1. C

    Yup. You guessed it. We Want Cross play.

    Good day, fellow Commanders. Over the last month or so, me and a few friends have immersed ourselves in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy. it has been a BLAST thus far. However, we each have friends that have been convinced to get the game but, unfortunately, we are not able to play together due to...
  2. N

    Xbox Series X - Quality Mode stuttering

    Hello, I've been playing Elite on my Series X for the past few days and mostly in Performance Mode. I thought I'd try it in Quality Mode and honestly I didn't see any difference (apart from some shadows on the ship), but when I land on a planet or approach a station to land, there is quite the...
  3. H

    Oswald count guidance

    I’m not about to complain about the building limit on console, but it would really help to know what impacts it. E.g. Is terrain counted or not? Does having less track support on a track ride lower the count? Should paths be narrow rather than wide? Do big trees count more than small trees...
  4. P

    [XBOX][Recruitment] Cartographers of the Abyss

    About Us: We are Explorers. Who like to explore and conduct business in the farthest parts of our galaxy. We are pilots of All skill levels from all around the world! I'm Commander PAPAHOFF420 and I'm an explorer by heart. Space Legs: With our Space Legs coming in 2021 I'm hoping we'll be...
  5. R

    Xbox - Change key bindings for M&K

    Hello all Xbox player here but using mouse and keyboard. I'd love to be able to change the mouse controls but can't seem to work out how. For example, rotate camera is hold scroll wheel and move mouse but this seems odd. Any ideas?
  6. CMDR Tethys Cael

    [FEDERATION] South Haven - Become A Part of Something Greater

    <Who are we?> South Haven is a home for all mercenaries, no matter what their jobs or primary career focus. Whether you run cargo, hunt criminals, fight for pay, we have a spot for you. Mercenaries of all kinds are discriminated against just for doing the jobs others wont. We aim to provide a...
  7. Jibroni Gibironi

    Microsoft Acquires Bethesda Studios In $7.5 Billion Deal!!!

    😲 Like, the whole studio, wow!!! Any time you make drastic moves like this, you know Microsoft is truly in it to win it next generation. They aren't screwing around this time around. Source:
  8. starman

    xbox series x preorder scam warning.

    If you thought the Playstation 5 release preorder was bad.. The Xbox preorder is tomorrow but preorder 'resales' already on ebay with high bids already before user has prerecorded Is that right legal or ethical? If I sell an I tm I need to physically own it and make multiple pictures.
  9. F

    Will networking issues ever be fixed?

    Having played a lot of ED over the past few year's I've barely touched it this year. Why? I'm one of those people who play ED for the PvP aspect and the current state of the game makes PvP unenjoyable. Instancing, de-sync between players and the years of fighter lag are issues that weren't...
  10. U

    [INDEPENDENT] The Galactic Archive XBOX

    The Galactic Archive is now recruiting XBox CMDR's! We are a group of mature, experienced pilots that are all in, when it comes to the Elite and the Dangerous. If you get bored here, you're probably not logged in. Have a look at our INARA Page, and feel free to swing by for a chat on...
  11. The Chairmaker

    Game Discussions Cheeki Breeki Stalker 2 coming soon

    Loved the original game all those years ago. Hope the new one lives up to the original. I recall it beasted many a pc in its day, with the graphics for its time. The open world setting was also very atmospheric and it was possibly one of the games that kickstarted the survival genre
  12. S

    [EMPIRE] The USCM is recruiting!

    Greetings Xbox Commanders, The United Systems Colonial Marines (Also known as the United System Colonial Marine Corps), a relatively new Squadron, is looking for new recruits to fill our ranks. We're a laid-back group of talented individuals who enjoy playing Elite: Dangerous with others...
  13. Diziet Sma

    SUCCESS! Historic first PC/Console co-op mission goes flawlessly.

    So when I read about how carriers were persistent across all game platforms, it gave me an idea I couldn't wait to try. A couple of good friends have ED on Xbox, while I'm on PC. I contacted them, and they were eager to help test my theory. As it happened, they had been wanting to unlock...
  14. Diziet Sma

    SUCCESS! Historic first PC/Console co-op mission goes flawlessly.

