already been discovered

    Hypotetical : Let's say I scanned a whole system with fss, then sell it. Then make a wing with my buddy. Does he see the system as undiscovered? Can he/we still scan it for him to then sell? Trying to understand how "already known" data is shared in a wing. Thanks!
  2. CMDR Red House

    Casual Wing Mates

    Hello I am looking for a few (at least 1) people to form a Wing. I've been playing ED for several years, but always in solo mode. I've never been in a Wing. I would consider myself a casual player, so you should be also so I don't disappoint your expectations. I currently have two ships, a...
  3. L

    Game Freezes/Crashes when doing anything in a Wing

    So the last couple of weeks me and 3 friends grinded our way to cool engineered ships. We were planning on spending this Easter weekend playing ED together in a Wing, doing massacre's and stuff. All this time we were able to play normally, although up until this point we'd only wing up with 3...
  4. S


    I see the option but none available on PS4. If anyone is willing to join up and give some advice or drop some lore it would be appreciated. Psn: obsidian_wlf
  5. Adept

    Wing mission disconnect - leaving wing

    I’ve had some drops when doing wing missions (orange sidewinder etc), mostly not happening to me, but a friend of mine. When the game kicks you off to the main menu you can usually log right back in, but as you pop back into the wing you get a ”leaving wing” with about a five second countdown...
  6. Robbyen

    [INDEPENDENT] Join IPAL Today!

    The Independent Pilot Alliance is looking for members! If you are looking for a relaxed experience as a beginner IPAL is the right place for you. we a a small jet dedicated group of commanders aiming to support each other. The Independent Pilot Alliance engages in several activity's such as...
  7. Z

    Help in Cernobog please god

    There is an AI pirate that is following me everywhere and can chain interdict me. I cannot jump to a new system without them following, I cannot stay in normal space without them appearing, and just when I think I’ve finally lost them, they appear right in behind me and start chain interdicting...
  8. M

    BUG: cannot connect to adjudication server TOO OFTEN

    I am getting chucked out of the game (private group) every second or third time my wingman and I come out of supercruise at a mission target. Never happens to him, only me. Not sure where the bug report forum has gone.
  9. Orbitalai

    Wing exploration?

    I we do exploration in a wing, will a detailed surface scan be shared with wing members? This post seem to hint at that: Source:
  10. Cetheus

    Compatibility between ED and ED:H in wings?

    Hi @everybody, As I can't find any answers through google, maybe someone here can help... I have ED:Horizons and a friend of mine has got ED Basic (without Horizons). Yesterday we tried to connect us in a Wing. We both got the message, that we were invited in a Wing, but did not found any way...
  11. Bakerfield


    Is their any place I can post to find a wing in the UK for bounty hunting. Or is their any one from the UK that is interested in bounty hunting at resource sites and doing a wing.
  12. John Kozak

    Feature: "Friend searches for wing"/"Friend searches for crew"

    Current state Right now, ways to get a crew are: "Open" search Sending direct invite Coordination via other channels (chat, Discord, voice, etc.) There is no way to find wingmates except for other channels (and direct invite) Problem statement I have a squadron and a large set of ingame...
  13. N

    Multicrew, Wings, Squadrons, and alt accounts

    I've taken advantage of the anniversary offer to get two alt accounts (both with Horizons). My main CMDR is heading out for Colonia at the moment, the two alts are back in the Bubble (in their original Sidewinders). Eventually I will relocate one to Colonia. I've got all 3 up and running on...
  14. E

    Far Bound Initiative is Recruiting

    Far Bound Initiative is recruiting pilots, new pilots welcome. - We have Discord: - We are constantly growing into new systems. - We hold CQC events on Wednesdays and Saturdays. - We mentor/train new pilots. - We do wing missions, mining, bounty hunting together. - We...

