xbox series x

  1. S

    Game crashing on xbox S X when I go to market

    Did someone else have this problem? Not every time but often - quite important - not only game crash but all xbox shutting down.
  2. D

    Console UI Color ChangeIn?!

    Longtime console player here on console now Xbox Series X & just wanted to ask even though it probably has been but a million times, please allow us to change UI color in Odyssey on Xbox Series X|S, X1 & PlayStation 5, PS4 I'd pay for the colors if I have to or allow us to choose any we want...
  3. N

    Xbox Series X - Quality Mode stuttering

    Hello, I've been playing Elite on my Series X for the past few days and mostly in Performance Mode. I thought I'd try it in Quality Mode and honestly I didn't see any difference (apart from some shadows on the ship), but when I land on a planet or approach a station to land, there is quite the...
  4. dreampage

    Elite Dangerous on Xbox Series X [Video]

    Hello CMDRs, As a games journalist / blogger I had the privilege to participate in Microsoft's Xbox Series X review process, thus I had the chance to play Elite Dangerous on the new console (which I do almost every day anyway). Now that the review embargo has lifted I'd like to post a short...
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