    So when I read about how carriers were persistent across all game platforms, it gave me an idea I couldn't wait to try. A couple of good friends have ED on Xbox, while I'm on PC. I contacted them, and they were eager to help test my theory. As it happened, they had been wanting to unlock...
  15. Merlin StWahgwaan

    Open Call for Xbox Exploration/Raxxla Hunting Squadron

    Just posting this for anyone play on Xbox that doesnt have a squadron, and would like to join one for exploration. Our rules will be essentially the same at the Mobius Private Groups, and we have a private server as well, but I will not give out the group name until you have joined the...
  16. jaton666

    [INDEPENDENT] Elite Voyagers Intrepid League (EVIL Squadron)

    The Elite Voyagers Intrepid League (EVIL Squadron) is looking for new members. We are a relaxed, friendly squadron where CMDRs are free to blaze their own trail. All pilots are welcome from fresh new rookies to old grizzled veterans. The rewards can be quite lucrative. We are an Xbox squadron...
  17. The Chairmaker

    Game Discussions xbox series x game reveal trailers

    Couple of really interesting games shown . They also give an indication of the horsepower of the new console. Saw this and immediately recognised Krakow in Poland from the huge market square and the churches. Scorn, this looks like HR Geiger has started making video games. Stunning...
  18. W

    Purchased content not cross platform?

    Hello, This has probably been asked before but I have yet to figure out how anyone finds anything in forums. I use to play quite a bit on Xbox. I have switched to playing on PC but I do not want to transfer my progress. However, I was not aware that store purchases such as, paintjobs, cmdr...
  19. Cheese Helmet

    Hot keys for quick Saved texts on console

    PC can run macros for quick scripted comms. Console has to chose each letter with the joystick to type making it very slow. allow commanders to chose from saved messages once they have the comms panel selected, using the botton combos already present in game. So when you access the comms panel...
  20. Antidotiwe_xbox

    Elite dangerous Ukraine

    Доброго дня, ми бажаємо створити свою фракцію на платформі xbox, а від так шукаємо українських пілотів, котрі бажають долучитися до створення, додавайтесь у друзі в xbox live Atidotiwe, далі будемо вирішувати, як діяти далі, зрозуміло що буде створено ескадрилія. Розпочати обговорення в принципі...
  21. V

    What about cross platforms?

    I heard that FDevs would have taken in consideration the topic right after the carrier update, but since the many postponements I haven’t actually heard anyone talk about it. I know there are a few issues like duplicate CMDR names or slow instancing but I think that with the right effort...
  22. S

    Reporting Bugs

    I have followed the steps three times to report bugs and have had no response and when I look at my issues there is nothing listed. Haven’t been able to play for almost a month due to one bug or another. Now my weapons will not show up or fire in Combat Mode. This was the only game I play on...
  23. E

    Update failure, now game will not run

    All, Any advice would be welcome. I think on 28th sept we were required to update the game. So I clicked ok to install. I then got "installation stopped" pop up. Every time I tried to run the install I got this message after several attempts I then deleted teh download and started again. Same...
  24. K

    Xbox one X Screen Tearing after Sept 2019 update

    Hey Cmdrs, Good morning everyone I'm just wondering if anyone else is having weird clipping or screen tearing issues since the update... I can't seem to find any threads on it yet, but this is kinda a big deal. The game was running really good before, I'd say it was pretty smooth. At first, I...
  25. Old Duck

    Cross-play with PC

    Having wrestled with getting an XB1X or a PC, I finally decided on a PC. But regardless which choice I made, I'm now in a "Screw Sony" mindset, at least when it comes to waiting on them to approve cross-play between platforms. So my question is this - is there any scuttlebutt on whether...
  26. vinnieboJ

    CTD/Game freeze on Supercruise/Hyperspacejump?