    I FOUND A FIX TO THE BUGS OCCURRING IN WING VOID OPAL MINING... (Detonator Display not working etc)

    Over the past several days me and my wing have had experienced many repeatable bugs while attempting to do void opal core mining together and as a result of much frustration and loosing hundreds of millions of creds to the bugs, we have found a reliable fix... Basically while in the wing I...
  16. Flying Scorpion

    100,000,000 credits of mission rewards lost (help please)

    SOLVED! Thanks! I was in a wing and I have about 100 million credits worth of mission rewards...somewhere. I forgot where to go to get the rewards and the guys I was playing with aren't around anymore. How do I find out where to go to turn in the rewards? These were just random guys I bumped...
  17. Arthur Z.

    Allow more Ship Launched Fighters when not in a wing

    Hi there! So, the idea actually comes from Fortnite single player campaign. Basically in the game, you have an ability to place up to 3x NPCs and give them guns and ammo to help you defend if you are playing solo. The game is up to 4 player coop and with each human player in the team, the...
  18. joerg

    Beacon switch in the SRV

    There are two places you can turn your wing beacon on and off in a ship - in the roght hand panel under the ship tab, and in the comms panel under the wing options. However, once you are in the SRV, you can only use one of these options - the comms panel. Could you possibly add the Wing Beacon...
  19. Kiithnaras

    [Game Design] [Feature Request] Frigates - Player-Run Capital Ships

    I've come to the conclusion that what Elite is missing in the realm of Very Large Ships is Even Bigger Ships. Those top tiers of faction rank are empty and don't have much of a purpose at the moment, so why not kill a few birds with one stone? To be clear, these would not simply be...
  20. mcownyou91

    GalCom... a place for all groups to coordinate and take part in a proactive community.

    WHERE WE STARTED: I am CMDR Jayce Reveur, founder of the CESS and GalCom. For those of you who are not aware, CESS (Cone Expedition Support Service) was a community project aimed at gathering as many of the players interested in taking part in the Cone expedition in the one place. This allowed...
  21. Bionic Bytes

    Wings and SLF

    I was just playing in Open at a CG with my shiny new Crusaider and SLF. Got invited to a wing and was enjoying some pew pew with the boys. I noticed that the SLF was no longer attacking and defending me - instead the icon said "follow" - even though it was 11km away from me. It didn't respond to...
  22. mcownyou91

    Want to take part in the Cone sector excitement whether you board the Gnosis or not?... READ THIS!

    Greetings Commanders, and welcome to the Cone Expedition Support Services. A Cavaliers Le Chardon and Prismatic Impirium community initiative. Although the expedition out to the permit locked zone is an exciting prospect, it is not one that everyone is ready for or willing to commit to for an...
  23. mcownyou91

    Want to take part in the Cone sector excitement whether you board the Gnosis or not?... READ THIS!

    Greetings Commanders, and welcome to the Cone Expedition Support Services. A Cavaliers Le Chardon and Prismatic Impirium community initiative. Although the expedition out to the permit locked zone is an exciting prospect, it is not one that everyone is ready for or willing to commit to for an...
  24. mcownyou91

    Want to take part in the Cone sector excitement whether you board the Gnosis or not?... READ THIS!

    Greetings Commanders, and welcome to the Cone Expedition Support Services. A Cavaliers Le Chardon and Prismatic Impirium community initiative. Although the expedition out to the permit locked zone is an exciting prospect, it is not one that everyone is ready for or willing to commit to for an...
  25. M

    PvP Duck Hunt: Dangerous

    For countless generations, once a year, clan tradition dictates we gather together for the annual Wilderness Duck Hunt. The custom is alive and well in the year 3304... This one's for Grandpa. o7
  26. U


    The Rangers The Rangers If you are looking for a player group to help or support we are an active group that joined ELITE DANGEROUS before the game was launched. The main voice server is...
  27. T

    Looking for an ACTIVE Elite Dangerous group? Join Infinite Corporation ! ! !

