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  1. K

    Xbox one X Screen Tearing after Sept 2019 update

    Hey Cmdrs, Good morning everyone I'm just wondering if anyone else is having weird clipping or screen tearing issues since the update... I can't seem to find any threads on it yet, but this is kinda a big deal. The game was running really good before, I'd say it was pretty smooth. At first, I...
  2. Atlan Dragnir

    Discussion DIY Control Panel for XBox One

    Hi I would like to build a control panel that also works on the xbox but unfortunately it doesn't work. I play elite with the T Flight HOTAS One and would like to build my control panel on the basis of a simple XBox controller but the game does not accept the input of a controller. It would be...
  3. C

    Keyboard support

    Does anyone have any information as to if Frontier will be adding keyboard support, so that mapping keys will be possible? This would be a welcomed addition to at least have the option to do so.
  4. Malvenue

    Can't log in? Connectivity Issues? Read this.

    If you're experiencing the same connectivity issues others are and having difficulty on the Xbox login screen et's get Frontier's attention by bumping up the Issue Tracker. Please go to this link and confirm you're having connectivity issues:
  5. D


    Consoles Keyboard and Mouse Support Not sure if there's keyboard and mouse support for the PS version but I'm here pleading for a keyboard and mouse integration for Xbox. Specifically now that it's officially supported by Xbox. This integration would be very much welcomed and utilized by the...
  6. BongoBaggins

    Wow, that's a big one.

    A blue/white class A supergiant - 472 solar radius. Safety boundary is 1,500ls - in the image (as you can see) the star is shown from 20,000ls away.
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