1. Flimley

    Jurassic steam sale.

    Going to give this a whirl. It’s on sale in the steam store. Flimley
  2. G

    One big question about Jurassic World Evolution's supposed affiliation

    There is one big question I am wondering, and I need help with it. Q: Is Jurassic World Evolution truly affiliated and/or connected to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis?:S Yes, I understand that both games are both Jurassic theme park business management simulators within the same media...
  3. Tyranno86

    T. Rex new skins

    Hello everyone ! I noticed that using all the T. Rex skins genes present, at the moment, in the game, nobody satisfies the expectations of realizing and seeing, the original skins of Jurassic Park and the lost world . In fact I believe that many players would like to see in the game, the T. Rex...
  4. D

    Carnivores stop running animation

    The way the major carnivores like the spinosaurus & the trex stop running is soooooo ugly! Can you give them another stop animation to make it look more...... realistic & not ugly ? lol
  5. Spooli

    Dwarf T.Rex gene modification

    A lot of people have been asking for movie related stuff in the game and I think I've came up with an idea that allow players to incooperate one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic media without actually making direct reference to it (even though the T.Rex from JP3 wasn't exactly a unique character...
  6. D


    Jurassic World Evolution Is A Good Game But It Needs More Improvement. We Need A Whole Bigger Island Or A Island Customizer Like On Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. We Also Need More Terrain Tool Options Like A Dirt Tool, Deeper Water Levels, A Option To Choose Only Palm Trees And Flowers...
  7. voidwalker

    [DCS WORLD] Learning to fly the Mustang, two kills and a night landing after about 6 hours training.

    The kills were kinda easy. The AI doesn't seem to respond at all if they can't see you, even if you're pounding them with .50 cal rounds. The landing was not easy. Believing is seeing.
  8. D

    New Explorable Content

    Before I begin I know this is a far fetched idea as of now, but keep your minds open to the concept and imagine what it would actually feel like in game. As you all may know, Elite: Dangerous Horizons was one of the major factors of Elite Dangerous's success besides the fact it was one of the...
  9. B

    Will we ever get aquatic dinosaurs?

    Will we get mosasaurs and others?
  10. B

    Spilophosaurus Rex

    The spilophosaurus rex is a hybrid I had a nightmare about when I was a kid. This hybrid is a mixure of Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. However it doesn't have the dilphosaur's wing-skin and it doesn't produce venom like the dilophosaur. It's a basically a T-Rex but it's neck...
  11. B

    Spinoraptors and Goats

    I've noticed something else. Spinoraptors socializing with goats. I don't know about the rest of the dinosaurs but I saw a Spinoraptor and a goat socializing. Also don't fix this improve it if you can, I like seeing the goats interact with the dinosaurs.
  12. B

    Mods for Console

    I want there to be mods for Jurassic World Evolution not just on pc but for Xbox one and PS4. Bethesda made mods available for console for Fallout 4 so why don't you.
  13. B

    Giving Dinosaurs Gender Names

    I've noticed something with dinosaur packs. When I give the dinosaurs gender names sometimes the pack spend time apart. For example all the pack members who have girl names spend time away from the members who have guy names and vice versa.
  14. B


    Clannfears are those dinosaur looking creatures from the elder scrolls games and I would like to be able to have them in Jurassic World Evolution.
  15. B

    T Rex pack fighting each other

    I've manipulated the T-Rex comfort genes to have a pack of T-Rexes but the minimum and maximum is 4 and they fight each other instead of socializing. Can you guys fix that?
  16. E

    Comfort Genes

    How do you think the comfort genes are going to work with the dinosaurs?
  17. RadicalEdward2

    Feedback: Weather Probability Settings and Pause Menu Overhaul

    While I wait for Evolution to become playable again (the 1.4 update broke the game's UI on PC), I thought I'd offer my two cents on how post-mission island settings could be improved in comparison to how they were based on what I saw when I launched 1.4. Right now (for some unknown reason), the...
  18. G

    On the Winking of Cats

    "Some stars wink." The balding commander smiles as he pours himself another lemonade. He seems tired. Like he has just come back from a long trip. "They're called variable stars, or they used to be, when we looked at everything from Earth". "Stars, like those which are the eye in Leo Minoris...
  19. M

    I need help!

    Hey y'all i would really need someones assistance. We all know the games specifications and what a pc needs for it to run but i need help. I have enlisted, on the left the games specs and on the right my pcs specs (my pc is about 4 years old). Processor Intel i5-2300 - > mine is i3- 3110 Ram...
  20. Alphacenturion


    I've seen many posts hoping for what was known in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (JPOG) as Site-B. For those who don't know what this is its meant to be JPOG's version of the Site-B in the Jurassic park films. In other words you can create an island and watch your dinosaurs roam free and...
  21. N

    Why I think that JWE will have sandbox mode (not creative mode) ? (proof)

    hello to all, I come to comment on why I think that jurassic world evolution will have sandbox mode, with sandobox I do not mean creatively but in the "normal" mode managing finances apart from managing the other sections of the game, this is verified by watching a gameplay without comment...
  22. Emperor1

    My suggestions for security in Jurassic World Evolution (DLC?)

    Recently I sent a message to the Jurassic World Evolution team via their FB Messenger asking if I could make suggestions. I was kindly told that I could, and that they'd let the team know. I sent through my suggestions, and while they have yet to be read, I am very impressed by the team having...
  23. A

    all fences in Jurassic World Evolution

    all fences in Jurassic World Evolution Until now (from first and second trailer and screenshots of the game and First Official Gameplay ) 1- big electric fences (best electric fences animation especially when tyrannosaurus rex cut wire of electric fences)[up][up][up][up][smile]...
  24. Jack1253

    Tomorrow is the game-play reveal day!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to these forums and would like to speculate what we might see in the videos released tomorrow by YouTubers such as Draegast, BestInSlot, and TheGamingBeaver (and a few others). I am personally most interested in how we create the dinosaurs, like how skins are obtained...
  25. RolloTreadway

    Finally, after about three weeks

    The King of Rome has made it across the Tenebris from Sagittarius-Carina to the end of the Perseus Arm. It's required a lot of jumponium, a lot of doubling back on myself, and a lot of painstaking picking my way across almost-empty space. But I am now in the comparatively dense stars of the...
  26. loopedchris

    Dinosaur Computer Tracking

    I very much would love a system where you can see where the dinosaurs are at any given moment via a map. It could even have a search function! This feature could also let you know when an animal is missing or even have faults and cause problems! This idea is taken from the novel of Jurassic...
  27. T

    Founder's World and the Cobra MrkIV

    Don't read the spoilers if you don't want my opinions. :x My question is, Does the lockout of the Cobra MkIV even count even after you go though the effort of getting Elite rank and to Founder's World? So, If you're locked out now, even after you put that work in, it don't matter?
  28. Fwufikins

    Theory: Genome Tweaking, Hybrids, and the Indominus Rex

    With the hinting at genome modification in the press conference, I could see a couple of interesting gameplay elements that arise. -During the recent stage event they hinted that the dinosaur genomes could not only be expanded, but tweaked to effect behaviours. I'm wondering about the this...
  29. kenwshmt

    pseudo military shows that are 'elite-ish' .. firefily, etc.

    I will expand on this post, what I miss I will add. Think of tv shows and books of 'privateer' tv shows and books of ex military types who either go rogue, or retire and continue in the life. The TV series Firefly...
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