1. OldaRobot

    Xbox Series X - Recreated Console with rides!

    Here's a fun one, a theme park inside of the Xbox Series X. No I don't mean because you play the game on the console, I mean because I built the console inside of the game! Here's the first Teaser video, will have more videos and screenshots in the future showing the details of both the case...
  2. Jeminyne

    Can someone tell me where this is from? Or how to make it?

    I heard this was posted by @Pacha Camac but I can't find it on their workshop. Any idea how this was made? Or where the workshop listing is?
  3. TheDeadYoshi

    My Cassowary Habitat

    Hey all, I have just uploaded my Cassowary habitat to the workshop. It's a neat little square of a habitat you can squeeze in somewhere and the cassies seem very happy in it: Link: I've incorporated a board by the habitat gate...
  4. TheDeadYoshi

    BP: Living Wall and Cascading Fountain

    Hi all, I've uploaded one of my blueprints to the workshop for the first time. It's something for those inbetween areas where guests recharge before reaching the next habitat. Check out my Living Wall & Cascading Fountain:
  5. B

    Asian diorama - Panda's lunch

    My very first creation for the workshop. I tried to make a little diorama to test the building feature. A panda eating its lunch. The workshop link if you want to try it: See you for my next creation :).
  6. R

    Please give us a Planet Zoo/Workshop filter and the barriers from Planco

    Hello together, is it possible that we can get the barriers and black/yellow curbs from planco, so that visitors can no longer walk through scenery, bushes, walls etc. And a filter for the Planet zoo things without the Workshop items or blueprints would be also wonderful, so that I can see...
  7. flarezi

    Unable to upload workshop items with steam family share account

    I'm trying to upload some buildings to the workshop but every time I do this the game shows me an "unknown error". When I take a look at my workshop uploads via Steam I just see empty items with "Planet Zoo" as title and marked as hidden. I'm playing via family sharing and I found more people...
  8. S

    Blueprints getting wiped?

    Ive been working on a staff building for a few hours and just was wondering if they are gonna wipe blueprints put on the workshop.
  9. ArtiX

    Is quality being appreciated?

    Hey, something currently really bugs me and i have to say i keep questioning the point of making custom items for this game. In the past few years i wasn't really able to pursue my own things because both my parents were terminally ill and i helped taking care of them. Nonetheless, after many...
  10. Starlordmixtape

    Scenarios "Babe" (the movie) Scenario

    "Babe" (the movie) makes an exciting scenario. Check it out in my workshop. Please let me know your thoughts. "Babe" - It's been 23 years since the sheepdog championship, which took place at the Kingsmith...
  11. G-Dubya

    Pinned recipes not showing up in remote workshop

    o7 Commanders, Been on holiday a while and have been pinning my favourite recipes into the remote workshop but some are not showing up. Is their a limit of what certain space stations can provide? For example a high tech station has every recipe pinned but a industrial station only has half ?
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