1. S

    Blueprints getting wiped?

    Ive been working on a staff building for a few hours and just was wondering if they are gonna wipe blueprints put on the workshop.
  2. ArtiX

    Is quality being appreciated?

    Hey, something currently really bugs me and i have to say i keep questioning the point of making custom items for this game. In the past few years i wasn't really able to pursue my own things because both my parents were terminally ill and i helped taking care of them. Nonetheless, after many...
  3. Starlordmixtape

    Scenarios "Babe" (the movie) Scenario

    "Babe" (the movie) makes an exciting scenario. Check it out in my workshop. Please let me know your thoughts. "Babe" - It's been 23 years since the sheepdog championship, which took place at the Kingsmith...
  4. G-Dubya

    Pinned recipes not showing up in remote workshop

    o7 Commanders, Been on holiday a while and have been pinning my favourite recipes into the remote workshop but some are not showing up. Is their a limit of what certain space stations can provide? For example a high tech station has every recipe pinned but a industrial station only has half ?
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