    Greetings CMDR we are Infinite Corporation! We are a very easy going group that is active on daily bases! We have members from all around the world EU, US, australia and so on. And we have some good news for u, because we are recruiting!!! Our group exist of easy going people who like to hang...
  28. Riverside

    Partial completion of Fetch Missions

    Tonight was the first time I tested the new mechanism, I was able to partially complete a fetch mission just as I do with wing missions, this is great :D With the Wing fetch missions there is no filter that makes them unavailable because I don't have enough cargo space, but the filter is still...
  29. M

    Roller Coasters TR - 3B: Intamin Wing Coaster

    Downloads Ride Blueprint Video Sandbox Park The veil of secrecy has finally been lifted on the government's Black Project - previously referred to by it's code name - Astra. TR-3B is an experimental aerial vehicle designed to push the limits of engineering, and...
  30. Reneta Scian

    More Wing Mission Nerfs - AKA We work hard for our money

    The fact is, FDev has a history of failing to properly balance and incentivize both solo and especially multiplayer activities, and we have all seen this happen time and time again. Something pays too high to the wrong rank of player, and instead of redesign the mechanics of credit payouts to...
  31. The Black Pearl

    Wing invite broken

    Did they break the wing invite on the new update? I don't even have the option to send a wing invite it just doesn't exist. Help! Bump Bump
  32. M

    Immersive Comms (Flight Assist Off)

    u/an_angry_gippo (on reddit) posted a great concept of radio chatter in a conflict zone that really adds to the sense of immersion. This inspired me to share an inside look into the highly professional comms chatter between members of the Screaming Eagles during a recent wing fight... Link to...
  33. John Kozak

    Horizons Wing missions are *almost* working in Crew - can we get the last step fixed?

    I've done a few tests with random players and found that right now, as of 3.0, Wing missions already almost work with Multicrew. Namely: Player can take & share wing mission while in crew Crewmembers can accept the wing mission Crewmembers see the mission in transaction tab Crewmembers get...
  34. EWanderer

    Removing Non-Wing Missions and tweak WM - Or Overhauling Missions in General

    So after 5 Months in ED, countless hours of doing salvaging missions for the Nobles of Mbukuravi, after selecting them as my go-to faction on a whim and a lot of Sothis Mining/Ceos runs, here are a few thoughts about the Mission System. Merge normal missions with wing version So Wing Missions...
  35. P

    Mission reward sharing (WING,MC)

    As there appears to be a problem in the amount of credits earned in missions with multi-crew and wings how about when in a wing or multi-crew when accepting or upon completing (Up for debate) you get a window like in GTA's heist. Where you can send percentages / amounts per member of the wing /...
  36. sske

    Wing mission suggestion(s)

    Hey commanders! I wanted to toss an idea I had (and I'm sure others have it too). Wing missions are a nice add and a great way to get new players involved too. It adds to the sense of community, and is a good tutorial into the various aspects of the game. However, I've noticed that wing...
  37. The-DemonWolf

    Community Event / Creation Futures Past The Generation Ship Tour

    Futures Past The Generation Ship Tour Date: Sunday 20/05/3304 Launch Time: 16:00 UTC (in-game time) Starting System: Sol - Mars High Non Permit Holder System: Wolf 359 - Lomas Orbiter Tour Timeframe - 5 to 7 hours Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox Game Mode: Private Group Summary We would like to...
  38. S

    Ps4 wing members

    Hi I tried to find the forum but couldn't as there are too many and too much salt to look through.... looking for wing members on ps4. Not having much luck right now
  39. Guardian Kaiser

    Can't Form Wing

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong so I'm posting here for now. I tried for the first time to form a wing with my friend on Xbox to no avail. We tried both in a private group and in open play. Both times we got right next to each other where our ships were actually...
  40. Rariano Majoy

    Página para organizar una wing con otros comandantes

    Leyendo el foro inglés, he visto ésta página que puede ser interesante para organizar o solicitar una wing con otros cmdr para realizar actividades en conjunto: misiones de combate, trades, etc etc. Al parecer ahora van a incorporar -están solicitando un feedback al respecto- para organizarse...
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