    So i decided to play some elite today, continuing my exploration. First weird thing that happened was that I got a pop up window saying there was some new content detected and it needed installing. since it appeared that i could not play the game without doing that I let it install. After...
  27. Arch3rAc3

    Quite limited controls on Xbox One - Improvement suggestions

    Hello. A little over two years ago - more exactly on Jan 18, 2017 - I had made a rather detailed thread about some serious problems and limitations we have with the controls on Elite Dangerous. It drew some attention - even from a moderator - but didn't achieve anything! With all the updates...
  28. noonian

    [INDEPENDENT] foundation of anew minor faction in colonia?

    o7 cmdrs, we are a Group of germanspeeking XBOX comanders who decide to emigrate to Colonia a few weeks ago. Now we want to try to start up with a new minor facton there but now we recognized that it isnt possible to choose one of the colonia region systems as a prefered starting system. We...
  29. C

    Knights of the Black are recruiting!

    Small group looking for new members to move into the bigger leagues. We're currently all on Xbox, but we'll happily recruit PC or PS4 players too. We're a nice bunch, based mainly in NZ (although time zones don't make that much of a difference), and are looking for people keen to play the BGS...
  30. Malvenue

    Can't log in? Connectivity Issues? Read this.

    If you're experiencing the same connectivity issues others are and having difficulty on the Xbox login screen et's get Frontier's attention by bumping up the Issue Tracker. Please go to this link and confirm you're having connectivity issues:
  31. D


    Consoles Keyboard and Mouse Support Not sure if there's keyboard and mouse support for the PS version but I'm here pleading for a keyboard and mouse integration for Xbox. Specifically now that it's officially supported by Xbox. This integration would be very much welcomed and utilized by the...
  32. Uncoupledlight9

    Xbox One controller

    I recently purchased a Razer Wolverine Ultimate control pad with the belief that the additional buttons and triggers would be beneficial for Elite. Stupidly it was a bit of an impulse purchase and now that I have read a number of reviews I realise that the additional buttons can only be...
  33. S

    Docking Request Denied

    So last night I was trying to dock at a space port and I put in (not even kidding) at least 20 back to back requests to dock and all were denied. All I wanted to do was drop off my three passengers.....a simple 7 million dollar job. Upon entry out of SC, there were no system authority vessels...
  34. W

    Federal Corvette possible nurf? version 3.3.02 xbox

    Anyone know if Frontier made any changes to the game play of the corvette. Seems like after the update my shields arn't as strong and my thrusters are sluggish.
  35. Z

    FSS frame rate issues one Xbox One X

    Is anyone else experiencing choppy framerates when using FSS on the One X? Playing on a 4K TV.
  36. ThomasWJames

    CANONN Interstellar Research Group

    Join the XBox One Canonn Squadron today! Simply search "Canonn" on the in-game Elite: Dangerous Squadron page and submit your application. Our home station is Thompson Dock in the Varati System. Canonn also has a community built/sponsored Megaship named the Gnosis; all are welcome on it, member...
  37. S

    Help - save corrupted!

    Today I found out my save became corrupt for some odd reason and I was pushed into select your starting ship screen as if I cleared save. Yesterday everything seemed to be fine. Xbox Game Tag: Nkizo Problem: Save corrupted
  38. M

    Can't connect to servers on Xbox.

    For two weeks or else i can't connect to servers on my Xbox. Everytime it says: Can't connect to Frontier servers. Any other game connects and play normal. NAT is always in Open state. I've reinstalled it, reconfigure network, clears cache and nothing fixed this. So i don't know what to do now...
  39. X

    Private group

    Hi when playing online solo my game is perfect but when I play private group with friends the I am unable to play as the passenger lounge mission do not load then the game boots me out and says unable to communicate with server.
  40. BusterSSNS91

    Consoles - SRV game crash.

    In February, we were presented with Beyond 3.0, a new update for the Horizons DLC offering new and exciting content. We were also presented with a bug, a glitch which prevented us from enjoying this content (or future content) as it limited planetside interactions in SRVs to only two...
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