1. W

    Most Wished for Scenery

    I was wondering what people’s most wished for scenery and decorative pieces are. Myself I’d love some maps to make info board creation smoother. The Australia map piece is awesome but a smaller version would be appreciated. People make some awesome custom maps on the workshop but the piece count...
  2. A

    Animals Wanted by Community

    I hope someone checks this out, I am a huge fan of this game and love the developers for all the hard work and thought they have put into Planet Zoo. This thread is in no way a list of demands, rather a sign of how much people love this game and want it to continue. This list is one made from...
  3. T

    Potential for: other critters

    Hey everybody So usually I post these threads to see what other animals of other families and ones that are from different continents that would be great additions. Today I want to ask about animals that are not from families that are frequently discussed or proposed in previous threads. Example...
  4. T

    Potential for: Swine

    Hey everybody today I wanted to here from you on a group of animals I am not too familiar with; Swine. I was watching The Zoo (show about the Bronx zoo on animal planet) last night and I noted that they have a mandrill habitat that is shared with Red River Hogs. I have noted a lot of people have...
  5. T

    Potential for more: primates

    Hey everybody. I wanted to discuss potential for other members of animal families we currently have in game. I thought about what continents, biomes, themes we do not have for a certain animal family. I want to hear what other_____ can be added that differ from our current_____ of...
  6. T

    Any zoo tycoon animals in particular

    I was wondering what other animals from zoo tycoon have not been added to PZ and would y’all like any of those animals added. Animals I can think of like Moose, wild horse, California sea lion (id rather have steller sea lions) and emperor penguin Please do not include animals that were from the...
  7. 1

    Australia/Oceania Animals pt. 2

    Animal ideas for Oceania and Australia. Give me some packs and I'll give you some money! (As long as they are plucked from this list...) Koala New Zealand Sea Lion Numbat/Bandicoot Perentie Platypus Quoll Red Kangaroo or Eastern Grey Kangaroo Tasmanian Devil Wallaby...
  8. 1

    Australia/Oceania Animal Packs pt.1

    Animal ideas for Oceania and Australia. Give me some packs and I'll give you some money! (As long as they are plucked from this list...) Cassowary Dingo Dromedary Dugong Echidna Emu Fiordland Penguin or Rockhopper Penguin Flying Fox Kakapo Kiwi
  9. R

    Future DLC, animals and features

    Hello Planet Zoo-fans, I have come to a list of ideas for future DLC-packs, but just animals we really need. Including animals and other features. If someone call add some ideas, would be great! Yes, I'm Dutch so I wrote the translation beside and sorry for some bad English. Please tell me what...
  10. Jeminyne

    All DLC Pack Predictions!

    I want to try "predicting" some of the DLC packs we'll get. Let's see if I get "bingo" on any of these! I assumed they're going by region, and I went roughly in a sensible order. I tried to limit it to 12 DLC packs, since that's the amount Planet Coaster got. Went somewhat over the limit. I...
  11. Jeminyne

    "Lesser-Known" Animals Wishlist #2: Large Mammals!

    Time for the medium-to-large mammals! Amur Leopard. I hope if they include it, they give us a commonly occurring reddish-gold variant. A leopard of this colour, walking through the snow, is exactly what made me so enchanted by these cats in the first place. Clouded Leopard Spectacled Bear...
  12. SanctusLupus

    What might come next for PZ?

