1. O

    Elite: Dangerous VR CPU bound in WMR headset

    Hi. I'm using Lenovo Explorer headset to play ED in VR. Here is my rig: i7 8750H RTX 2080 8 Gb 32 Gb DDR4 2666 MHz Yes, it is a laptop, but it has no overheat or general performance issues. For example, Subnautica, No Man's Sky or newest Half-Life: Alyx have no lag or FPS drop even on high...
  2. Lee Taylor

    How to disable vertical motion tracking?

    I'm using an Acer WMR headset. I'd like to disable the input from the vertical accelerometer somehow. This is because I'm on board a ship and the ship's heave is detected by the headset, which causes me to lurch and down in VR. Curiously, neither sway nor surge seems to affect my horizontal...
  3. W

    Odyssey PLUS performance recommendations?

    My Odyssey + arrived today and the setup was simple enough, and it works VERY well. Coming from the Rift CV1 the bump in resolution is really really nice. The performance hit that comes with it though, not so much. So I was running the Rift with all settings on VR ULTRA except shadows (low)...
  4. VR StarLightPL

    Przygody z Virtual Reality

    Ponieważ nie lubię nagabywania że coś nie jest o Elite, zakładam w offtopicu - tutaj możemy radośnie dyskutować o różnych grach. Zacznę od przeklejenia mojego pierwszego wrażenia po kontakcie z Pimaxem 5k+:
  5. CMDRVanguard001

    Windows Mixed Reality VR

    Hi, I have an Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset. Can Elite Dangerous officially support Windows Mixed Reality Headsets in the future? Thanks
  6. A

    WMR flicker fix

    I just discovered this after dealing with the flickering problem for weeks. Between the lenses on the headset there's what appears to be an IR sensor. I figured out that this is how the headset detects being put on and taken off. While testing this, I realized that covering the sensor...
  7. T

    [RECRUITMENT] The Forgotten 8th Legion

    The Forgotten 8th Legion is a tight knit active gaming guild that caters to people all around the world who primarily play games between 12pm GMT 0 and 6pm GMT 0 (Oceanic/Asia GMT+8 Primetime). We currently have members from Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, The Philippines, and the United States...
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