1. G

    Mass Jump compilation with original Elite song sung by CMDR ToCoSo's 12yr old daughter

    With the help of around 20 CMDRs we have tons of mass jump footage for this awesome song by CMDR ToCoSo!
  2. joshscales

    Expedition proposal - The four corners Expedition (not for the faint hearted)

    I was just looking at the expeditions list on EDSM and saw that you only need 9 fellow commanders' interests to register an official expedition and get it tracked so, here is an expedition I have been planning for quite some time (and actually already attempted, but died on about half way...
  3. Yamiks

    [Video] Distant worlds 2 - the launch of a grand voyage and server hell
  4. T

    Community Event / Creation Live Stream of DW2 Exploration (You Tube)

    Join CMDR Trotsky21 on his participation in the DW2 Expedition. [Mechanic, Exploration].
  5. imaner76

    Distant Worlds II Event 4 hours and 42 mins of Fleetcomm Comm and video from imaner76

    Yesterday was such fun, to all of you that made fleetcomm comms funny and entertaining many thanks! Can I get a Mike check?
  6. imaner76

    Let's get together. Large gathering in preparation for DW2 at Pallaeni.

    Live external camera best from @26:00 link in the comments of the video and description to time stamp. See you all out there tomorrow! Thanks to the guys and dolls who have made this happen. You made us all get together, no Gnosis moment this time around and we will all be good ;)...
  7. CaptainCaboose

    Distant Worlds 2 T-9 Mining Rig

    After much tinkering and head scratching, this is the best I could come up with to meet my requirements, if anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them. My requirements: Full Suite of mining gear with at least 4 collectors SRV and SLF hangars(I...

    Have a shipyard at the Distant Worlds mining CG

    While it is really great that Frontier has agreed to have a mining CG in the middle of the galaxy, it does lead to a logistical problem for the vast majority of everyone actually taking part in the expedition. Most people came on the trip to explore, and thus don't actually have outfits that...
  9. CaptainCaboose

    Please critique my build: DW2 T9 Miner

    Evening everyone...
  10. WesULVD

    Let the Gnosis follow Distant Worlds 2

    Being an exploration ship, let the Gnosis follow the expedition and have it jump to all the way points. That way cmdrs will have the opportunity to do repairs or even park up in case real life gets in the way of playing for a while
  11. Valen Zendaris

    Community Event / Creation [DW2] Preparation Week

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde The launch of the expedition is rapidly approaching and we're sure that everyone's excited to take off into the void and let the journey commence on the...
  12. Kelanen Alcatraz

    Distant Worlds II - The Outfitting Guide

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Please contact Qohen Leth if you intend to use the DW2 logo for merchandising items; he will do his best to help you with the technical requirements. The DW2 logo...
  13. The-DemonWolf

    Keep Galatic Anomalies Petition!

    Greetings CMDRs! In the recent beta notes FDev have indicated that they will be addressing elements of the Stellar Forge that have resulted in a range of galactic anomalies like planets that collide or very brightly coloured gas giants. There are some very well known and popular examples...
  14. Erimus Kamzel

    [DW2] Distant Worlds 2 - A Journey of Discovery

  15. tommyfenyx

    Worlds generated - Outerra

    Features Gallery
  16. Skoomer

    I'd like to thank each and every one of you. I'm celebrating a special anniversary today!

    Hey guys! Most of you probably haven't heard of me but if you do, you'll understand what makes this day so special to me. At this day, one year ago I started my Youtube-Series "Strange Worlds" together with my friend Zach. It all started with the idea of showing people what you can...
  17. Olivia Vespera

    Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics Looking for Volunteers!

    Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics is recruiting gatherers to help with prelaunch activity. We'll be gathering every single rare across the bubble and beyond. Distant Worlds 2 is the most anticipated expedition launching in Q4 3304/Q1 3305. It currently features over 2300 members who've signed...
  18. fishgotnosole

    MRV's - Good Idea?

    (Snivelling apologies if this is deemed the wrong place for this to be posted, Admins) I spotted this on my twitter feed, from this account: Alas I cannot take the credit for this brainwavium. I thought it was a rather cool idea. Then I wondered what CMDR's here might think? A marine roving...
  19. Erimus Kamzel

    Distant Worlds II - Fleet Roster Sign Up Thread

    DW2 Fleet Roster is now closed. Additionally roster amendments are no longer available. The latecomers roster will be merged with the main roster sometime toward the end of the expedition. Introduction "Distant Worlds 2 is an expedition to the far outer rim that will culminate at Beagle...
  20. M

    ELW´s and Water Worlds now and what perhaps rather should be at athmospheric landing-expansion

    Seems odd that border line between breathable air for humans seems to be between Water Worlds (without terraforming ofc) and Earth-likes, would there really be no water or even icy/athmospheric (barren with water) rocky planets out there that have breathable air? Though I have found at least...
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