    Source: https://youtu.be/3wt9v5YEYwo By Gamer Empire had some decent suggestions for what should be considered for PZ DLC. I agree that many more animals should be included into PZ along with additional themes. Game improvement is always welcome. In addition I would like more interesting...
  13. A

    Some of my Top Animals I think are needed for any zoo

    Petting Zoo Animals (Cows, Goats, Sheep, Alpacas) Leopard (Indian and African) Pizzly Aquatic/Marine Animals (Seals, Otters, Fish Tanks) More Birds! (Cassowary, Emu, maybe an Aviary? , Toucans, Shoebills, Secretary Birds, Bald Eagles, Kiwi, Cranes, Tanagers, Red Crested Cardinals) Sun Bear Bee &...
  14. JukioM

    Jaguar, leopard

    Clouded leopard Jaguar
  15. G

    Florida DLC pt.2

    As part one covered animals, part two will cover other aspects. Themes 1 A key west style building and scenery items that would add more opportunities for buildings. 2 A swamp theme. Biome 1 Coastal beach 2 Swamp 3 Pine forest Flora would include species native to Florida such as pines ect...
  16. Y

    What new animal would you suggest?

    So there are some suggestions which pop up daily in the forums and are kind of repetetive, which are: Australian animals Polar bears and Penguins Aquatic DLC Aviary DLC Jaguars and Leopards These animals are missing for me as well, but I feel that because people focus on these animals many...
  17. R

    South American Animals and Aquarium Exibits

    Hey What I would love to see is some more South American Animals. Like Capybaras. If nothing else, please let us have walk-in capybara habitats. Anyway, here's my wishlist: Capybaras (Pretty Please) Caiman Coati (Coatimundi) Llamas Alpacas Jaguars Cougars Ocelots Margay Sloths Anteaters...
  18. S

    I'll add some ideas! (tried to think of ones not listed yet)

    Polar Bears Fennec Foxes Sloth/Sun/Andean Bears American Alligator Caiman Alligator Snapping Turtle Savannah Monitor Moose Sea Lions/Antarctic Fur Seal (the babies would be SO CUTE) Tegu Sloths Bats/nocturnal exhibit animals with cool lighting! aquatic exhibits/Jellyfish Ocelot Coati MANED...
  19. E

    Polar bear

    An animal not really talked about is the polar bear. With the basis being on conservation I feel it would make a great addition.
  20. E

    water treatment

    Why can I not reach my water treatment plant half of the time but the other half of the time it works
  21. O


    NA-Mountain Lions NA-Crocs SA-Lamma's SA-Panthers Biome-swamp (adding dirty water) Also might add donkeys and ogres. Jk, but a Shrek would be cool.
  22. C

    Big wishlist of animals that need to be in Planet Zoo + DLC/Update Ideas

    Just a little collection of animals I would absolutely LOVE to see in the game and some features that are missing right now. Animals that need to be added to the game Leopard (since the game is mostly African themed it NEEDS a leopard) Cougar (could also be in Arctic DLC) Moose (could also be...
  23. SamBePunkt

    Zoo guides and/or commentated feedings

    Still wishing for commentated feedings or zoo guides like in my post here or in Mjmannella's post here. Bit sad that this feature which can be seen in the announcment trailer was not added into the game. This would be a more personal way to educated the zoo guests instead of just with...
  24. P

    Personal opinion: essential animals that need to be added

    As the game has already launched, i feel a bit disappointed with the list of animals we have. Although i am so gratefull to have such a great list, i think that some of the most important animals around the world and some other not so important but very interesting have been excluden from the...
  25. W

    This animal is a dragon in disguise...please gimme it (giant girdled lizard)

    We’re on the horizon of the release and one animal I would love to see is the giant girdled lizard or more commonly known as Sungazers, these dragon like lizards are significantly endangered and that would fit the conservation base of the game. Plus they are crazy looking lizards and would be a...
  26. M

    Animal Wishlist

    Hi, Just mentioning some animals that I hope make it in to the game at some point. Some of them are pretty endangered and hardly known about so I think it would be awesome if this game could be used to raise awareness about them: Ethiopian Wolf - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopian_wolf...
  27. W

    Reptile wishlist (snakes and lizards) long with scientific names

    Lizards: Varanus macraei - Blue spotted tree monitor Varanus Reisingeri - Yellow tree monitor Varanus prasinus - Green tree monitor Varanus beccarii - Black tree monitor Heloderma - Gila monster Chlamydosaurus kingii - frilled-neck lizard Beaded lizard Panther chameleon Agama Bearded dragons -...
  28. W

    Most beautiful tarantulas/spiders to be added (wishlist)

    Typhochlaena seladonia Peacock spider Purple bloom or purple starburst spider - Pamphobeteus machala Colombian lesserblack tarantula - Xenesthis immanis Martinique Red Tree Spider Brazilian Crab Spider, Eight Spotted Crab Spider or flower crab spider Sequinned spider Orchard spider Most of...
  29. Balwick

    My wishlist (because why not, eh?)

