1. V

    X52 PRO Profile

    Hello esteemed. Can any kind soul help me set up the HOTAS x52 Pro in its 3 modes? Does anyone have a profile made for Elite Dangerous and can share with us? There is a problem with the mini mouse set up in Elite, anyone managed to solve it? I use the current drivers on the Logitech website for...
  2. S

    Discussion X52 Pro, X56 or T.16000M

    Thinking of getting a stick for playing but am not sure which to get, I've read that the one in game is almost identical to the X52 but the T.16000M is designed with the game in mind, and obviously the X56 has the dual thrust and more buttons, which one should I get, do any of them obviously...
  3. wulkanat

    In-Development [WIP] LCARS Interface & X52 Pro integration with Journal API

    Some genral information about this project The program was programmed in C++ using SFML for the user interface The program makes use of the Journal API. The goal is to implement all events and displaying them in a useful way The UI is very similar to how you would find it in LCARS 47...
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