1. S

    Discussion X52 Pro, X56 or T.16000M

    Thinking of getting a stick for playing but am not sure which to get, I've read that the one in game is almost identical to the X52 but the T.16000M is designed with the game in mind, and obviously the X56 has the dual thrust and more buttons, which one should I get, do any of them obviously...
  2. sutex

    Using Sound to know what your HOTAS is doing !!

    USING SOUND TO KNOW WHAT YOUR HOTAS IS DOING If you wish to land on High G planets or simply hover above the ground, the Rotary dial on your HOTAS (X56 for me) set to the Vertical axis works like a charm. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=220859 The difficultly is knowing you...
  3. Syze00

    Allow all buttons/knobs to be usable on the x56 HOTAS

    With the introduction to the FSS system, I find it odd that you are only able to use two of the for potentiometers and other buttons in ED. Specifically, the RT3, RT4 knobs are useless, and the SLD (slider) is also useless. Why can't we use these to fine tune radio frequencies? How about...
  4. M

    Immersive Comms (Flight Assist Off)

    u/an_angry_gippo (on reddit) posted a great concept of radio chatter in a conflict zone that really adds to the sense of immersion. This inspired me to share an inside look into the highly professional comms chatter between members of the Screaming Eagles during a recent wing fight... Link to...
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