    Gameplay Additions Enclosures; My number one hope here is a the ability to build Enclosures at some point. Enclosures would be defined from Habitats by their fully enclosed nature, and Exhibits by being built with the tools familiar to us from Habitat building and the Construction tab. The...
  30. SamBePunkt

    Commentated feedings or Shows + specialisation for Zookeepers

    It would be fun if the zookepers could do commentated feedings or just present the guests the animals while standing in the enclosure. There could be a presentation spot in the enclosure tab which could be placed inside the enclosure and then can be used like the information monitors or speakers...
  31. W

    Vivarium animals able to go in normal exhibit or leave vivarium

    Obviously 100s of little frogs will be tedious to look after but if place in a aviary type enclosure I think it would be pretty cool also imagine having a king cobra in your zoo but have to have it trapped in a little box not being able to appreciate it frontier already have came out and said...
  32. W

    Natural enrichment items and other ideas

    I would love some natural looking enrichment items because having a bright yellow blue and pink sprinkler in my exhibit, which btw has rock wall and an overall natural feel ruins the affect Whether the enrichment items are disguised as rocks or whether waterfalls or streams for swimming are...
  33. W

    More realistic and in-depth kill animations

    I understand this game is for all ages but the kill animations are weird... like I put a wold into my Nile monitor enclosure by accident😂😉 but then I saw the wolf fly 15 ft in the air and land on the monitor killing it instantly, it was very stupid I believe the animals should hunt and kill like...
  34. W

    More advanced terrain tools

    I am hoping that after the beta when we go do different continents like Asia we will get different rock tools etc... For example snow leopards live in rocky, snowy environments but I don’t think brown mud infused rock is the type of rock you see thousands of feet up in the Himalayas. I believe...
  35. W

    Reptile wishlist post yours below...

    Lizards: Varanus macraei - Blue spotted tree monitor Heloderma - Gila monster Chlamydosaurus kingii - frilled-neck lizard Geckos Panther chameleon More monitors Dwarf caiman Iguanas And more Snakes: Atheris squamigera - African Bush Viper and Atheris hispida Xenodermus- Dragon Snake...
  36. SamBePunkt

    Animal Wishlist + Petting Zoo + Herding and more interactions

    Porcupines, Prairie Dogs, Penguins, Seals and Sea lions, Mooses, Tamanduas, Manatees and my all time favorites Capybaras. A petting zoo area would be cool as well and of course birds like eagles, owls, vultures etc. Maybe even like the vivariums so you can build different sizes of aviaries and...
  37. S

    North American Animals

    With the New World being a themed scenery pack, I thought I'd make a wishlist of animals I'd like to see included in the game (probably DLC) that are from North America. Wolverine (plzplzplz) Moose Caribou Elk Red Fox (Fennec Foxes aren't from NA but I'd love to see them in the game too)...
  38. S


    One thing to know about me is I'm a HUGE bird lover, and one thing I'd love to see implemented are aviaries. Now this wouldn't be for birds like peafowls, flamingos, etc. This would be for smaller, flighted birds you often see in zoos, such as owls, parrots, eagles, falcons, etc. The simple...
  39. crowmeleon

    Quality of Life Improvements Wishlist

    I'll be updating this thread as I go. Trying to focus on QOL improvements alone since there seem to be plenty of threads for other stuff. Listing literally everything I can think of because I know many of these won't be implementable, especially by release. Please fix: Don't have to keep...
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